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The Sex Tourist

by Kelly Addams

Josh Turner is at a crossroads in his life. Almost 50, divorced, & feeling tired and old. But then he finds a most interesting online forum... and suddenly he begins to believe that there is still hope for his...

Shadows You Left

by Jude Sierra & Taylor Brooke


The white picket fence.

The happily-ever-after.

That life was never meant for him.

For years he's been bouncing from city to city—from one cage fight to another.

That's his outlet. That's pain Erik can control....

My Neighbor's A What?

by Alana Church

The new neighbors have a secret. Five gorgeous women have moved in next door. When Clark Fowler takes a summer job as a handyman, he never expected to find out that the sexy cougar who owns the house is running...

Tipsy Elf

by George Saoulidis

Michalina just wanted to party with the other elves. She definitely didn't want to be roped into guard duty, given a protector's blade and assigned to the gate where nothing ever happens.

But it did.

Taken by the Redneck Sheriff

by Victoria Foxxe

It's obvious her husband isn't man enough to tame her.

My name is Sheriff Caleb Wilson and I'm responsible for keeping law and order in my county. When a disrespectful city couple starts causing trouble, I...

Coincidence (1)

by Laura Sánchez Herráez

Charles Green is a Scotland Yard detective with a reputation among the force as being once of the best. He's tough, relentless, with nerves of steel and with the highest rate of solved cases. His professional...

OMG! Now I'M A Futa!

by Alana Church

Danielle couldn't be happier. With her new futa-lover Jackie, her days (and nights) are full of incredible sex. But change is coming. When the Futa Infection strikes her, will her sexy doctor give her good advice?...

Hard-Riding Cowboy

by Stacey Kennedy

Megan Harrison is the owner of Kinky Spurs. She’s mortgaged up to her eyeballs and works long days and nights, but she’s living life on her terms, not on her wealthy father’s. She’s done being in the...

Dirty Minds

by Anna Mann

Six Friends - Six Dirty Minds!

Meet chubby Scarlett with her fiery red hair, brat Tamara with an attitude, plain Sue and shy Gillian, sexy and sultry Jade, and finally exhibitionist ebony babe Faith. Friends...

Violent Billionaire

by Daisy Rose

She's survived worse tragedies. At least, that's what Nina wants to tell herself. But when he looks at her with those beautiful, dark eyes, she feels like the only person in the world who matters. Only to have...

Bride Wanted

by Kris Buendía

Gabriel Wylde: Rich, philanthropist, good-looking and charming… for his bad luck, bachelor. Now that he's divorced he will not be able to take control of his father's construction company.The only solution...

Beautiful Sin

by Kris Buendía

Angel Ivanovi? is an important journalist and businessman. His younger brother, Aleksis is about to become a feared lawyer like his father. Mixing business with pleasure had never been dangerous... Until now....

Tishala In The City

by Alice Ebuya

Masai maiden Tishala returns. In this second part of her adventure the young and slightly naive African girl learns that not everyone in her new Spanish home is to be trusted, there are men who want to take...

Ashanti's Temptation

by Kelly Addams

Everyone has a past... But what happens when you hide that past from your husband?

What happens when you face temptation, and your resolve is not strong?

What happens when your sins are revealed by an assassin? ...

Dominique's Camping Trip

by Ginny Watson

Dominique has noticed that the man she had always called Uncle Roy has started looking at her in a different way since she turned eighteen, of course he isn't her real uncle so it's acceptable that he now sees...

A Pre-Release Teaser for - Ashanti’s Temptation

by Kelly Addams

A Pre-Release Teaser for - Ashanti’s Temptation

Ashanti’s Temptation is a novel based on the story Peninah’s Passion by Andy Lang. Collaborating with the original author I have rewritten large sections...

Hotwife Heaven

by Kelly Addams, Anna Mann & Angelina Jolly

7 naughty tales of cheating wives and cuckold husbands, from a wife who cheats with her boss as her husband waits at the door, another who cheats with the boss to keep her hubby employed... and much more. In...

Nothing In The World

by Luz Divina Malro


More than a decade ago, without WhatsApp, GPS or any of these smart mobile devices, in an era when cell phones were only used for calling and maybe short text messages, we always found the way to talk...

The Window

by Alice Ebuya

Convent schoolgirl Stacy is far from worldly, in fact she is about as innocent and naive as it's possible for a girl to be. So imagine the 18 year olds confusion when a serial flasher appears in the alley opposite...

Hotwife Heaven

by John Lord, Kelly Addams & Anna Mann

7 naughty tales of cheating wives and cuckold husbands, from a wife who walks the streets for fun to an ebony babe who just can't keep her legs together, and a quiet lady who discovers that having African neighbours...