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The Collected Ghost Stories

by E. F. Benson

This collection brings together E. F. Benson's masterfully frightening literary ghost stories, ranking with the best chillers of M. R. James and Henry James. Benson's graceful style unites these tales to create...

OM - The Secret of Ahbor Valley

by Talbot Mundy

In Talbot Mundy’s OM we penetrate into the unknown country of the Ahbors in the high mountains of northern India and Tibet for a tale of striking adventure and mystical significance involving a Lama named Tsiang...

The Haunter of the Dark

by H. P. Lovecraft

"The Haunter of the Dark" is a horror short story written by H. P. Lovecraft in November 1935, and published in the December 1936 edition of Weird Tales (Vol. 28, No. 5, p. 538–53). It was the last-written...

The Mystical Qabalah

by Dion Fortune

Dion Fortune was a noted and controversial occultist, ceremonial magician and novelist. In 1919, she joined the Alpha and Omega Lodge of the Stella Matutina, an outer order of the Hermetic Order of the Golden...

The Unsuitable

by Molly Pohlig

Molly Pohlig's The Unsuitable is a fierce blend of Gothic ghost story and Victorian novel of manners that's also pitch perfect for our current cultural moment.

Iseult Wince is a Victorian woman perilously close...

Heralds Of Mystery. The Stone House.

by X. F. Moix

Heralds of mystery, was born with the purpose of transmitting the chronicles of those unfortunate witnesses who have lived through all kinds of mourning and impossible events. In this series of stories, there...

A Man of Honor, or Horatio's Confessions

by J. A. Nelson

Double Silver Medal Winner – Best First Book, Fiction & Best Cover, Fiction awarded by the Independent Book Publishers Association (2020)

How far would you go to keep a deathbed promise?

Surrounded by the bodies...

Varney the Vampire

by Thomas Preskett Prest

A belief in the existence of Vampyres first took its rise in Norway and Sweden, from whence it rapidly spread to more southern regions, taking a firm hold of the imaginations of the more credulous portion of...

Vikram and the Vampire

by Richard Burton

The Baital-Pachisi, or Twenty-five Tales of a Baital is the history of a huge Bat, Vampire, or Evil Spirit which inhabited and animated dead bodies. It is an old, and thoroughly Hindu, Legend composed in Sanskrit,...

The Woman in the Mirror

by Rebecca James

Rebecca James unveils a chilling modern gothic novel of a family consumed by the shadows and secrets of its past in The Woman in the Mirror.

For more than two centuries, Winterbourne Hall has stood atop a bluff...


by Daniel Canals Flores

Tenebrum is a compilation of stories of fear, terror and suspense that collects, in its texts, the evolution of the author within this literary genre. Some of them have already been published, in various anthologies...

Slow Dancing with the One I Love

by J. L. Foster

When Travis awakens to discover his husband Ben has died in his sleep, he enters into a tragic state of mourning and despair. Despite efforts from his sister-in-law Jackie to pull him out of his funk, all seems...

Fenella, a Witch

by Stefanie Moers

Fenella has done a Very Bad Thing. She keeps the decapitated head in her freezer to prove it. Stefanie Moers introduces the remarkable Fenella, an unsettling and seductive deviant whose command of witchcraft...

The Boatman's Daughter

by Andy Davidson

"Go read Andy Davidson's lush nightmare, The Boatman's Daughter. It put an arrow through my head and heart." --Paul Tremblay, author of Growing Things

"Ample bloodshed is offset by beautiful prose . . . A stunning...

Pigeons from Hell

by Robert E. Howard

Mystery and fear in a house that is large, old, abandoned, and on an old plantation in the American South. The story title comes from many of Howard's grandmother's ghost stories, involving an old deserted plantation...

The Town

by Shaun Prescott

"A powerfully doomy debut" (The Guardian), Shaun Prescott's The Town is a novel of a rural Australian community besieged by modern day anxieties and threatened by a supernatural force seeking to consume the...


by Aleister Crowley

From the author of "Diary of a Drug Fiend" comes another madcap tale involving Brits and black magic. The plot centers around a war between a group of white magicians, led by Simon Iff, and a group of black...

Dawn Visitor

by Kari Kilgore

A beloved dog brings a special gift, especially to a young girl’s life.

One that lasts and endures no matter how many years pass.

Toby welcomes Ellie home as only a first best friend can.

A touching story of...

Collected Ghost Stories

by M. R. James

Considered by many to be the most terrifying writer in English, M. R. James was an eminent scholar who spent his entire adult life in the academic surroundings of Eton and Cambridge. His classic supernatural...

Best Stories of Walter de la Mare

by Walter De La Mare

Walter de la Mare's best stories, including depictions of supernatural occurrences, people haunted by strange dreams, and encounters with ghosts.