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Her Secret Santa

by Day Leclaire

"Day Leclaire writes wonderful romances!"

—Debbie Macomber

Mathias Blackstone is either Seattle's own version of Scrooge or Santa Claus…

Mathias Blackstone has a reputation for ruthlessness. He's in the procurement...

Wife for Christmas

by Pamela Bauer & Judy Kaye

A family Christmas!

Charli McKenna runs a business that specializes in organizing all those annoying domestic details of life, from dinner parties to laundry. Christmas is her specialty!

Max Taylor wants a full-time...

Reform of the Rake

by Catherine George


A daddy for Christmas…

Sensible Lowri had no intention of succumbing to Adam Hawkridge's careless charm. But Adam persisted, Lowri resisted—and gave in.

Loving Adam had its price—soon Lowri was expecting...

Man Who Broke Hearts

by Stephanie Howard

The rake's revenge?

They had worked together before, but then it was Justin who had taken Tina's love, casually tossed it aside and moved on to his next conquest. Now she was back in his employ, and Justin was...

Ideal Choice

by Caroline Anderson

She was perfect for his kids…

Dr. Tricia Page arrived at the small rural clinic to cover her friend Linsey's maternity leave. But, after a disastrous first encounter with Dr. Rhys Williams and his three children,...

Convenient Bride


Two weeks to find a wife!

Getting married was the last thing Luc Benchard wanted to do. But if he didn't marry before his thirty-third birthday, just two weeks away, he stood to lose a fortune….

Aphra Grantly...

Takeover Engagement

by Elizabeth Duke

Substitute fiancé?

When Case Travers wanted something, he wouldn't let anything or anyone stand in his way! And he seemed determined to take over Lucy's life….

It all happened so fast. One minute her boyfriend...

Marriage Worth Keeping

by Kate Denton

For better, for worse…

So much for their wedding vows! Leslie Campbell had had enough of her husband, Hugh, putting his career before their marriage, and had left. Now she was back in Texas, with no money and...

Baby in the Boardroom

by Rosemary Gibson


The Boss—

James Fenner might be totally irresistible but Beth had her feelings for him well and truly in check.

The PA—From the moment Beth Sinclair walked into his office, James knew he wanted her;...

Daniel and Daughter

by Lucy Gordon


The determined dad!

Daniel Raife was devoted to Phoebe, his teenage daughter. He'd brought her up single-handedly, and he wanted her to be a lawyer. But Phoebe dreamed of being a model….

Lee Meredith...

Business Engagement

by Jessica Steele

The best of enemies!

Carter Hamilton didn't approve of women in the boardroom—especially not redheads who gave as good as they got!

Ashlyn Ainsworth certainly didn't want a directorship with Carter Hamilton's...

Living with Marc

by Jane Donnelly

Love thy neighbor?

Things had a way of happening around Robin Johnson. She always seemed to be in the middle of some scrape or another! She could understand why the cool, discerning lawyer Marc Hammond should...

Real Fantasy

by Caroline Anderson

She was his living fantasy…

Dr. Matthew Jarvis advertised for a trainee doctor, preferably female, for his small rural clinic. To his total shock, one of the applicants was Dr. Linsey Wheeler, the girl he had...

Rachel's Child

by Jennifer Taylor

Her lie came back to haunt her…

Ten years ago Rachel and Stephen had had an affair—and the result was little Jamie. For reasons of her own, Rachel had told Stephen that Jamie was someone else's child. But when...

Secret Courtship

by Grace Green

"She'll sell—when the price is right!"

Nick Diamond was confident he could make Laura fall in with his plans. He wanted to buy her cottage—and Nick always got what he wanted! He also seemed to want Laura, too…....

Fake Fiance!

by Leigh Michaels

Bride versus Groom!

Ridge Coltrain and Morea Landon disagreed about everything! And, being lawyers, they were experts at arguing. Well, they had plenty to argue about now—wedding arrangements, prenuptial agreement…...

No Wife Required!

by Rebecca Winters


She wanted a husband…

Lacey West's biological clock wasn't so much ticking as sounding alarm bells. And then Max Jarvis moved in to her apartment block. Six feet two inches of prime bachelor—the...

Found: One Father

by Shannon Waverly


Found at last—but for how long?


This was the first word little Maddy said. But where was Daddy? Jill had always believed that deep down Aiden loved his little girl. But then, how could he have...

Family Man

by Rosemary Carter

Father and son…

Watching Sterling Tenassik play with her three-year-old son, Toby, Danielle was struck by how different things could have been. It seemed that underneath Sterling's ruthless bachelor exterior...

Ambitious Heart

by Marjorie Lewty

"I never tackle anything unless I know I can win!"

Adam Trent hadn't changed—still ambitious, deeply attractive and clearly convinced that he could walk back into Carolyn's life as casually as he had left it...