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The Complete Collection of Carolyn Wells

by Carolyn Wells

28 Complete Works of Carolyn Wells


In the Onyx Lobby

Marjorie at Seacote

Marjorie's Busy Days

Marjorie's Maytime

Marjorie's New Friend

Marjorie's Vacation

Patty and Azalea

Patty at Home

Patty Blossom

Patty Fairfield...

The Complete Collection of Charles King

by Charles King

21 Complete Works of Charles King

A Daughter of the Sioux

A Soldier's Trial

A Tame Surrender, A Story of The Chicago

A War-Time Wooing

A Wounded Name

An Apache Princess

Foes in Ambush

Found in the Philippines

From the...

The Complete Collection of Constance Fenimore Woolson

by Constance Fenimore Woolson

10 Complete Works of Constance Fenimore Woolson


Castle Nowhere

East Angels

For the Major

Horace Chase

Jupiter Lights

Mentone Cairo and Corfu

Rodman the Keeper


The Front Yard and the other Italian stories

The Complete Collection of Eleanor H. Porter

by Eleanor H. Porter

14 Complete Works of Eleanor H. Porter

Across the Years


Just David

Mary Marie

Miss Billy

Miss Billy Married

Miss Billy's Decision

Oh Money! Money


Pollyanna Grows Up

The Road to Understanding

The Sunbridge...

The Best Collection of Elia W. Peattie

by Elia W. Peattie

The Best Works of Elia W. Peattie

A Michigan Man

A Mountain Woman

Painted Windows

The Precipice

The Shape of Fear

The Complete Collection of Ellen Glasgow

by Ellen Glasgow

11 Complete Works of Ellen Glasgow

Life and Gabriella

One Man in His Time

Phases of an Inferior Planet

The Ancient Law

The Battle Ground

The Deliverance

The Miller Of Old Church

The Romance of a Plain Man

The Voice of...

The Complete Collection of Amelia Edith Barr

by Amelia Edith Barr

21 Complete Works of Amelia Edith Barr

A Daughter of Fife

A Knight of the Nets

A Rose of a Hundred Leaves

A Singer from the Sea

A Song of a Single Note

All the Days of My Life

An Orkney Maid


I, Thou, and the...

The Complete Collection of Angela Brazil

by Angela Brazil

25 Complete Works of Angela Brazil

A Fortunate Term

A Fourth Form Friendship

A harum-scarum schoolgirl

A Pair of Schoolgirls

A Patriotic Schoolgirl

A Popular Schoolgirl

A Terrible Tomboy

Bosom Friends

For the Sake of...

The Complete Collection of Emerson Hough

by Emerson Hough

22 Complete Works of Emerson Hough

54-40 or Fight

Heart's Desire

Maw's Vacation

The Broken Gate

The Covered Wagon

The Girl at the Halfway House

The Lady and the Pirate

The Law of the Land

The Magnificent Adventure


The Complete Collection of E?mile Zola

by Émile Zola

18 Complete Works of Émile Zola

A Love Episode

Abbe Mouret's Transgression

Doctor Pascal

Four Short Stories



His Masterpiece


The Downfall

The Dream

The Fat and the Thin

The Fête At Coqueville...

The Complete Collection of Ethel May Dell

by Ethel May Dell

15 Complete Works of Ethel May Dell

Charles Rex

Great heart

Rosa Mundi

The Bars of Iron

The Keeper of the Door

The Knave of Diamonds

The Lamp in the Desert

The Obstacle Race

The Odds

The Rocks of Valpre

The Safety Curtain...

The Complete Collection of F. Hopkinson Smith

by F. Hopkinson Smith

21 Complete Works of F. Hopkinson Smith

A Gentleman Vagabond and Some Others

A Gentleman's Gentleman

A List To Starboard

Abijah's Bubble

Colonel Carter of Cartersville

Colonel Carter's Christmas and The Romance


The Best Collection of Frank Norris

by Frank Norris

The Best Works of Frank Norris

A Man's Woman



Moran of the Lady Letty

The Octopus

The Pit

The Surrender of Santiago

The Complete Collection of Frederick Marryat

by Frederick Marryat

26 Complete Works of Frederick Marryat

Diary in America, Series One

Diary in America, Series Two

Jacob Faithful

Japhet, in Search of a Father

Masterman Ready

Mr. Midshipman Easy

Newton Forster

Olla Podrida

Percival Keene...

The Complete Collection of George Washington Cable

by George Washington Cable

14 Complete Works of George Washington Cable


Bylow Hill

Dr. Sevier

Gideon's Band

John March

Kincaid's Battery

Madame Delphine

Old Creole Days

Strange True Stories of Louisiana

Strong Hearts

The Amateur Garden...

The Complete Collection of Grant Allen

by Grant Allen

21 Complete Works of Grant Allen

An African Millionaire

Anglo-Saxon Britain

Biographies of Working Men

Charles Darwin

Falling in Love

Hilda Wade

Michael's Crag

Miss Cayley's Adventures


Post-Prandial Philosophy...

The Complete Collection of Hamlin Garland

by Hamlin Garland

22 Complete Works of Hamlin Garland


A Son of the Middle Border

A Spoil of Office

Captain of the Gray-Horse Troop

Cavanaugh Forest Ranger

Daughter of the Middle Border

Little Norsk

Main-Travelled Roads

Money Magic


The Complete Collection of Harol Bindloss

by Harol Bindloss

34 Complete Works of Harol Bindloss


A Damaged Reputation

A Prairie Courtship

Alton of Somasco

Blake's Burden

Brandon of the Engineers

Carmen's Messenger

Delilah of the Snows

For Jacinta

For the Allinson Honor


The Complete Collection of Harold Bell Wright

by Harold Bell Wright

10 Complete Works of Harold Bell Wright


Helen of the Old House

That Printer of Udell's

The Calling Of Dan Matthews

The Eyes of the World

The Re-Creation of Brian Kent

The Shepherd of the Hills

The Uncrowned King


The Complete Collection of James De Mille

by James De Mille

11 Complete Works of James De Mille


A Castle in Spain

A Strange Manuscript Found in a Copper

Among the Brigands

Cord and Creese

Lost in the Fog

The American Baron

The Cryptogram

The Dodge Club

The Lady of the Ice