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The Second Son

by Joanna Wayne

Branson, Langley and Ryder: Randolph brothers, family men, larger-than-life Texans. Flesh and blood bind them to each other—and to a mystery baby girl. One is her father…all are her protectors.

Sheriff Branson...

My Big Fake Green-Card Wedding

by Mollie Molay

"I Do…For Now."

She might be the last twenty-nine-year-old virgin in Greece, but Melina Kostos did not need her overprotective father and brothers handpicking her husband! So when American businessman and single...

Montana Twins


From Bachelor Sheriff To Daddy Of Two? What A Day!

Sheriff Eric Oakes didn't know the first thing about babies, and now he had to prove himself worthy of raising his twin nieces. Taking care of those little girls...

Her Necessary Husband

by Sharon Swan

From Housekeeper…To Honeymooner?

If someone had told Jenna Lorenzo that she'd be floating down the aisle to wed the biggest catch in Harmony—after applying for a position as Ross Hayward's housekeeper, no less—she'd...

Montana Daddy


Dr. Rory "Swift Eagle" Oakes could track, tame and treat the orneriest of beasts. But his five-foot-five freckle-faced first love Kristi Kerrigan had inexplicably disappeared from his life six years before,...

The Mommy Makeover

by Bonnie K. Winn

From power-suited businesswoman…

Teaching the delectable Katelyn Amberst the ultimate lesson had been just a game to Finn—at first. He'd charmed his lovely employer into becoming his wife and mother to his...

Loving a Lonesome Cowboy

by Debbi Rawlins

A man with an empty house

A woman in need of shelter

Widowed rancher Ethan Slade had retreated from society to live in a shack on his vast property. But with his nieces coming for a holiday, he had to open the...

The Secretary Gets Her Man

by Mindy Neff


The covert agency's newest operative is about to get her man!

THE AGENT: Penny Archer, former teenage bookworm, lately of the Texas Confidential secret agency, had finally come home to settle...

Twin Expectations

by Kara Lennox

The Pregnancy Pact

Identical twin sisters Bridget and Liz Van Zandt wanted families. Any no way would their vacant ring fingers thwart their girlhood pledge to have babies—hubbies or no hubbies—by age thirty....

When Love Walks In

by Suzanne Carey


Though his merest glance still filled her with desire, Cate was no longer a naive teenager blinded by love—this time she had to resist her intense attraction to Daniel Finn. Because now...

In Search of Dreams

by Ginna Gray


And J.T. Conway struck gold when he found the one woman who could help fulfill his dream. Although being ensconced together in Kate Mahoney's cozy inn sparked a irresistible...

Doctor and the Debutante

by Pat Warren


Laura Marshall woke up in a stranger's cabin, with a colossal headache…and absolutely no idea how she got there. All she knew was that there was a handsome doctor at her service....

The Price of Honor

by Janis Reams Hudson


Vivacious beauty Rachel Wilder and achingly handsome Native American Grady Lewis had long shared their dreams and secrets. Their childhood pledge to never part would one day become their marriage...

Little Girl Found

by Jo Leigh

Strong, silent type

When a child was dropped on ex-detective Jac McCabe's doorstep, he voxed to guard her with his life. She had no one to claim her—except sexy caregiver Hailey Bishop. And both vulnerable...

A Rancher's Vow

by Patricia Rosemoor

"Marry her to save the ranch."

Reed Quarrels had spent a lifetime trying to gain his father's approval. Now was his chance to prove himself worthy—by marrying the woman he always thought out of reach…


The Silent Witness

by Dani Sinclair

Mysterious, secretive…and sexier than ever!

Good girl Nicki Michaels once had a steamy affair with wild, sexy Alex Coughlin—but he'd left town without a word. When he returned and kept his distance, Nicki hid...

Her Private Bodyguard

by Gayle Wilson


Ex-CIA operative Grey Sellers had settled into a quiet, anonymous life. No secrets, no bullets, no nightmares…just the way he wanted it. Until he was hired to protect reluctant heiress Valerie...

Fortune's Twins

by Kara Lennox

Welcome to MILLIONAIRE, MONTANA, where twelve lucky souls have won a multimillion-dollar jackpot.

And where one millionaire in particular is… PREGNANT WITH TWINS

Seems lottery winner Gwen Tanner's night of passion...

May the Best Man Wed

by Darlene Scalera

Savannah Sweetfield's To-Do List:

1. Finish planning perfect wedding

2. Find the groom

3. Ignore shocking attraction to best man

The church was booked, the flowers arranged—and the groom was AWOL! Finding her...

Four-Karat Fiancee

by Sharon Swan

Welcome to Millionaire, Montana, where twelve lucky souls have won a multimillion-dollar jackpot.

And where one millionaire in particular has just MARRIED HIS ENEMY

In a shocking turn of events, Jester's favorite...