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Alias: Daddy

by Adrianne Lee


Dressed to the nines, homicide cop Kerrie Muldoon hoped to meet and arrest "Loverboy," a killer who was meeting victims through personal ads. So the last "blind date" Kerrie expected...

Sworn to Silence

by Vickie York


When intelligence officer Erin Meyer saw a coded message she thought referred to a stranger's impending assassination, she had no choice but to grab her pocketbook and show...

Twice Burned

by Pamela Burford

Double…or Nothing

Zara Sutcliffe had always been the bad-girl twin, the darker half of her double, Emma. But one six-foot-four-inch so-called FBI agent had her quaking in her high heels the moment he engaged...

Sunrise Vows

by Carla Cassidy

Their in-name-only marriage would serve as bait

Belinda Connor in no way wanted to be a temporary wife—especially to Derek Walker, who'd sneaked back into her heart with the stealth of a thief. But when it became...

Wed to a Stranger?

by Jule McBride


He left no trace—except a pregnant bride. A year later, Fritzi Fitzgerald's search for him leads to a remote Alaskan village, and when a man carrying his ID is murdered, Fritzi stands...

His Kind of Trouble

by Vivian Leiber

The bodyguard

The last person Austin Smith wanted to guard was a pregnant woman. Especially one he'd been in love with. But he was duty bound to watch over Tarini Schaskylavitch; he'd promised his buddy—and...

Midnight Prey

by Caroline Burnes

Her childhood sweetheart was all man now…

But renegade U.S. Wildlife Service Agent Hank Emrich seemed intent on destroying the very land Shadoe Deerman cherished. For half-Lakota Shadoe, her horse ranch in the...

For Your Eyes Only

by Rebecca York

His eyes saw all…

Jenny Larkin. Ever since the accident that blinded her, she existed only in Ben Brisco's midnight memories. But now she was his best lead to find a killer. Ben only hoped she wouldn't remember...

Valentine Hostage

by Dawn Stewardson

In steamy New Orleans, three people witnessed the same crime, testified against the same man and were then swept into the Witness Protection Program. But now there's new evidence, and these three witnesses are...

Hero For Hire

by Laura Kenner

His job was to prove she was unfaithful…

When seasoned P.I. Will Riggs was hired by a suspicious attorney to test his fiancée's fidelity, Will knew in a heartbeat that Sara Haradaway would pass with flying...

New Year's Conviction

by Cassie Miles

In steamy New Orleans, three people witnessed the same crime, testified against the same man and were then swept into the Witness Protection Program. But now there's new evidence, and these three witnesses are...

Man Without a Badge

by Dani Sinclair

He'd been stripped of everything…

Detective Sam Moore had lost his badge, his job, his dignity. Now he was a fugitive, headed both for Marly Kramer's horse farm and for Marly's young charge, an eleven-year-old...

Temple's Prize

by Linda Castle

There Was More At Stake Here Than Money

Temple Parish knew it the minute Constance Cadwallender set foot in Montana. If he were saddled with "little Connie," how could he concentrate on winning the scientific...

His Secret Duchess

by Gayle Wilson

Mary Winters Harbored A Secret Deep Within Her Heart

She'd borne the duke of Vail a child and was determined that no one—not even the noble love of her life himself—would ever uncover the truth.

Afire with the...

Cade's Justice

by Pat Tracy

Gideon Cade Was Consumed By One Desire,

until the night the angelic Emma Step, all fire and fury, demanded entry to his home and transformed his life. But could she give the gift of her love to a man who harbored...

Knight's Rebellion

by Suzanne Barclay

'Twas Said That The Sommervilles Loved Only Once

Yet Alys Sommerville was no heir to this legacy of passion, for the Fates had sent her along a very different road. One that led straight into the arms of Gowain...


by Lyn Stone

Which Was The True Jonathan Chadwick?

The childlike innocent or the sophisticated cynic who despised society? Whatever the man's mysteries, Kathryn Wainwright was determined to uncover them. Especially when her...

Wild Card

by Susan Amarillas

Justice Was A Hard Mistress

And one who demanded all of Jake McConnell's devotion. Until the day Clair Travers insisted that the straight-arrow lawman remove himself from her saloon. The day he knew his life...

Knights of Christmas

by Suzanne Barclay, Margaret Moore & Deborah Simmons

Three of our award-winning authors have joined forces to bring you this encanting collection of timeless stories

Suzanne Barclay

Kara's Gift—A pagan healer falls in love with the Christian knight who is destined...

To Tame a Warrior's Heart

by Sharon Schulze

The Lady Catrin Had Survived A Nightmarish Past

Now her willful ways had plunged her headlong into danger—and into the arms of Nicholas Talbot, a man whose very presence stirred up emotions she had long thought...