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Sail Away

by Kathleen Korbel


He had a face a woman wouldn't easily forget, yet the rugged stranger Lilly Kokoa encountered while sailing the untamed sea had no memory of his past. And this mesmerizing man needed her—as...

Her Secret Lover

by Judith Arnold


She knew it was ridiculous, but Martha Cooper was in love with her boss. She, however, was a mousy accountant while Blake Robey was gorgeous, sexy, a dream-come-true. In fact, Martha had had a very...

Daddy Decision



Sinfully attractive bad boy Cort Dimitri had his own agenda. He'd make it good no matter how. Not even when things with Laura Merritt became hot and heavy did he alter his path…....

Say "Ahhh..."



As a doctor, he wanted to make sure she was well. As a man, he wanted…not to be a doctor!

Dr. Connor Wade: Back home, fresh from the city, he was looking for an uncomplicated country girl and,...

Found: One Son

by Judith Arnold


Is a detective agency that specializes in finding lost loves, friends, family, etc.…

Finding was easier than keeping…

He'd met her buying peaches in an open-air market in sleepy, sun-drenched...

Mr. Miracle

by Carolyn McSparren

By the Year 2000: CELEBRATE!

What have you resolved to do by the year 2000?

Victoria Jamerson's waiting for a miracle.

Unfortunately, she doesn't believe in miracles.

But she has to admit that Scotsman Jamey McLachlan's...

Wrong Bride

by Judith Arnold

By the Year 2000: SATISFACTION!

What have you resolved to do by the year 2000?

Satisfaction: That's what Cassie Webber wants. Her New Millenium resolution is revenge against Phillip Keene, the man who broke his...

Fathers and Sons

by Carolyn McSparren

Her client is her ex-husband's son.

When Kate Mullholland divorced David Canfield twenty years ago for an act of betrayal that resulted in the birth of a baby boy, she never expected to see David or his son again....

Twilight, Texas

by Ginger Chambers

Welcome back to West Texas—home of the Parkers!

There's nothing and nobody Karen Latham loathes more than the Parkers. Seven years ago, she was left at the altar by one. If she never sees another, it'll be too...

Parents Wanted!

by Ruth Jean Dale

Instant family?

Jessica Reynolds has a wonderful daddy. Matt Reynolds is big, strong, handsome and kind. But when it comes to girl stuff he… well, he could use help! Her best friend, Zach, has a great mother....

Dad for Daniel

by Janelle Denison

His secret son…

Tyler Whitmore has returned home after nine years to claim his half of the family ranch. Brianne is right to be nervous. When Tyler left he had taken more than her innocence—he had taken her...

Bachelor Available!

by Ruth Jean Dale

Name: Cody James

Age: 30

Occupation: Rancher

Looking for: A wife and mother for my children.

The Yellow Rose Matchmakers claimed to be able to match any woman with her Mr. Right. And Emily couldn't deny that the...

Whores, Love and Pistols in the Wild West

by Tim Desmondes

The gals of the Wild West had to be ready for just about anything. But what they knew was in store for them, being outnumbered 100 to 1 by males, was sex. Big Nose Kate came west to make money whoring in the...

Through the Eyes of a Child

by Laura Kenner


When the bogeyman left and four-year-old Danny crawled out from hiding into his "Uncle Matt's" arms, he knew he'd found the one place where he could feel safe again.

Horrified that her son might have...

Sexual Diversity and Perversity in California

by Tim Desmondes

Welcome to five ribald stories about zany characters who run into funny things happening on their way to getting laid. There's Tim, who before heading off to college gets invited by a mature lady to frolic with...

Wonderland Creek

by Lynn Austin

Happily-ever-after librarian Alice Ripley unexpectedly finds herself in a real-life adventure filled with mystery and romance in the 1930's as she serves rural communities.

A Wedding Invitation

by Alice Wisler

A teacher, helping a student track down her mother before her wedding, collides with a former love interest whose help she needs.

Heartstrings and Diamond Rings

by Jane Graves


In a world full of frogs, Alison Carter is determined to find her prince. Maybe her dating past is more Titanic than Love Boat, but she's seen enough happy marriages to know...

Always a Temptress

by Eileen Dreyer

His greatest battle is just beginning . . .

Captain Harry Lidge has done his duty. After losing too many good men on the battlefield, he's ready to put his responsibilities behind him and live a life free of...

Home Sweet Home

by Nyree Belleville

What if you can go home again?

Ten years and two hundred miles. That's what separates Andi Powell from quiet, secluded Emerald Lake-and that's exactly how she likes it. But now her job brings her back to the...