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Virgin Promise

by Kara Lennox

A lifetime of caution gone in one night…

Angela Capria had never experienced that crazy desire that makes one forget caution and succumb to passion. Then a fascinating, exhilarating stranger rescued her and...

The Groom Came C.O.D.

by Mollie Molay

The groom is always the last to know…

Imagine confirmed bachelor Ben Howard's surprise when he opened the morning paper and discovered he was about to marry a total stranger! The explanation: bridal shop owner...

Doctor, Darling

by Jo Leigh

The Doctor's Dilemma

What kind of woman needed a court order to get a date? To his dismay, Houston pediatrician Conner Malloy would soon find out. Stranded in a little Texas town, arrested on ridiculous charges,...

Big-City Bachelor

by Ingrid Weaver

A millionaire's worst nightmare…

Just when complete control of his company seemed within his grasp, Alexander Whitmore found himself sharing ownership…with a country bumpkin! Surely innocent, fresh-scrubbed...

California Moon

by Catherine Lanigan

Shannon Riley is a dedicated nurse living in the shadows of a past she cannot face. Gabe Turner is her patient, a man lying in a coma—and the prime suspect in his business partner's murder. Just outside the...

Just Eight Months Old...

by Tori Carrington


Chad Hogan's tempestuous romance with Hannah McGee flatlined when he gave her a sports car instead of an engagement ring. The last thing the rough-edged loner wanted was to lose the...

Baby of Convenience

by Diana Whitney

Marriage—For Baby's Sake

When Laura Michaels tracked her wayward cat to millionaire Royce Burton's estate, she never dreamed her kitty would save her son. For Laura needed a powerful husband to keep custody...

Undercover Protector

by Cassie Miles

Even the toughest man has a weakness…

…and hard-as-nails intelligence agent Michael Slade feared his enemies had found his. Officer Annie Callahan, the woman he'd love and left years ago, was being stalked....

Amanda's Child

by Rebecca York

When Amanda Barnwell was kidnapped from her Wyoming ranch, she feared for her unborn child. But her captor, sexy Matt Forester, swore he was saving her and her baby. He'd discovered the identity of the sperm-bank...

The Bodyguard's Assignment

by Amanda Stevens


Brady Morgan's objective was clear: find Grace Drummond and keep her safe until she could testify. But Brady's past with the beautiful reporter was fraught with tension and desire....

A Man of Honor

by Tina Leonard

A man of honor always protects the woman he loves

Cord Greer was one such man. Tessa Draper had been his brother's woman, but no matter how it broke his heart, Cord would do whatever it took to keep her safe....

The Matchmaker's Sister

by Karen Toller Whittenburg

Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Get me a date with a wonderful mate!

Love's On The Loose In Providence…

Nothing less than divine intervention can quell the commotion when the Danville girls of Providence, Rhode Island,...

Want Ad Wedding

by Neesa Hart

Read All About It!

Arrogant…smug…confirmed bachelor. Just a few of Sam Reed's less than flattering qualities—as seen by reporter Molly Flynn. This description finds its way into a personal ad in Sam's very...

Pregnancy Countdown

by Linda Wisdom


Years ago, Nora Summers and Mark Walker had been sweethearts, but circumstances had driven them apart. Nora wasn't ready to risk her heart again with a man as footloose and charming as Mark.


Yet now...

The Millionaire Next Door

by Kara Lennox

The Millionaire Meets His Match…

Forced to take a vacation, Boston's hottest bachelor and biggest workaholic traveled to sleepy Cottonwood, Texas. All Hudson Stack wanted was a little R and R, but then he met...

The Pregnancy Clause

by Elizabeth Sinclair

She had twelve months to make a baby…

Or, according to her father's will, she'd lose her beloved farm. Trouble was, Emily Kingston was wildly wary of men. In fact, the only male she'd ever trusted was her childhood...

The World's Best Dad

by Valerie Taylor

World's Best Dad:

Keep your eyes on his kids—not on his body

Don't imagine yourself the star in his bedtime stories

Make this your mantra: He's not a man—he's a dad

Julie Miles had been a mom for 43 hours and...

Married by Midnight

by Mollie Molay

Oh, what a night!

How had Maxwell Taylor ended up naked…in a honeymoon suite…with Kelly O'Rourke at his side? The last thing the Boston blue blood remembered was catching the garter at a wedding and putting...

Four Reasons for Fatherhood

by Muriel Jensen

From boardroom barracuda

Work was everything to businessman Aaron Bradley. So when his four young nephews were orphaned and left to Susan Turner, he should have been relieved. Instead, he yearned for a chance...

The Bridal Quest

by Jennifer Mikels

The New Nanny: Stunning, secretive Jessica Walker

The Lonely Lawman: Handsome, devoted widower Sam Dawson

The Mini-Matchmakers: Sam's darling daughters.

They were determined their daddy marry again, and their...