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Dream Man

by Quinn Wilder

Playing with fire…

Mandy had big plans for her ranch, and she wasn't going to give up on them just because Brett Carpenter objected! The rugged foreman seemed determined to stand in her way, and Mandy knew she...

Tomorrow's Bride

by Alexandra Scott

Yesterday's secrets…

Five years ago Leigh had loved Patrick and lost him. Now he was back in her life, and, this time around, Leigh was determined to become Patrick's bride. So all she had to do was persuade...

Husband Material

by Emma Goldrick


Dream Lover…

Though Rose told herself that she wasn't looking for another involvement, it would be nice if the man of her dreams swept her off her feet. But the trouble with daydreams about...

Faulkner Possession

by Margaret Way


Shared past…shared future?

Marsh Faulkner: this handsome, irresistible man from the Outback is determined to get his own way. What he wants he usually gets…and now he wants Roslyn!

Roslyn Earnshaw:...

Christmas Nights

by Sally Wentworth

Christmas wishes… Christmas kisses….

Paris Reid wasn't prepared to settle for less than the best where men were concerned! But the best was Will Brydon. After their affair had ended disastrously three years...

Weekend to Remember

by Miranda Lee

A little white lie….

I'm terribly sorry, Hannah could hear herself saying, I don't know what came over me. I simply couldn't let that coldhearted ambitious lady take you for another ride. When you lost the last...

Baby for Christmas

by Anne McAllister


Once, he accused her of trading sex for a wedding ring….

Carly knew Piran wasn't her Mr. Right. He'd rejected her innocent infatuation years ago, and he certainly didn't see himself as a doting...

Mistletoe Man

by Kathleen O'Brien

9 to 5


To: Lindsay

From: Danial McKinley


Lindsay couldn't believe it. She was working on a major deal—with a very important client. Daniel McKinley. But Daniel was a workaholic...

Hot Blood

by Charlotte Lamb


Burning with passion!

Kit and Liam were business partners by day and lovers by night. But Liam was content to hold Kit at arm's length emotionally. Kit was frustrated—they were two mature people, for goodness'...

Tahitian Wedding

by Angela Devine

Old attractions…

Claire had managed to avoid the wrath of Alain Charpentier for six long years. But now she had broken her exile from Tahiti to be bridesmaid at her sister's wedding. Only to find that the very...

Trust Too Much

by Jayne Bauling

Arrogant, cynical and devastatingly attractive…

Long ago Fee had decided Simon Rhodes was trouble, but now, forced to move back to Hong Kong after four years in Australia, Fee finds avoiding Simon impossible...

Forsaking All Others

by Susanne McCarthy

In name only…

"You're the woman who stood at the altar with my cousin not more than a few hours ago, vowing to forsake all others. You didn't manage to keep it up very long, did you?"

Leo Ratcliffe had kissed...

Kiss to Remember

by Miranda Lee


A lingering kiss…

Angie was determined to throw off her memories of Lance Sterling. It had been nine years since her brother's impossibly handsome friend had stolen her fifteen-year-old-heart...

Their Wedding Day

by Emma Darcy


He had returned to save her…

Once a handsome prince rescued a beautiful princess…. Well, that was what Rowena Goodman's children believed. And they soon decided that Keir Delahunty was the...

Angry Desire

by Charlotte Lamb


Wedding nerves…

This was supposed to be the happiest day of Gabriella's life—her wedding day. But last night the fear had finally begun to tear her apart and she knew she couldn't go through with the ceremony....

Relative Sins

by Anne Mather

Whose baby?

Sara Reed has a secret.

Returning to her husband's family home after his death isn't easy for Sara. Her mother-in-law clearly despises her, but the person she most dreads seeing again is Alex.

Her husband's...

Imported Wife

by Rosalie Ash

"You have the blonde hair and green eyes of a siren, but the soul of a frigid little man-hater!"

Perhaps Rick Josephs was right to describe Gabriella in such a way. She had been avoiding men ever since Piers'...

Love in Torment


Man from her past

Gemma had never forgiven Felipe Santos for walking out on her without so much as a backward glance. They'd been lovers—until he'd decided that he preferred his glamorous cousin Bianca….


Three Times a Bride

by Catherine Spencer


He wanted her now—but what about forever?

Adam Cabot was back—and determined to reclaim Georgia as his bride!

But Georgia had no intention of coming meekly to heel. She told herself she was...

Sweet Sinner

by Diana Hamilton

9 to 5


Private & Confidential

To: Mr. Cade

From: Zoe Kilgerran, your employee

I find this difficult to say and don't know where to start, so I'll take a deep breath and begin!

I'm afraid you've formed the worst...