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Return to West Texas

by Jean Brashear

To Eli, the soul of my soul, the beat of my heart…

The sentimental words of a love-struck girl. Gabriela Navarro had inscribed them in a book back when she’ d believed she and Eli Wolverton would always be...

Temporary Father

by Anna Adams

She makes him feel like a superhero…

For all his success, Aidan Nikolas couldn’ t save his wife. And he couldn’ t save himself from what followed. But maybe he can save Beth Tully, her troubled son and her...

Last Cowboy Hero

by Barbara McMahon

This cowboy wants only one thing…

Holly Bennett hadn’ t listened to her father, and his words came back to haunt her when the boy she idolized got her pregnant and left town. A decade has dulled the pain—until...

Sister Switch

by Pamela Ford

It’ s the beginning of the end of her ordinary life…

What single mother Nora Clark knows about style would fit on the head of a pin. Yet with her identical twin begging her to cover her job as a personal shopper,...

Ready-Made Family

by Carrie Alexander

She’ s a day late and a dollar short…

Lia Howard Pogue is flat broke and on the run. Her only hope for a new start is to rely on the kindness of strangers. One in particular—the rough and tough ex-Army Ranger...

Because of Our Child

by Margot Early

One wildfire ignited their passion…

Jen Delazzeri never expected to see Max Rickman again. Their brief but intense affair was a mistake: they were young and he was grief stricken at losing his fiancé e in a...

Rancher Needs a Wife

by Terry McLaughlin

How can two people so wrong for each other seem so right?

After his divorce, Wayne Hammond hesitated to make anyone the second Mrs. Hammond. Topping the list of the women he shouldn’ t pick is Maggie Harrison...

Perfect Daughter

by Anna DeStefano

Things are not always as they seem…

Over the past ten years Maggie Rivers has faced more than her share of trauma. Everyone has been amazed at how nothing seemed to faze her—until she fell in love with Detective...

The Boy Next Door

by Amy Knupp

Lone Oak, Kansas—a place where old animosities never died…

Rundles and Salingers don't mix. Not since the tragic accident involving Zach Rundle's brother and Lindsey Salinger's mother. But when the well-being...

Whose Lie Is It Anyway?

by Abby Gaines

Ms. Squeaky-Clean meets Mr. Breaks-All-The-Rules

This can’ t be happening to by-the-book accountant Holly Stephens! First she’ s wrongly accused of fraud and barred from her home and office. Now she’ s...

Time to Come Home

by Darlene Gardner

She’ d been keeping secrets long enough…

Nothing’ s harder than moving back to your hometown after you’ ve hit rock bottom—unless it’ s telling your high school sweetheart he’ s the father of your...

From Out of the Blue

by Nadia Nichols

Sometimes help comes from where you least expect it

No one believed that Lieutenant K. C. Jones would make it to Top Gun. Which is why she’ d kept the night she’ d flamed out over Alaska a secret—along with...

Love and the Single Mom

by C.J. Carmichael

Overcoming her Ex-factors took perseverance…

She was an ex-wife, ex-lawyer and soon-to-be ex-owner if her restaurant didn’ t turn around. To top things off, Margo Evans’ s ex was getting married again. What...

Who Needs Cupid?: The Max Factor\A Valentine for Rebecca\Lucky in Love

by Debra Salonen, Molly O'Keefe & Susan Floyd

Down with Cupid!

Elle Adams, Rebecca Potter and Lucky Morgan all have valid reasons for distrusting Cupid. And with February 14 coming on fast, they decide to take matters into their own hands. If the plucky...

Truth about Family

by Kimberly Van Meter

Looking for answers, finding love?

Leaving home wasn’ t hard for Erin McNulty and she had no plans to return. Ever. Until she gets a phone call… The aunt who raised her has been killed in a car accident, and...

Trouble with Twins

by Nancy Warren

They have so much baggage between them they could open a store!

She’ s nearly broke and raising two kids on her own, thanks to her deadbeat ex. He’ s dealing with a pair of mischief-making twins still grieving...

Unlikely Family

by Cynthia Thomason

Beware the “ terror” of Heron Point Elementary!

She’ s only just arrived at this seaside tourist town as the new principal and Evie’ s already heard about the area’ s biggest troublemaker—nine-year-old...

Catch and Keep & the Maid of Dishonor: Catch and Keep\The Maid of Dishonor

by Hannah Bernard & Tanya Michaels

Catch and Keep Hannah Bernard

Science was never this much fun!

Jake Benford quickly discovers that being best friends with an eccentric genius can be trouble when Sarah Hamilton turns him into her very own guinea...

Wife by Deception



Now you see me—now you don’ t

When her flashy, adventurous, identical twin is killed in a car crash, Tallahassee college professor Kate Jones is left with her twin’ s infant daughter. Kate knows almost...

Unexpected Daughter

by Suzanne Cox

He was born into luxury…

Returning to Cypress Landing brings back the best—and worst—moments of Cade Wheeler’ s life. Because the bayou was where he’ d first tasted the sweetness of love and the bitterness...