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Breakfast in Bed

by Ruth Jean Dale

He bet breakfast in bed that he was irresistible!

As soon as Brooke met Garrett she knew he was a charmer. Women probably just rolled over when he petted them, much the same way her cats, traitors all, had responded...

Amber's Wedding

by Sara Wood

"So we meet again…."

When their passionate affair came to an abrupt end, Tanya hadn't expected—or wanted—to see Alejandro Vazquez Herrera again, although the memories of their time together still haunted her....

Scarlet Lady

by Sara Wood

"I'd say the only way to get your cooperation is to make love to you, right now, Ana!"

Four years earlier, Ana would have been overjoyed to hear those words from Jed Steele's lips. But then he had hurt and humiliated...

Breaking/Making Up: Something Borrowed\Vendetta

by Miranda Lee

Breaking Making Up

Two irresistible men from Down Under—one Aussie, one Kiwi. The time has come for them to settle old scores and win the women they've always wanted!

Miranda Lee Something Borrowed

Ashleigh is...

Carmichael's Return

by Lilian Peake

Family secrets?

Brett Carmichael walked out of nowhere into Lauren's life. All she knew about him was that he had gorgeous brown eyes and a long, lean body. He didn't seem to have a heart…or a past.

Brett had...

Daughter's Dilemma

by Miranda Lee


Look—but don't touch!

Carolyn was delighted when her mother married Julian. She waved off the happy couple on their honeymoon and prepared to oversee the renovation of their new home…only to discover...

Grounds for Marriage

by Daphne Clair


"Too handsome, too clever, too sure of himself, too everything."

Lacey Kerr, at seventeen, had thought that of Tully Cleaver, before she'd made the mistake that had altered her life. And...

Untamed Heart

by Kit Gardner

Tomboy Willie Thorne Had The Face Of An Angel

Despite the fact that she could outdrink and outshoot most of the men in the Colorado Territory. And Sloan Devlin was damned if she wasn't the closest thing to Paradise...

All But the Queen of Hearts

by Rae Muir

Lon Anderson wanted only two things in life:

Escape from the drudgery of farming, and marriage to a dainty little woman with adoring eyes. But his life turned upside down in Nevada Territory, the humbug capital...


by Claire Delacroix

Dangerous Magic Tainted the Air

Cursed to spend his days as a wolf, at night Rolfe de Viandin was under a different enchantment. One woven by the beauteous Annelise de Sayerne—the woman fated to be his doom…and...

Sweet Sarah Ross

by Julie Tetel

Their Mutual Attraction was Infinitely Tempting and Utterly Impossible!

Sarah knew that a proper Baltimore miss shouldn't even glance at a man who had lost all his clothes, but the barefaced truth was that this...

Bells, Rings & Angels' Wings

by Linda Randall Wisdom



Libby Barnes wished Christmas would go away—along with her husband, Tyler. But would Santa answer a wish from Willow Hills, Indiana, population 400?

Suddenly darkness fell, snow whirled...

Naughty 'N Nice

by Linda Randall Wisdom








Keri Putnam knew there'd be trouble the moment she agreed to take her identical twin's place at her fiancé's family party. Aside from their looks, she and her sister were...

For the Children

by Margaret Watson

Cameron, Utah


They were two innocent little girls, yet they were the only witnesses to a murder. So FBI agent Damien Kane whisked them away to the safest place he knew—a secluded cabin in Cameron,...

Father's Promise

by Marcia Evanick


Ellis Carlisle was a man on a mission of love. His objective: to save his son's life. His only hope lay hidden in the secrets of a small town. Secrets one woman could help him unveil…


Rodeo Man

by Margaret Watson

Cameron, Utah


Not a night passed that Becca Johnson didn't dream about one long-ago summer and a certain wandering cowboy. She thought she'd finally made her peace with the past—until Grady...

Texas Lawman

by Ginger Chambers


Welcome back to West Texas—and the Parker Ranch!

There's a rebel in every family—even the Parkers. Jodie Parker has been resisting her family heritage since birth, even going so far as to briefly...

Ready-Made Bride

by Janelle Denison

Whirlwind Weddings

His second wife?

Andrew Fielding wants a mom and his daddy could use a wife. He thinks he's found the perfect woman for both of them: Megan Sanders—which is fine with Megan. The Fielding men...

Temporary Parents

by Sara Wood

Back in his bed!

Laura had sworn never to return to Cornwall, or to see her ex-lover, Max, again. But now here she was, cocooned in a tiny clifftop cottage with him, watching him play daddy to her small niece...

Unexpected Family

by Laurie Campbell


She wanted to give her husband his first child, but it hadn't worked out that way for Meg McConnell. Now she was opening her home to a boy with Joe's eyes—a child he'd known nothing...