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Eyes Full of Empty

by Jérémie Guez & Edward Gauvin

The son of an Algerian immigrant, Idir is a disappointment to his doctor father. Torn between his wealthy school friends and his neighborhood pals, who range from petty thieves to professional criminals, Idir...

Second Skin: A noir mystery series set in Jacksonville, Florida

by Michael Wiley

When one of her students is found dead, English teacher Lillian Turner and her husband Johnny are drawn into the subsequent investigation - despite being warned off the case by Lillian's brother, homicide detective...

Deadly Impulse

by Carolyn Arnold

Looks aren’t the only things that can be deceiving…

When a sixty-eight-year-old woman is found dead outside the hospital in a wheelchair with an anti-abortion sign strapped to its back, Detective Madison...

Third Strike: Book 7 (Charlie Fox crime and suspense thriller series)

by Zoë|| Sharp

For Charlie Fox, New York was supposed to be a fresh start. An ocean away from the brutal memories of her days in Special Forces and from the father who turned his back when she needed him most. She soon discovers...

Second Shot: Book 6 (Charlie Fox crime and suspense thriller series)

by Zoë|| Sharp

America and Charlie Fox: It’s not a good mix. Her first trip to the States began with a bratty kid, and went downhill very quickly. This time around the kid is adorable, but Mom is bratty enough for two. The...

Hard Knocks: Charlie Fox Crime and Suspense Thriller Series

by Zoë|| Sharp

In this third title in the Charlie Fox suspense series, Charlie heads out to Einsbaden Manor, a bodyguard training school deep in the German countryside. With her military background and intimate knowledge of...

Riot Act: Book 2 (Charlie Fox crime and suspense thriller series)

by Zoë|| Sharp

Charlie Fox is dog-sitting for a friend, only to find that the friend’s housing complex is being terrorized by violent gangs. Desperate and frightened, the residents have hired a freelance “security” firm,...

Killer Instinct: Book 1 (Charlie Fox crime and suspense thriller series)

by Zoë|| Sharp

Charlie Fox teaches self-defense to battered women in a refuge – passing on the finer points of roundhouse kicks, running like hell, and breaking a cheekbone when necessary. Her skills come in handy when a...

First Drop: Charlie Fox Crime and Suspense Thriller Series

by Zoë|| Sharp

It should have been an easy one. After Special Forces training and a wee sojourn at a school for would-be killers, Charlie has a plush assignment: Baking her chilly British bones in the Florida sunshine minding...

Road Kill: Book 5 (Charlie Fox crime and suspense thriller series)

by Zoë|| Sharp

For Charlie Fox, motorcycles have been a means of escape and a source of power. But now they’ve turned on her: A bike accident has left her best friend for dead. And as Charlie pokes around – was it an accident?–...

Absence of Light: A Charlie Fox novella

by Zoë|| Sharp

There you were, just minding your own business, and suddenly the earth split beneath your feet. Everything good, everything familiar tumbles around you in busted shards, or it’s ash, or is on fire. That’s...

A Killing Winter

by Tom Callaghan

In this stylish neo-noir set in the mountainous Central Asian republic of Kyrgyzstan, hard-bitten inspector Akyl Borubaev mourns the recent death of his beloved wife--the only humanizing force in his otherwise...

Gold Coast Blues: A Jules Landau Mystery

by Marc Krulewitch

In Marc Krulewitch’s gritty new mystery, perfect for readers of Robert Crais and Marcia Muller, a beautiful missing woman and a mysterious wine lead Chicago shamus Jules Landau straight toward a killer with...

The Night of the Panthers

by Piergiorgio Pulixi & Howard Curtis

Money, sex, and power. Inspector Biagio Mazzeo is the head of a special unit composed cops who have been trained in the investigation of organized crime. He is a kind of father figure to these hard men and he...

Dead Soon Enough

Juniper Song #3

by Steph Cha

From critically acclaimed author Steph Cha-Los Angeles-based P.I. Juniper Song is back in a thrillingly written, masterfully plotted story of how far a mother will go for her child

Finally a licensed private...

A Killing in Comics

by Max Allan Collins

In Manhattan of 1948, a famous former striptease artist named Maggie Starr runs her late husband's newspaper syndicate, distributing the superhero comic Wonder Guy. But when the cartoon's publisher winds up...

Peerless Detective

by Michael Raleigh

Once Billy Fox starts looking for trouble, he discovers that-in Chicago-trouble's under every footstep.

Home from the war, Billy Fox leaves Michigan for Chicago, hoping to find his ex-girlfriend, Rita-now another...

The Bangkok Asset: A novel

by John Burdett

Sonchai Jitpleecheep—the brash and beguiling Royal Thai Police Force detective who has been our guide through John Burdett’s five previous acclaimed Bangkok novels—is back. The former monk and devout Buddhist,...

A Bullet Apiece

by John Joseph Ryan

All is not well in post-World War II St. Louis, and private eye Ed Darvis, a man pegged as liking justice too much, discovers there's a fine line between solving a crime and being an accomplice.

Ed Darvis, a...

The Archer Files: The Complete Short Stories of Lew Archer, Private Investigator

by Ross Macdonald & Tom Nolan

No matter what cases private eye Lew Archer takes on—a burglary, a runaway, or a disappeared person—the trail always leads to tangled family secrets and murder. Widely considered the heir to Sam Spade and...