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Murder at the Rummage Sale

by Elizabeth Cunningham

Before there were supermalls, before there were hordes stampeding for Black Friday bargains, there was…The Church of the Regeneration’s Annual Fall Rummage Sale!

September 1960. Kennedy and Nixon race for...

The Dollhouse: A Novel

by Fiona Davis

"The Dollhouse. . . . That's what we boys like to call it. . . . The Barbizon Hotel for Women, packed to the rafters with pretty little dolls. Just like you."


Fiona Davis's stunning debut novel pulls readers...

A Lesson in Love and Murder

by Rachel McMillan

The year is 1912, and the city of Toronto has been thrown into upheaval by the arrival of radical anarchist Emma Goldman. Amid this chaos, Benny Citrone of the Royal North-West Mounted Police approaches Merinda...

The Golden Voyage

by Malcolm Archibald

When Detective Sergeant James Mendick is sent to find the Duke of Mathon’s stolen yacht, he soon realises that this is no ordinary case. Trapped aboard a mysterious ship sailing the South Atlantic, he finds...

The Hanged Man: A Mystery in Fin de Siecle Paris

by Gary Inbinder

Like many fin de siecle Parisians, Inspector Achille Lefebvre is looking forward to a pleasant summer holiday at a seaside resort with his wife, Adele—but a body found hanging from a bridge in a public park...

The St. Lucia Island Club: A John Le Brun Novel, Book 5

by Brent Monahan

When retired Southern sheriff-turned-New York City detective John Le Brun and his wife, Lordis, set sail in 1910 for a long-awaited honeymoon on the Caribbean island of St. Lucia, they expect to find relaxation...

The Scandal of the Skulls: A Hildegard of Meaux medieval mystery

by Cassandra Clark

Murder and mayhem engulf Hildegard of Meaux and sexy abbot Hubert de Courcy in a seventh mystery as soon as they get back from Avignon. They arrive secretly on the English coast, in a storm, at dead of night....

Crowned and Dangerous

by Rhys Bowen

Nothing is simple when you’re thirty-fifth in line for the British crown, least of all marriage. But with love on their side, and plans to elope, Lady Georgiana Rannoch and her beau Darcy O’Mara hope to...

The Ninja's Daughter: A Hiro Hattori Novel

by Susan Spann

Autumn, 1565: When an actor's daughter is murdered on the banks of Kyoto's Kamo River, master ninja Hiro Hattori and Portuguese Jesuit Father Mateo are the victim's only hope for justice.

As political tensions...

No Pity For the Dead

by Nancy Herriman

The author of No Comfort for the Lost returns with a new mystery of Old San Francisco...

British-born nurse Celia Davies runs a free medical clinic to assist the poor women of San Francisco. Aided in her endeavors...

The Women of the Souk: A mystery set in pre-World War I Egypt

by Michael Pearce

Cairo, 1913. When schoolgirl Marie Kewfik is kidnapped, snatched away as she strolled through the bustling bazaars of the Souk, the Khedive insists that the Mamur Zapt takes charge of the negotiations for her...

Death at the Boston Tea Party: An 18th century mystery

by Deryn Lake

1773. Apothecary John Rawlings arrives in Boston, Massachusetts, to pursue a new business venture. He finds the place riven with tension and unrest - and the seething resentment spills into outright rebellion...

Rebellion's Message

by Michael Jecks

1554. Light-fingered Jack Blackjack knows he's not having a good day when he wakes with a sore head next to a dead body in a tavern's yard. But when he discovers what's in the dead man's purse, the one he'd...

Treason in the Secret City: A World War Two mystery set in Tennessee

by Diane Fanning

May, 1944. Libby Clark is roused from sleep by a colleague in distress. Marvin's cousin Frannie has been charged with treason, and he hopes that Libby, a clear-headed scientist at a secret World War II facility...

A Maiden Weeping: A medieval mystery

by Jeri Westerson

Crispin awakens in a strange bed after a night of passion when he finds a woman murdered. Drunk, Crispin scarcely remembers the night before. Did he kill her? With Crispin imprisoned by the sheriffs who would...

The Drowned: A Short Story

by Graham Masterton

The River Lee has always been a part of life - and death - in Cork. Now the bodies of five young men have been found by divers, locked in their car on the riverbed. A tragic accident? Or something more sinister?...

An Untimely Frost

by Penny Richards

In 1881 Chicago, the idea of a female detective is virtually unheard of. But when famed crime buster Allan Pinkerton opens his agency's doors to a handful of women, one intrepid actress with her own troubled...


by David Hingley

1664. Four years after Charles II is restored to the throne, Mercia Blakewood stands to lose everything: her father to the executioner's axe, her freedom to her treacherous uncle, her son to his resentful grandparents....

The Castle of Kings

by Oliver Pötzsch & Anthea Bell

An epic standalone novel of historical fiction tinged with mystery, set against the backdrop of medieval Germany's Peasant War. From the best-selling author of the Hangman’s Daughter series and The Ludwig...

Menace in Manatas

by Roberta Rogow

Who killed the captain? It's not bad enough that Halvar is stuck in Manatas while Don Felipe is off exploring the New World. Now he's got a dead ship captain on his hands, a nobleman and his virago wife complaining...