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Strays of Rio

by Edith Parzefall

Death squads, drug lords, homeless kids, and one woman vigilante: an explosive mix on the streets of Rio. Lisa Kerry witnesses a private death squad attack street kids close to her bookstore. When the police...

Where It Hurts

Gus Murphy #1

by Reed Farrel Coleman

From the critically acclaimed and award-winning author comes a gritty, atmospheric new series about the other side of Long Island, far from the wealth of the Hamptons, where real people live—and die. 



Black Wings Has My Angel

by Elliott Chaze & Barry Gifford

During the 1950s, Gold Medal Books introduced authors like Jim Thompson, Chester Himes, and David Goodis to a mass readership eager for stories of lowlife and sordid crime. Today many of these writers are admired...

Bloody October

by Kurt Amacker

It’s 1997, and the gothic underground has overtaken the New Orleans club scene. On Friday and Saturday nights, dark rock and the children of the night pour from the bar at the corner of Decatur and Ursulines....

Cut Me In

by Ed McBain

When a Man’s Partner is Killed,

He’s Supposed to Do Something About It. 

Maybe no one liked Del Gilbert a whole lot, not the men he ruthlessly did business with, not the women who discovered his other lovers,...

Breaker: A Windy City Dark Mystery

by Richard Thomas

From Richard Thomas, the award-winning author of Disintegration (“a stunning and vital piece of work”—Irvine Welsh), comes another razor-sharp thriller featuring one of the most compelling and complex...


by Yusuf Toropov

<p>‘Toropov writes an utterly fantastic tale which does so many different things so well. The author captures the very essence of the "war on terror" and its psychological and moral complexities. It...

The Revenge of Liam McGrew: A Dermot Sparhawk Crime Novel

by Tom MacDonald

Boston Native Dermot Sparhawk is at it again. Dragged into yet another set of circumstances that he wants nothing to do with, Sparhawk is forced to call on all his connections and physical skills to keep from...

Blowout: A Katerina Carter Fraud Legal Thriller

by Colleen Cross

A Sinister Crime Lies Deep Beneath The Water… A Katerina Carter Legal Thriller On fraud investigator Katerina Carter’s trip to a remote island aboard a luxurious yacht, she suspects the boat’s slick and...

House of the Rising Sun: A Novel

Weldon Holland #2

by James Lee Burke

New York Times bestseller James Lee Burke returns with his latest masterpiece, the story of a father and son separated by war and circumstance—and whose encounter with the legendary Holy Grail will change...

Eyes Full of Empty

by Jérémie Guez & Edward Gauvin

The son of an Algerian immigrant, Idir is a disappointment to his doctor father. Torn between his wealthy school friends and his neighborhood pals, who range from petty thieves to professional criminals, Idir...


by Rob Leininger

For nine long days, the mayor and district attorney of Reno, Nevada, have been missing. Vanished without a trace. Their vehicles were found parked side-by-side at Reno-Tahoe International Airport. Did they fly...

Second Skin: A noir mystery series set in Jacksonville, Florida

by Michael Wiley

When one of her students is found dead, English teacher Lillian Turner and her husband Johnny are drawn into the subsequent investigation - despite being warned off the case by Lillian's brother, homicide detective...

The Sam Dyke Box Set: Four Crime Novels

by Keith Dixon

This anthology includes the first four books in a series that has been called "terrific" and "difficult to put down". It also includes the first chapter of the fifth book, The Strange Girl. So who is Sam Dyke?...

The Innocent Dead

by Keith Dixon

Mark and Bobbie Ware have the perfect life—a huge mansion, enough money to satisfy every conceivable need, and a delightful son of ten years of age. But this all changes when a man disrupts that life by taking...

The Secret Sharers

by Keith Dixon

He said, ‘Let’s be clear: there are two things that I want to come out of this. First, I want to be sure I’m being followed. Secondly, I want to know by whom. Do we understand each other?’ How difficult...

The Strange Girl

by Keith Dixon

Private Investigator Sam Dyke is hired to find a man who’s been released from prison and subsequently gone missing. But the ex-con is an ex-cop who might have been imprisoned for a crime that he didn’t commit....

The Bleak

by Keith Dixon

WINNER OF THE 2014 CHANTICLEER CLUE AWARD FOR PRIVATE EYE/NOIR FICTION! Sam Dyke is back! The private investigator who never gives up until the bad guys are caught—or worse. For Sam, taking this particular...

The Hard Swim

by Keith Dixon

FEBRUARY 1942: The Struma, a broken-down steamer, explodes and sinks in the Black Sea, drowning 768 Rumanian Jews fleeing the Nazis and heading for Palestine, and safety. JUNE 1944: Thirty-one SAS soldiers are...

The Private Lie

by Keith Dixon

Sam is a private investigator from a working-class environment who works amongst the wealthy and privileged of the Cheshire set—those whose morals and levels of discretion are offensive to him and go against...