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Fallen Angel

by Anne Mather

Alex yearned for freedom!

Brought up in a French convent, Alex had been sadly neglected by her archaeologist father. He died leaving her starved for affection, desperate to love and be loved—desperate enough...

Edge of Temptation

by Anne Mather

The valley's fate was in Rafe's hands

Everyone wanted to know whether Rafe Glyndower would turn over his father's centuries-old estate to modern lead mining.

Catherine's uncle was a farmer-tenant whose livelihood...

Duelling Fire

by Anne Mather

She couldn't bear the unexpected truth

Sara gladly accepted the offer of acting as companion to her youthful Aunt Harriet. Her father had recently died, and she welcomed the solace the English countryside offered....

Diamond Fire

by Anne Mather

Too hot to handle

Camilla hadn't seen Virginia in years, but she certainly couldn't ignore her childhood friend's urgent plea to come to Hawaii. Her cool reception from Virginia's husband was both unsettling...

Dark Venetian

by Anne Mather

Emma Maxwell knew her stepmother, Celeste, must have some scheme in mind, even before they arrived in Venice. When she heard what it was, Emma wanted no part of it. Then she met Count Vidal Cesare, on whom Celeste...

Dark Moonless Night

by Anne Mather

Seven years ago, Caroline had considered Gareth Morgan unsuitable as a husband. Now she was to find herself part of Gareth's life again when she got a job in Central Africa where he was living. And Gareth wasted...

Spirit of Atlantis

by Anne Mather

She hadn't expected a memorable summer

Julie had come to the Canadian summer resort to forget about her father's tragic suicide. Adam Price, her fiance, would handle the business details. All she had to do was...


by Anne Mather

Alex was not the man she expected him to be

The time for Olivia's revenge had come. Her elderly husband, Henry Gantry was dead. She'd take Henry's monument to himself, his fabulously wealthy corporation, and...

Sleeping With A Stranger

by Anne Mather

When passion is stronger than pride…

Helen Shaw's relaxing vacation on the stunning island of Santos is ruined when she steps off the ferry and sees Greek tycoon Milos Stephanides. Years before they had a scorching...


by Anne Mather

Rachel Fleming wished she had never stopped to help the stranger in distress. But it was too late now. The tables had turned.

Alexis Roche was no helpless victim. He was a seasoned hunter committed to the chase....

A Savage Beauty

by Anne Mather

Emma Seaton was comfortably if unexcitingly engaged to Victor Harrison; he was a wealthy business tycoon, and Emma could look forward to a life of ease and luxury with him—but was that all she wanted from life?...

A Passionate Affair

by Anne Mather

"He's quite famous—and notorious."

Cassandra had been warned, and she didn't care. After enduring a disastrous marriage she was now ready for an affair with no strings attached.

But Jay Ravek was not like any...

A Haunting Compulsion

by Anne Mather

Rachel could tell something was wrong

Rachel had been hesitant to spend the Christmas holiday with the Shards in their Newcastle home. After all, Liz and Rob were Jaime's parents and might have been Rachel's...

A Distant Sound of Thunder

by Anne Mather

It had not taken Rebecca long to fall wildly in love with Piers St. Clair—not much longer, in fact, than it had taken her to discover that he was married. So, all too swiftly, that idyll on a romantic Pacific...

Sinful Truths

by Anne Mather

Jake McCabe separated from his wife, Isobel, convinced that the daughter she gave birth to was not his. Insistent that Emily was Jake's child, Isobel struggled on as a single mother.

But now Jake finds himself...

Sinful Pleasures

by Anne Mather

Falling for a younger man

Megan Cross hasn't been back to the Caribbean island of San Felipe since her parents' ugly divorce and her mother's second marriage. Now her mother's husband is desperately ill and...

Silver Fruit upon Silver Trees

by Anne Mather

It would be easy, Eve told Sophie.

All she had to do was to go to Trinidad and pretend to be the granddaughter of the wealthy Brandt St. Vincente for four weeks and the money she needed would be hers.

But when...

Shattered Illusions

by Anne Mather

Some secrets just won't stay hidden

Why had Jaime Harris left a perfectly good job to come to work for his stepmother, Catriona? Dominic Redding was curious—and intrigued.

Jaime had come to Bermuda with a purpose—to...

Seen by Candlelight

by Anne Mather

Although Karen Frazer had been divorced by her husband Paul two years before, and had heard that he had since become engaged to another woman, she still loved him. But she was not yet free of him—for Paul's...

Season of Mists

by Anne Mather

"Our marriage was a farce," Piers said.

Abby couldn't deny Piers's statement. Time had certainly proven that true, but the young Abby had loved him with all the passion within her.

At that time she could not...