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Daddy by Christmas

by Mollie Molay

Parents of twins—and they'd never even kissed!

But oh, Laura Edwards wanted to kiss Tom Aldrich. Until she realized it was more than coincidence that made their daughters so amazingly similar. Tom might be the...

Cowboy's Woman

by Cathy Gillen Thacker

Get ready for some fast-and-loose matchmaking from The McCabes of Texas

John and Lilah McCabe have four of the sexiest sons Laramie, Texas, has ever seen—but no grandbabies! Now they're fixin' to get a whole...

Match Made in Texas

by Tina Leonard

In a tiny Texas town, the old folks were determined to trigger a population explosion!

And sexy out-of-towner Jake Maddox was the answer to their prayers. No woman could resist his masculine appeal. Plus, he...

Virgin and Her Bodyguard

by Mindy Neff

A house full of babies and a very brawny man....

Cole had made a solemn promise to protect Raquel and her virtue, to never leave her side. But he didn't bargain for baby-sitting duties to boot!

Raquel's small...

Dr. Cowboy

by Cathy Gillen Thacker

Get ready for some fast-and-loose matchmaking from The McCabes of Texas

John and Lilah McCabe have four of the sexiest sons Laramie, Texas, has ever seen—but no grandbabies! Now they're fixin' to get a whole...

Deputy Daddy


She was alone, pregnant and couldn't remember a thing!

Found wandering on the beach with a huge bump on her head, Marla's only reality was her impending motherhood—and the man who'd rescued her. Strong, generous...

Rsvp... Baby

by Pamela Browning

The Wedding Party

Anything can happen at a Bellamy wedding!

Daddy in the Dark

When the baby-sitter came down with mono, bridesmaid Bianca D'Alessandro had to bring a pint-size guest no one knew about to the Bellamy...

Overnight Father

by Debbi Rawlins

Suddenly a husband...

Matthew Monroe was about to get married—except he already was! Apparently he'd forgotten to have his marriage of convenience to the lovely Lexy Constantine annulled—although he'd never...

Instant Daddy

by Emily Dalton

He'd fathered her son—and didn't know it. Yet!

The guy with the sexy smile staring at Cassie Montgomery from Single Men of Alaska magazine wasn't just fantasy fodder—but the answer to Cassie's personal mystery....

Lizzie's Last-Chance Fiance


The Wedding Party

Anything can happen at a Bellamy Wedding

Can a fake fiancé become a real husband?

Bridesmaid Lizzie Muldoon had resolved to go stag to the weekend-long Bellamy society wedding. Except her "well-meaning"...

Daddy Unknown

by Judy Christenberry

The Baby is His!

The minute Alexandra Logan made a grand reentrance into Cactus, Texas, Tucker Langford sensed a change. Seems that though Tuck could never forget the woman who'd stolen his heart, she couldn't...

Diamond Daddies

by Linda Cajio

Twin brothers Jeff and Julian Diamond were confirmed bachelors—until their matchmaking grandfather made them a bet they couldn't refuse.

Which Diamond will be a daddy first?

Jeff had no prospects for a bride...

Cowboy in a Tux

by Mary Anne Wilson

Delaney's GROOMS

"You don't own a tux shop for forty years and not know a little something about romance."—Karl Delaney

She's still your wife!

Not even his rented tux could mask the fact that J.T. Watson was 100%...

Father in Training

by Mollie Molay

He knew how babies were made

But that was all Jeffrey Addams Logan III knew about fatherhood! He ran a billion-dollar business, handled employees and balanced budgets. What he knew about being a daddy could fit...

One Hot Daddy-To-Be?

by Judy Christenberry


Cal Baxter never put women and his mother in the same sentence—till he got wind of The Bet. Seems the first ladies of Cactus, Texas, had a hankerin' for grandkids—and they'd stop at nothing till...

And Babies Make Ten

by Lisa Bingham

Baby Boom!

Stephen Dubois was sexy, gentle, funny...and the instant dad of quintuplets left on his doorstep! He was overwhelmed by endless diaper changes and bottle feedings, so his new assistant was the answer...

Can't Resist a Cowboy

by Jo Leigh

Seduced—By A Cowboy?

Never! City girl Taylor Reed could sum up a cowboy in two words: arrogant and pigheaded. She'd come to Zach Baldwin's ranch to prove that cowboys and marriage didn't mix—and no broad-shouldered,...

Baby for Hire

by Liz Ireland

A Desparate Daddy

One look at baby Felicity's chubby cheeks and Ross Templeton almost forgot that he only needed to "rent" a baby for the weekend. Just long enough to concede his father's last wish for a grandchild....

For Better, for Bachelor

by Nikki Rivers


Early Edition

Sexy Stranger Found In Local Girl's Bed!

And it wasn't just any stranger Rachel Gale woke up to, but "the helicopter hunk," worldly TV reporter Marcus Slade. He'd mistaken her...

Nice Girl Like You

by Alexandra Sellers

Desperate mother seeks…

Samara Diamond thought she'd seen it all— until she read that personal ad. Now she just had to find out what desperate mothers were seeking these days….

A nice girl…to play decoy in...