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Clear Skies

by A.M. Murray

Imprisoned in a storeroom with a Beretta 9 mm pistol pressed against his temple by a garrulous moron eager to kill, a grim calculation of life and death played out in Slade’s mind. Plan A was to keep the...

Murder at the Marina

by Ellen Jacobson

A dilapidated sailboat for your anniversary—not very romantic. A dead body on board—even worse.

Mollie McGhie is hoping for diamonds for her tenth wedding anniversary. Instead, her husband presents her with...

The Woe Water

by Nicola Ford

The dead rarely leave matters tidy, widow Clare Hills knows that all too well. In search of a new start, Clare reconnects with university friend Dr David Barbrook and is pleased when he asks for her help sifting...

Fugitive From The Grave

by Edward Marston

1817. Upon receiving a letter from an old family friend, Catherine Van Emden returns from Holland to find her father dead. She refuses to believe the middle-aged man died of natural causes, and the suspicious...

Girl with a Gun

by Kari Bovee

• In recent years, the biographical novel has become one of the most dominant literary forms—J.M. Coetzee, Margaret Atwood, Hilary Mantel, Colum McCann, Anne Enright, Joyce Carol Oates, Peter Carey, Russell...

The Bespoke Hitman

by Sam Millar

Sometimes robbing a bank can become a lot more dangerous than you planned.

Halloween night. Belfast city centre. In the freezing, pelting rain, three men in wolf costumes decide to rob a bank. Everything goes...

Kill Me Friday

by R.J. Jagger

Private investigator Jack Wilde lives in an edgy 1952 world where nothing is black and white, cigarettes dangle from ruby-red lips, and even the simplest case has more dangerous twists than whiskey-soaked jazz....

Special Activities

by R.J. Jagger

In this pulse-pounding thriller set under sizzling tropical skies, Denver homicide detective Nick Teffinger finds himself on the hitlist of a rogue CIA shadow group and frantically searches for answers, not...

Short Cuts

by R.J. Jagger

SHORT CUTS is a collection of three short Nick Teffinger thrillers.

SOMEONE’S GOING TO DIE. Denver homicide detective Nick Teffinger finds himself in a frantic run when he receives confidential information...

Pulled In

by R.J. Jagger

In this atmospherically-charged thriller from master storyteller R.J. Jagger, homicide detective Nick Teffinger witnesses a murder from a place he shouldn’t be and soon finds himself pulled into the edgy world...

Double Dark

by R.J. Jagger

In this edgy thriller from acclaimed author R.J. Jagger, Denver homicide detective Nick Teffinger finds his life shaken to the core as he hunts two criss-crossing killers, one of which may be targeting his attorney-lover...

The Lawyer On The List

by R.J. Jagger

In this pulse-pounding thriller from acclaimed author R.J. Jagger, an up-and-coming associate attorney discovers that she’s on a murder list and frantically searches for answers, not only to save her life...

The Girl From Hong Kong

by R.J. Jagger.

In his most dangerous and personal case yet, Denver homicide detective Nick Teffinger teams up with a Hong Kong detective in a frantic effort to locate a woman who has been marked for murder.

Author of over twenty...

Black It Out

by R.J. Jagger

In this edgy thriller from acclaimed author R.J. Jagger, a beautiful young lawyer suffering from traumatic memory loss peels back her past to discover that she might be a killer.

All of Jagger’s novels are...

Hot Waters

by R.J. Jagger

In this masterpiece of riveting thrills from acclaimed author R.J. Jagger, Denver homicide detective Nick Teffinger finds himself pulled deep into the heart of the Caribbean in persuit of a mysterious woman...

Shot of Love

by R.J. Jagger

From the acclaimed pen of International Thriller Writer R.J. Jagger comes a pulse-pounding thriller that you won’t be able to put down.

Denver homicide detective Nick Teffinger has come across an edgy young...

The Complete Father Brown Stories

by G. K. Chesterton

Here you will find the complete Father Brown stories in the chronological order of their original publication. - The Innocence of Father Brown - The Wisdom of Father Brown - The Donnington Affair - The Incredulity...

Arthur Conan Doyle: The Complete Sherlock Holmes (all the novels and stories in one single volume)

by Arthur Conan Doyle

Sherlock Holmes is a fictional detective of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, who first appeared in publication in 1887. He is the creation of Scottish born author and physician Sir Arthur Conan Doyle....

Yosemite Fall

by Scott Graham

  • Book four in the National Park Mystery Series, which places each mystery in a distinctive and breathtaking US national park. Each title in the series has a unifying easily recognizable design despite the different...

  • A Study in Treason

    The Daughter of Sherlock Holmes #2

    by Leonard Goldberg

    A seemingly impossible mystery tests the keen mind and forensic skills of Joanna Blalock, the daughter of Sherlock Holmes and the heir to his unique talent for deduction, from USA Today bestselling author Leonard...