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The Island Mystery

by George A. Birmingham

This fast-paced novel is a fun, frivolous read about a quintessentially American girl, Daisy Donovan, whose chief aim in life is to become a queen. Through a series of far-fetched coincidences and circumstances,...

The Hole in the Wall

by Arthur Morrison

Though many critics and fans have drawn parallels between the work of Arthur Morrison and Charles Dickens, Morrison's take on inner-city poverty in turn-of-the-century London is much more bleak, gritty and realistic....

Witches Cove: A Mystery Story

by Roy J. Snell

In this beguiling mystery story geared for younger readers, a group of fearless young girls staying on an island off the coast of Maine happen to stumble across some strange activity. Is it related to the legends...

Tarnished Silver

by Mary Frances Outram

In this gripping tale from Mary Frances Outram, Thomas Field is an affluent landowner who luxuriates in his vast wealth and all the pleasures it provides. But when a visitor brings some surprising news, it sets...

Great Porter Square: A Mystery

by Benjamin Farjeon

One of British author Benjamin Farjeon's most popular and critically acclaimed works, Great Porter Square is a beguiling mystery that unfolds on a sprawling scale which calls to mind the work of other Victorian...

The Red Triangle: Being Some Further Chronicles of Martin Hewitt, Investigator

by Arthur Morrison

This classic collection of mystery stories from Arthur Morrison features top-notch detective Martin Hewitt, whom one critic described as "a low-key, realistic, lower-class answer to Sherlock Holmes." In cases...

The Arrow of Fire: A Mystery Story

by Roy J. Snell

After three years traveling the world, amateur detective Johnny Thompson decides to spend some time getting reacquainted with his native city of Chicago. But he hasn't been back more than 24 hours before he...

The Diamond Master

by Jacques Futrelle

Settle in for an intriguing mystery with Jacques Futrelle's ingeniously plotted The Diamond Master. Several master jewelers have received anonymous packages, each of which contains a single large, flawless diamond....

The Man Who Fell Through the Earth

by Carolyn Wells

In this beguiling mystery from Carolyn Wells, a young lawyer who is wrapping up work for the day hears a fight break out in another room in the office. The sounds of the life-or-death struggle end suddenly when...

The Crystal Stopper

by Maurice Leblanc

In this fast-paced mystery from Maurice Leblanc, criminal genius Arsene Lupin sets out to prove the truth of the old saying about honor among thieves. During a burglary, two of his sometimes accomplices are...

Dorothy Dixon and the Double Cousin

by Dorothy Wayne

Part of the beloved Dorothy Dixon mystery series for younger readers, Dorothy Dixon and the Double Cousin follows girl sleuth Dorothy to Manhattan, where she and her lookalike cousin Janet decide to swap places...

The Outdoor Chums on the Gulf

by Captain Quincy Allen

Lifelong pals Jerry, Will, Frank, and Bluff are settling in for a tranquil winter break when an unexpected opportunity for adventure drops in their laps. Before long, they're on their way south to explore the...

The Outdoor Chums at Cabin Point: Or, The Golden Cup Mystery

by Captain Quincy Allen

Beginning in the late 1800s, a group called the Stratemeyer Syndicate emerged as a publishing powerhouse in the then-burgeoning field of juvenile fiction. The Outdoor Chums series comprised some of the publisher's...

A Terrible Secret

by May Agnes Fleming

Canadian writer May Agnes Fleming skillfully combines elements of romance and mystery in her novel A Terrible Secret. This engrossing tale weaves together the fates of two beautiful women, Inez Catheron and...

The House of the White Shadows

by Benjamin Farjeon

Benjamin Farjeon's engrossing novel The House of the White Shadows centers around a sensational murder trial that has captured the imagination of all of Geneva. One of the attorneys involved in the case finds...

The Woman of Mystery: Or, The Shell Shard

by Maurice Leblanc

In this pulse-pounding murder mystery from Arsene Lupin creator Maurice Leblanc, a chance encounter irrevocably alters the course of one man's life, and the early twentieth-century tensions between France and...

The Childerbridge Mystery

by Guy Newell Boothby

Drenched with portent and moody gothic overtones, this mystery from prolific Australian novelist Guy Newell Boothby is the perfect book to curl up with on a stormy night. After making a fortune in Australia,...

The Three Eyes

by Maurice Leblanc & Alexander Teixeira de Mattos

In The Three Eyes, author Maurice Leblanc veers away from the Sherlock Holmes-style mysteries that were long his stock-in-trade and mixes things up by introducing some science fiction elements. A series of mysterious...

Johnny Longbow

by Roy J. Snell

Johnny Thompson is an amateur sleuth with an insatiable thirst for adventure. In this exciting mystery tale geared for younger readers, Johnny gets ample opportunity to show off his skills as a master archer...

Riddle of the Storm: A Mystery Story for Boys

by Roy J. Snell

Roy J. Snell was a prolific author who penned dozens of mystery stories geared for younger audiences. In Riddle of the Storm, a handkerchief emblazoned with a name blows in in the aftermath of a massive storm...