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A Professional Marriage

by Jessica Steele

She was the perfect assistant…

Chesnie Cosgrove is overjoyed when she lands the job of senior secretary to handsome tycoon Joel Davenport. Joel may be demanding to work for, but it's the long line of women trying...

The Wedding Challenge

by Jessica Hart

City girl Bea is stranded in the Outback—without a shoe shop or department store in sight! At least she's stuck there with a gorgeous man who seems ready for a challenge…so to make her stay a little more bearable,...

Their Doorstep Baby

by Barbara Hannay

Husband and wife Claire and Adam Townsend have been longing to have a child together, but with no success. Then one day, out of the blue, a newborn baby boy is left on the doorstep of their isolated Outback...

The Pregnancy Plan

by Grace Green

Dermid McTaggart faces the hardest decision of his life—he must find a surrogate mother to carry his baby, or lose the chance of having children. The last person Dermid expects to help him is Lacey Maxwell,...

The Honeymoon Prize

by Jessica Hart

Freya is determined to sort out her life before she hits thirty—if only to prove to her best friend, Max Thornton, that she's perfectly capable of meeting a suitable man! Freya has the ideal candidate in mind:...

The Boss's Daughter

by Leigh Michaels

Being the boss's daughter was tough—especially when Amy found herself temporarily in charge of the company! Worse, her "assistant" was the extremely handsome, dynamic Dylan Copeland. He was so insistent on...

The Prince's Proposal

by Sophie Weston

Conrad Domitio likes to keep his title of Crown Prince of Montessuro a secret. After all, it doesn't affect his life in England. Or at least not until his grandfather calls to say his country needs him—and...

The Nanny's Secret

by Grace Green

Living together by necessity…

Jordan dotes on his little daughter and can't refuse her anything. When she begs for Felicity Fairfax as her live-in nanny, Jordan gives in—despite having a grudge against the...

The Tycoon's Temptation

by Renee Roszel

Its not business, its personal!

Mitchell Rath thrives on challenge. Taking over ailing companies has made him a powerful, wealthy man. But one business empire eludes him—and it belongs to Elaine Stuben.


Inherited: Twins!

by Jessica Hart

Strong, silent Outback rancher Nat Masterman doesn't know the first thing about babies. Yet he's just become the guardian of eight-month-old twins—and he has to go to London to collect them!

Prue wishes she'd...

His Secretary's Secret

by Barbara McMahon

Her boss, her boyfriend—her secret!

Millionaire tycoon Matt Gramling has two golden rules for avoiding love-struck secretaries:

#1 Never employ anyone under 50!

#2 Never date a woman over 25….

Outraged, Karla...

The Baby Question

by Caroline Anderson

Laurie had thought that she and Rob had the perfect marriage and that a baby would make their happiness complete. After several years of waiting Laurie has realized that things have changed. Rob now works so...

Marriage on Demand

by Susan Fox

In just four days, Rena will marry Ford Harlow. Just imagining the ceremony fills her with intense excitement—and trepidation! It won't be an ordinary wedding. Their union is a marriage deal: Ford wants her...

His Pretend Mistress

by Jessica Steele

Thank goodness for charming, suave and handsome city hotshot Harris Quillan! Mallon had thought she was stranded and homeless until Harris came along. After hearing her story, he didn't hesitate to offer her...

Backwards Honeymoon

by Leigh Michaels

Kathryn is about to walk up the aisle when she discovers her husband-to-be is a sleazy fortune hunter. Undaunted, Kathryn kicks off her designer wedding dress and makes a dramatic escape—straight into the arms...

Outback Baby

by Barbara Hannay

Max Jardine always behaves like a bossy big brother to Gemma Brown. Except for one night five years ago—a night they have never talked about since. But now Gemma is moving into Max's remote Outback home to...

Assignment: Baby

by Jessica Hart

Gabriel Stearne might be a brilliant businessman—but there's nothing on his illustrious resume about children! So the unexpected delivery to the office of a baby leaves him only one place to turn—his personal...

The Substitute Wife

by Barbara McMahon

Marriage in the making!

Deanna Stephens needs a job and a place to live—and Jay Masters's advert for a live-in nanny sounds perfect. Though one look at Jay and his two adorable little girls, and Dee knows her...

The Millionaire's Daughter

by Sophie Weston

The heiress and the playboy…

Annis Carew knows why most men are attracted to her—her father's money—and she's perfected the art of playing it cool. But with gorgeous Kosta Vitale she feels her ice-queen crown...

The Fiance Fix

by Carole Mortimer

International bestselling author Carole Mortimer makes a special guest appearance in Harlequin Romance!

Joanne Delaney will do anything to protect her beloved daughter from a custody claim—including marrying...