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The Judge

by Jan Hudson

A Law-Abiding Outlaw!

Carrie Campbell has secret business in Naconiche, Texas. But while she's quietly looking into land for oil exploration, she's also falling for Judge Frank James Outlaw. Hard. Yes, he's got...

His Baby

by Muriel Jensen

The Abbots: A Dynasty In The Making

He says it's over

Killian Abbott, head of the Abbott family's fashion conglomerate, feels his blood boil at the mere mention of his wife's name. He fell under Cordie's spell,...

Father Formula

by Muriel Jensen

Three identical sisters, three handsome bachelors and one enchanted night—nine months later, one woman is about to become a mother, but WHO'S THE DADDY?

Kissing a stranger

Ex-CIA agent Trevyn McGinty had sworn...

Catching His Eye

by Jo Leigh

"One night. One perfect night. I would be happy with that, with the memory… — Emily Proctor, regarding Scott Dillon

"Plain Fane" Emily Proctor had about as much chance of dating the perfectly gorgeous and...

Father Fever

by Muriel Jensen

Three identical sisters, three handsome bachelors and one enchanted night—nine months later, one woman is about to become a mother, but WHO'S THE DADDY?

3 to 1 odds: fatherhood!

David Hartford had met a beautiful...

Secret Baby Spencer

by Jule McBride

Mystery woman with wedding gown zooms into town…

Bachelor banker Seth Spencer was last seen closing his door after big-city gal Jenna Robinson entered. One eyewitness says not even the brisk autumn breeze could...

Savannah Secrets


When eccentric Rowena Carstairs leaves her sizable estate to an illegitimate grandson who was given up for adoption at birth, Savannah attorney Meredith Hunter is obliged to track him down.

Her search takes her...

White Mountain

by Dinah McCall

Why do the fingerprints of a recent murder victim in New York City belong to a man who has been dead for over thirty years? To find out, FBI agent Jack Dolan heads to the victim's last known address: a boardinghouse...

The Substitute Wife

by Dallas Schulze

When Luke Quintain's fiancée dumped him, Catherine Lang understood immediately that she was the perfect solution to his problem. Leggy, flame haired and wise beyond her years, she decided that he should marry...

Loving Jessie

by Dallas Schulze

Life has gone out of focus for photojournalist Matt Latimer. So he's heading back home to the tiny California town where he grew up, hoping to reconnect with his roots, his purpose and his art. But Matt's homecoming...

Alias Mommy

by Linda O. Johnston

Rugged doctor Reeve Snyder had saved her and delivered her baby girl. He was her hero—the kind of man she would have liked to have as a friend…a lover…a father for her baby. If only….

Polly Black had been...

Midnight Remembered

by Gayle Wilson

Men with secret identites and hidden agendas—sworn to protect…and tamed by love.


How could he forget a past as a hardened CIA agent—or a partner as alluring as Paige Daniels? She could...

Little Boys Blue

by Susan Kearney

When the Sutton family is besieged by a secret enemy, will they be able to preserve the only thing that matters most: a future for their children…?


The Specialist

by Dani Sinclair

By day, these agents are cowboys: by night they are specialized government operatives. Men bound by love, loyalty and the law—they've vowed to keep their missions and identities confidential….


The Sheriff

by Jan Hudson

Sheriff…Or Outlaw? Or Both?

Down on her luck, Mary Beth Parker is back in her hometown of Naconiche, East Texas, to claim her inheritance—a rundown restaurant and motel. The whole town pitches in to help her...

Husband in Harmony

by Sharon Swan

Mixing Business And Pleasure— Or Just Getting Mixed Up?

Adam Lassiter is one of the top men in his field, a consultant who specializes in turning around unsuccessful businesses. He's married to his job, which...

The Matchmaker's Plan

by Karen Toller Whittenburg

Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Get me a date with a wonderful mate!

Cupid's Plan Goes Awry When Her Arrows Hit Home…

For once, intrepid matchmaker Ainsley Danville Dunbar doesn't know how to proceed. There's instant...

The Renegade

by Kaitlyn Rice

He's the bad boy who's no longer off-limits

She's the good girl who needs a safe man

Could it be the sea-green bandanna knotted in his blond hair? Or maybe it's the quicksilver eyes that sparkle with laughter...

Virgin Promise

by Kara Lennox

A lifetime of caution gone in one night…

Angela Capria had never experienced that crazy desire that makes one forget caution and succumb to passion. Then a fascinating, exhilarating stranger rescued her and...

The Groom Came C.O.D.

by Mollie Molay

The groom is always the last to know…

Imagine confirmed bachelor Ben Howard's surprise when he opened the morning paper and discovered he was about to marry a total stranger! The explanation: bridal shop owner...