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Living with Adam

by Anne Mather

She remembered Adam as an older brother

So, when Maria wanted to getaway from home, who better togo and stay with while she decided what to do with her life?

But she hadn't seen him for five years. The Adam...

Legend of Lexandros

by Anne Mather

Dallas was forced to accept his charity!

Dallas always felt responsible for her young sister, Jane. But Jane's announcement that she was expecting a baby by rich, young Paris Stavros—and then the news of his...

Legacy of the Past

by Anne Mather

There had been two men so far in Madeline's life—her late husband, Joe, and her boss, Adrian. Both had been kind and uncomplicated, wanting only to cherish and look after her.

But now another man had surged...

Innocent Sins

by Anne Mather

Innocence betrayed…

Memories of a long-ago summer night still taunt Laura Neill. With all the provocative innocence of youth, she stole into her stepbrother Oliver's bedroom, and discovered love and fleeting...

Innocent Obsession

by Anne Mather

Sylvie reluctantly took Margot's place

Sylvie's sister, Margot, was determined to become an actress. She refused to live in Greece with her husband, Leon Petronides, and their small son. So Sylvie found herself...

In The Italian's Bed

by Anne Mather

Tess Daniels's new job in Italy is off to a bad start when wealthy vineyard owner Rafe di Castelli accuses her of being responsible for the disappearance of his teenage son. It's actually Tess's younger sister...

Impetuous Masquerade

by Anne Mather

Could she disguise her love for Jared?

Rhia couldn't refuse to impersonate her sister—after Valentina had fled—to aid in Glyn Fraser's recovery. It was Val's fault the young man had been blinded in a car crash....

Images of Love

by Anne Mather

He'd forgotten the love they'd shared

Tobie was happy with her boyfriend, Mark, until he insisted on their flying to the Caribbean to meet his family. He was unaware that Tobie knew his half brother, Robert,...

Hell Or High Water

by Anne Mather

"We can't sell it to someone like him!"

Helen had to admit the sale of their estate was necessary. She and her mother could no longer afford to keep it up.

But she couldn't agree with her mother that selling...


by Anne Mather

The man of her fantasies belonged to another—her daughter

Slim, lovely Laura Fox didn't look like the mother of a twenty-one-year-old, although her safe, predictable life—save the occasional run-in with her...

Green Lightning

by Anne Mather

"It will never work," her friend warned

Helen winced at the frank assessment of her chances for romantic happiness. For she had loved Heath since childhood, and as she'd grown into a woman, her emotions had...

For the Love of Sara

by Anne Mather

Rachel had tried to escape the torture of her thoughts and memories. She had loved Joel—loved him with all the wealth of tenderness and passion she possessed. He had taken her love and destroyed it…

Now she...

Follow Thy Desire

by Anne Mather

"I can't go through with the wedding!"

Helen's announcement a few hours before she was due at the church stunned her family…especially since she gave no reason.

But how could she explain that a man she'd known...

Fallen Angel

by Anne Mather

Alex yearned for freedom!

Brought up in a French convent, Alex had been sadly neglected by her archaeologist father. He died leaving her starved for affection, desperate to love and be loved—desperate enough...

Edge of Temptation

by Anne Mather

The valley's fate was in Rafe's hands

Everyone wanted to know whether Rafe Glyndower would turn over his father's centuries-old estate to modern lead mining.

Catherine's uncle was a farmer-tenant whose livelihood...

Duelling Fire

by Anne Mather

She couldn't bear the unexpected truth

Sara gladly accepted the offer of acting as companion to her youthful Aunt Harriet. Her father had recently died, and she welcomed the solace the English countryside offered....

Diamond Fire

by Anne Mather

Too hot to handle

Camilla hadn't seen Virginia in years, but she certainly couldn't ignore her childhood friend's urgent plea to come to Hawaii. Her cool reception from Virginia's husband was both unsettling...

Dark Venetian

by Anne Mather

Emma Maxwell knew her stepmother, Celeste, must have some scheme in mind, even before they arrived in Venice. When she heard what it was, Emma wanted no part of it. Then she met Count Vidal Cesare, on whom Celeste...

Dark Moonless Night

by Anne Mather

Seven years ago, Caroline had considered Gareth Morgan unsuitable as a husband. Now she was to find herself part of Gareth's life again when she got a job in Central Africa where he was living. And Gareth wasted...

Spirit of Atlantis

by Anne Mather

She hadn't expected a memorable summer

Julie had come to the Canadian summer resort to forget about her father's tragic suicide. Adam Price, her fiance, would handle the business details. All she had to do was...