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Scorpion's Dance

by Anne Mather

Miranda refused to listen to warnings.

She didn't love Mark Sanders, but that didn't matter. He was heir to the estate where her mother was housekeeper. As Lady Sanders, Miranda could ensure a better life for...

Savage Innocence

by Anne Mather

Discovering the savage truth…

Pregnant and single, Isobel Dorland yearns for a real family life. But though she's head over heels in love with the father of her child, she knows that he's in no position to...

Savage Awakening

by Anne Mather

He wants her. But will he take her…?

For two long years, news reporter Matthew Quinn was held captive by rebel forces. His dramatic escape made headlines. But Matt has returned scarred, believing that he can...


by Anne Mather

She was betrayed by her own emotions!

Abby considered her marriage over. Why couldn't Rachid just accept the fact and give her a divorce?

In the two years since she left Abarein, the Middle East country where...

Relative Sins

by Anne Mather

Whose baby?

Sara Reed has a secret.

Returning to her husband's family home after his death isn't easy for Sara. Her mother-in-law clearly despises her, but the person she most dreads seeing again is Alex.


Hot Pursuit

by Anne Mather

Sara was beautiful, secretive—and haunted. Matt Seton was both intrigued and annoyed by his unexpected houseguest. She wouldn't tell him where she was from, but he could tell she was running from something....

His Virgin Mistress

by Anne Mather

Demetri Kastro has dark suspicions about Joanna, the young and very attractive woman who has escorted his father home to Greece. Though the elderly millionaire is ill, Demetri is certain Joanna isn't what the...

His Forbidden Passion

by Anne Mather

Dominic Montoya was darkly handsome and oh, so dangerous to know. Cleo knew he was strictly off-limits. But she couldn't turn her back on him altogether; he had information that could change her whole life.


Dark Enemy

by Anne Mather

Nicola had never met Jason Wilde, but she hated him for the way he had hurt and deceived her sister, and was determined to be revenged on him.

So she worked out a plan that seemed fool-proof. She took a job...

Dark Castle

by Anne Mather

For the first time since the break-up of their marriage, Julie began to have doubts. Should she have believed Jonas instead of Angela?

But suppose Jonas was innocent? Even if he weren't, it was no use deceiving...

Dangerous Sanctuary

by Anne Mather

No escape

Was it pure luck that Ben Russell had chosen to buy the old Priory? Certainly it couldn't have had anything to do with Jaime or her teenage son, Tom. It had been fifteen years since she'd seen her...

Dangerous Rhapsody

by Anne Mather

"Don't be deceived, Emma," Damon said violently. "I'm not letting you go because I feel sorry for you. I'm letting you go because I have no intention of losing my self-respect over a little cheat like you."...

Dangerous Enchantment

by Anne Mather

Why do some women always manage to fall for a man who they know from the start can never be any good to them?

Julie Kennedy, like most girls, had hero-worshipped the famous television singer Manuel Cortez from...

Come the Vintage

by Anne Mather

Her situation was impossible, Ryan realized, more impossible than even Alain could imagine.

What had he said? "We are married, Ryan. I suggest we attempt to salvage something from the wreck."

But friendship...

Come Running

by Anne Mather

"Matt, I couldn't marry him … it's you I love." Even as she said the words, Darrell knew their situation was hopeless.

Darrell Anderson's life had been going along reasonably well until she met Matthew Lawford....

Chase a Green Shadow

by Anne Mather

The child of a broken marriage, seventeen-year-old Tamsyn wasn't at all looking forward to going to Wales to visit the father she hardly knew—until she arrived there and met Hywel Benedict.

Her first feelings...

Castles of Sand

by Anne Mather

The reunion was almost unbearable

Ashley could hardly believe she was actually seeing her son. Circumstances had forced her to give him up at birth seven years earlier to her deceased husband's wealthy Arab...


by Anne Mather

A brief encounter or lasting love?

When Caroline first saw him on the elevator, she had no idea who he was. She only knew that he was tall and darkly handsome—and that she longed to see him again.

Later she...

Captive Destiny

by Anne Mather

Emma had to admit that she was curious

Jordan had said the matter was one of life and death, but since she wouldn't agree to meet him she would never know.

Emma's hands trembled as she hung up the receiver,...

Brittle Bondage

by Anne Mather


Rachel's marriage had ended in bitterness and tears. Ben had been unfaithful to her, she was sure, though, of course, he had denied it. Now their only point of contact was their small daughter, Daisy,...