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Winona Abbot hadn't a clue as to who was stealing jewelry from all her rich friends. But at the rate she was going, she'd never find the thief, not with the continued distraction of the enigmatic Garrett Blackhawk,...



Olivia Didn't Believe in Second Chances

She and Cal Devlin had been in love a lifetime ago, before she'd lost everything and been branded a "scarlet woman." And though she longed for nothing more than to be back...

Dark Duke

by Margaret Moore

A Most Unsuitable Duke!

Adrian Fitzwalter, the Duke of Barroughby, wore the taint of scandal with flair, his very presence charged with the promise of forbidden things. But the gentle Lady Hester knew the rakish...

Secrets of Catie Hazard


A Widow With A Secret

Though Catie Hazard had never forgotten the youthful soldier to whom she had given her innocence years before, she had never expected to lay eyes on Anthony Sparhawk ever again. Especially...

Surrender the Heart

by Nina Beaumont

Christopher Blanchard Was Everything She'd Ever Needed…Yet Didn't Want

Ariane de Valmont prized her independence above all else, and to secure it, she'd struck a seductive bargain with a tantalizing American....

Bogus Bride

by Emily French

He Married The Wrong Sister….

Ten Years after he left England, Sam Jardine wrote home for a bride, but instead of the angelic beauty he remembered, the fiery Caitlin Parr had arrived on America's shores.

A decade...

Outlaw Love

by Judith Stacy

Of All the Rotten Luck!

Kelsey Rodgers was already in trouble up to her elbows. The last thing she needed was a U.S. Marshal staying at her hotel. Especially one as sharp, sexy and dangerous as Clay Chandler...

Knights Divided

by Suzanne Barclay

Though Emmeline Spencer captured Jamie Harcourt as her prisoner, the rogue adventurer stole kisses from her that were sweet beyond her wildest imagining. Yet how could Emma love the man suspected of the murder...

Wicked Truth

by Lyn Stone

No Stranger To Scandal

Lady Elizabeth Marleigh found protection from the hangman's noose in an outrageous disguise and the compelling embrace of Neil Bronwyn, Earl of Havington. Now she was safe from everything...

Phoenix of Love

by Susan Schonberg

The Ice Princess And The Dashing Marquis

Ignorant of her childhood marriage, Olivia Wentworth was uncertain she could ever put her troubled past behind her, though the Marquis of Traverston seemed determined...

The Scout's Bride

by Kate Kingsley

Jack Bellamy Could Strike Fear In The Toughest Heart

But the widow Emerson could hold her own against any man—even a brawny giant in buckskins, though in truth, his blue-eyed glance had her considering his offer...

Lady Thorn

by Catherine Archer

Jed McBride Had Come To England In Search Of His Long-Lost Son

and instead found the heartfelt passion of the aristocratic Victoria Thorn. But the two came from different worlds, and his own sad history had proved...

Wyoming Renegade

by Susan Amarillas

The Need For Vengeance Burned Inside Him

Half-breed Josh Colter knew he'd never rest until he'd fulfilled his vow. Murder had been done. Justice must be served—even if it meant betraying the woman fate had decreed...

Lucky Bride

by Ana Seymour

Parker Prescott had no intention of ever settling down, but Molly Hanks was the kind of woman who could stop a man in his tracks—with or without her buffalo gun!

Molly knew a smooth-talking drifter when she...

Raven's Vow

by Gayle Wilson

A Scandalous Arrangement

American merchant John Raven had stolen the toast of the London season out from under ton's very nose! He had offered the lovely Lady Catherine Montfort freedom in exchange for marriage...

Return of Chase Cordell

by Linda Castle

Chase Cordell Was Coming Home

Linese had long awaited her husband's homecoming, but the hero that returned from the war was not the dashing rogue that had captured her in a whirlwind courtship. Who was this man...

Lord of the Isle

by Elizabeth Mayne

He Was The O'Neill,

or so claimed those expecting him to drive the English from Ireland's shores. But Hugh O'Neill was uncertain what destiny demanded of him—until he rode to the aid of Morgana Fitzgerald, a...

Santa Suit

by Karen Toller Whittenburg


The man in the red suit…

had a lot to answer for, in Kate Harmon's opinion! He'd let her down and now her twins' heads were filled—not with visions of sugarplums but kittens, dogs and a daddy!...

Marley and Her Scrooge

by Emily Dalton


Talk about the Christmas Spirit!

When Carl Merrick fell asleep at his desk on Christmas Eve, his business partner made an unexpected appearance in his dreams—in baby-doll pj's and a come-hither...

Christmas in the Country

by Muriel Jensen

He'll be home for Christmas…

Jeff James survived capture inspired by the memory of Liza deLane's apricot-glazed ham. And her luscious lips. Now he's a free man, with one Christmas wish—to meet Liza, the new...