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Her Desert Family

by Barbara McMahon


Bridget Rossi isn't used to mingling amongst the seriously rich and famous. But through her cousin, Bridget has just been invited to stay with a powerfully sexy sheikh...

The Monte Carlo Proposal

by Lucy Gordon

"Why on earth did I agree to this crazy plan?! This multimillionaire Jack Bullen had a proposal for me—to pose as his girlfriend so he could avoid an unwanted marriage. I said yes—it was a whole lot better...

Marriage Make-Over

by Ally Blake

She was supposed to be "single and loving it"…

Kelly works hard to love every minute of being single. She even started writing a column about it—but she harbors a secret she could never tell her readers…she's...

The Dating Resolution

by Hannah Bernard

So what happens when you get six months into your no-dating year and then you meet temptation himself? Jordan Halifax is sinfully sexy—and he's her new neighbor, living right next door! What's a girl to do…?...

A Pretend Engagement

by Jessica Steele

It startles the life out of her to come home and find a man in her bedroom! But even more so when Varnie Sutton discovers that the man is CEO Leon Beaumont, her brother's boss! Leon is using Varnie's country...

His Convenient Fiancee

by Barbara McMahon

She needs a fiance for a night…

Molly McGuire needs a temporary fiance—and when fate steps in at the last moment Molly's saved…. Nick Bailey is sexy, successful and cynical—and he's hers for the night!


Assignment: Twins

by Leigh Michaels

Twin babies mean double the trouble!

Nikki is always happy to baby-sit for her friend's adorable twins. But now the babies' mom is unavoidably delayed—and Nikki needs help!

And the arrival of a handsome man means...

The Wedding Contract

by Nicola Marsh

Amber Lawrence is an ordinary woman; she works hard, spends time with her family—and doesn't expect to be offered money to marry! Trouble is, Steve Rockwell's proposal has come at a time when Amber's family...

The Husband Sweepstake

by Leigh Michaels

High-flying career woman Erika Forrester has just inherited the position of CEO of a million dollar company. Erika's fought hard to get where she is and is used to living her life independently—but for the...

The Honeymoon Proposal

by Hannah Bernard

Joanna dreamed of marrying Matt from the moment they first kissed. So their wedding day should be the happiest day of her life… Except that Jo and Matt broke up five weeks ago! The split is a secret, the relationship...

Marriage in Name Only

by Barbara McMahon


After all she's been through, Jenny Gordon is scared of letting anyone close. But now she's forced to confront her fears—Jenny's been made guardian of a little girl! Moreover,...

The Tycoon's Dating Deal

by Nicola Marsh

Hired…by an Australian tycoon!

Kara Roberts has been roped into a speed-dating evening—and is shocked to discover that one of her dates is Matt Byrne, her ex-boyfriend! Matt's now a successful—and very sexy—lawyer,...

The Pregnant Tycoon

by Caroline Anderson

Rich and successful, Izzy Brooke has everything—except love. Determined to change her life, she is reunited with single dad Will Thompson, the boyfriend she had as a teenager. And she's just discovered she's...

The Best Man's Baby

by Darcy Maguire

He didn't know he was a father…until now!

For four years wedding planner Skye Andrews has kept a secret from hotshot lawyer Nick Coburn—they have a daughter…. Now Skye's working on a wedding where Nick is...

Marriage Material

by Ally Blake

Lawyer Romy Bridgeport is used to demanding clients—but millionaire Sebastian Fox wins hands down! All he's ever wanted is a happy marriage and kids—so he's asked Romy to make him into marriage material! Does...

A Professional Engagement

by Darcy Maguire

Marriage neither of them expected!

Tara Andrews loves working with her mom and sister, planning weddings and proposals—for other people. But she has no intention of ever getting married herself! Until she meets...

The Takeover Bid

by Leigh Michaels

When sexy Wyatt Reynolds strolls into Melanie's office claiming to be her new boss, she's stunned! How can he be in charge when she owns half of the firm? Wyatt is in fact Melanie's new business partner, and...

Her Boss's Baby Plan

by Jessica Hart

Single mom Martha Shaw has a gorgeous new boss—Lewis Mansfield. She's nanny to his niece and is about to spend six months on a tropical island with him and the babies! Martha quickly falls deeply in love with...

Christmas Eve Marriage

by Jessica Hart

A bride for the holidays…?

The only thing Thea's looking for on her vacation on the Greek island of Crete is a little R and R—she certainly doesn't expect to find herself roped in to being Rhys Kingsford's...

The Man From Madrid

by Anne Weale

Mediterranean millionaire

Cally hoped for peace and quiet when she escaped to Valdecarrasca in beautiful rural Spain—but the arrival of mysterious millionaire Nicolas Llorca changed all that! He made it clear...