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Melting Fire

by Anne Mather

"I want to live my own life!"

But Olivia's bid for independence was swiftly rejected. Richard replied with the hard assurance of a successful businessman. "I've paid for your upbringing, Olivia, and everything...

A Rich Man's Touch

by Anne Mather

A wealth of passion…

The arrival of wealthy businessman Gabriel Webb in Rachel's life is about to change everything….

Gabriel seems sincere in wanting to help single mom Rachel and her young daughter. But...

One Good Reason, Part I

by Jon Bradbury

Robin Parker is content keeping a low profile as an officer in the Air Force. She has only her work and her friends. Her love life takes a distant second place, thanks to Shawn, her unfaithful ex-boyfriend from...

Raw Silk

by Anne Mather

Virgin or wanton…?

Oliver Lee is a man with a shadowed past. He is suspicious of everything and everyone…so when he meets Fliss, he thinks her innocence is an act. Fliss may be innocent, but when Oliver's...

Proud Harvest

by Anne Mather

Carne expected her to just meekly agree

"What about me? Don't I have any say in the matter?" Lesley's eyes flashed indignantly. After all, Carne had ignored his wife and child for three years. Why should he...

Prelude to Enchantment

by Anne Mather

Sancha was thrilled with her assignment—to interview the famous author, the Conte Cesare Alberto Venturo di Malatesta.

Entering his palazzo was like stepping back into the Renaissance, its poverty-stricken...

Pale Orchid

by Anne Mather

Once he'd made her feel so special

Perhaps that was why he had succeeded where other men had failed. If Laura had not been so naively flattered by Jason's attentions three years ago, she might have recognized...

Pale Dawn Dark Sunset

by Anne Mather

"Miranda," Rafael said through clenched teeth, "I beg of you, do not drive me too far!"

Rafael was annoyed. No woman of his own nationality had looked at him in quite that way before. Had she no respect—this...

No Gentle Possession

by Anne Mather

Karen Sinclair was deeply ashamed of her brief, inglorious love affair with Alexis Whitney seven years earlier. Since then she'd settled down—with an interesting job and a steady boyfriend.

Everything was so...

Morgan's Child

by Anne Mather

A new year…a new start…a new baby.

The miracle Felicity could only dream about has finally happened—her husband, missing, presumed dead, is alive and well—and coming home! But much has happened in their...


by Anne Mather

You never forget your first love

Ten years ago, Jordan Lucas fell innocently in love with a musician visiting her Caribbean island home. She experienced the soaring flight of first love and the bitter crash...

Moon Witch

by Anne Mather

Jarrod guarded Sara even against himself

Sara Robins had never even heard of Jarrod Kyle until he became her guardian. He was far removed from anyone Sara, at seventeen, had known in the small, quiet world she'd...


by Anne Mather

They loved Monkshood but hated each other!

Monkshood complicated Melanie's well-planned life. Soon to marry a London lawyer, Melanie couldn't really consider living in the Scottish Highlands house she'd inherited....

Mask of Scars

by Anne Mather

Christina thought the long university vacation would be an excellent time to visit her brother and sister-in-law in southern Portugal. But she soon realized that she was unwelcome and she was thankful when she...

Loren's Baby

by Anne Mather

It hadn't been easy—coming to see Tristan Ross. He might deny being the father of her dead sister's baby, but Caryn was determined to make him accept responsibility.

When he finally conceded, however, his conditions...

Lord of Zaracus

by Anne Mather

When Carolyn joined her archaeologist father in Mexico, she found herself immediately in conflict with Don Carlos, who owned the valley where her father was searching for a Zapotec city. Don Carlos thought she...

Long Night's Loving

by Anne Mather

He could still make her want him….

Maggie would never have made the journey to Northumberland to see her ex-husband if it hadn't been for their rebellious teenage daughter. Lindsey had formed a disastrous relationship...

Living with Adam

by Anne Mather

She remembered Adam as an older brother

So, when Maria wanted to getaway from home, who better togo and stay with while she decided what to do with her life?

But she hadn't seen him for five years. The Adam...

Legend of Lexandros

by Anne Mather

Dallas was forced to accept his charity!

Dallas always felt responsible for her young sister, Jane. But Jane's announcement that she was expecting a baby by rich, young Paris Stavros—and then the news of his...

Legacy of the Past

by Anne Mather

There had been two men so far in Madeline's life—her late husband, Joe, and her boss, Adrian. Both had been kind and uncomplicated, wanting only to cherish and look after her.

But now another man had surged...