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Burning For The BBC Stud

by Pornelope

Melanie has lusted after her sexy black counselor, Pierce, for years, but to him she's just another pretty teenage girl. Then she sees him gangbanging a lady at their religious retreat, and knows just how to...

Don't Hold Back

by Renee Dominick

There’s only one man for wild child Jenna McCaffrey—her best friend’s sexy grouch of a brother. For years, she’s wanted to get her hungry hands on the straight-laced professor and break his careful control....

Swap Club Year 2

by Lauren Wise

The old 1970s trend of suburban husbands and wives having consensual sex with other married couples is alive in Montreal.

For her fortieth birthday, Valerie Matthews gave herself the sex life she deserved and...


by Charlotte Brontë

Villette is an 1853 novel written by English author Charlotte Brontë. After an unspecified family disaster, the protagonist Lucy Snowe travels from her native England to the fictional French-speaking city of...

Her Spanish Doll

by Fisher Joanne

Fiore is a young Italian woman engaged to be married but her plans are interrupted by a charismatic Sebastián, a handsome middle aged Spanish businessman. Her beauty strikes him like a thunderbolt sent by the...

The Naughty Adventures of Kinky Kelly

by Beth Kean

Fantasy Fulfilled and Kelly's Degradation in a single edition: 

Fantasy Fulfilled. Kelly is on holiday in Spain and exploring a new side to her sexuality! The thought of being seen "accidentally" nude by a...

Raped Young Runaway

by John Kellerman


Deep in her cunt, Bobbie knew that wicked cock was about to explode. She didn't want it to go off inside her. She'd been lucky that time the cop raped her, but her luck wouldn't hold out forever....

Donkey-Raped Daughter

by David Crane


Linda and Veronica have always been good friends – the kind that share everything together. When their husbands discover that their wives secretly crave the pleasures of bestiality, they can’t...

Nighttime Pleasures

by Kit Snowy


Kit woke up to a dog sniffing her crotch and wanting attention. So, she gave it to him, over and over again throughout the night. She loved fucking her boss's dog! She also got a surprise call from...

Depraved Dads and Their Salacious Sons

by Douglas Mayweather


If a father is hot for his son, that’s exciting. But what if he has two or more sons? Should he play favorites, or spread the joy of male incest evenly between them? If a man knows the pleasure...

The Innocent's One-Night Confession (Mills & Boon Modern)

by Sara Craven

One night with Zandor marked Alanna as his…

Now he’s returned—to claim her forever!

Zandor awakened Alanna to an unknown sensuality! Overwhelmed by her response, she fled, never expecting to see him...

The Virgin's Debt To Pay (Mills & Boon Modern)

by Abby Green

Indebted to the billionaire…

And he will collect!

Nessa must appeal to notorious tycoon Luc’s better nature to exonerate her brother of theft. But Luc is the most merciless man Nessa’s ever met—and the...

Legal Attraction (Mills & Boon Dare) (Legal Lovers, Book 2)

by Lisa Childs

"You are becoming an addiction…"

And he's about to find out how irresistible she really is…

Criminally handsome divorce lawyer Ronan Hall decimated Muriel Sanz’s reputation to win her ex a higher settlement....

Pleasure Games (Mills & Boon Dare)

by Daire St. Denis

A honeymoon for one…

Pleasure for two!

After catching her fiancé cheating, Jasmine Sweet is on her Parisian honeymoon alone. She’s determined to have an adventure! But an altercation resulting in temporary...

Boardroom Sins (Mills & Boon Dare) (Sin City Brotherhood, Book 1)

by J. Margot Critch

It’s just business…

Until it becomes deliciously personal…

In college, Rebecca Daniels and Brett Collins had a hot rivalry—with sexy benefits. Brett’s company has competed with the Daniels family...

District 69

by Jenna Powers

Forty five years ago, aliens appeared over the skies of the broken down city of Detroit. After initial first contact, pieces of technology were shared but there was still heavy segregation. Angela, a blonde...

The Greatest Risk

by Kristen Ashley

A woman unable to connect, struggling to hide another part of her. A man burning to learn her truth, and make her whole. Through explosive passion and deep exploration, they are about to take the greatest risk...

The Water and the Wine

by Tamar Hodes

It is the 1960s and a group of young writers and artists gather on the Greek island of Hydra. Leonard Cohen is at the start of his career and in love with Marianne, who is also muse to her ex-husband, Axel....

Good Girl Gone Bad

by Carmen Falcone

Lily has always lived up to her preacher father’s expectations of how she should behave, but all that changes when a hot stranger walks in to her hair salon and a feral need to have him takes over her common...

Too Hard to Resist

by Robin Bielman

One rookie assistant + one demanding executive = flirting that is too hot to handle.

Have you ever wished for the perfect job? Me, too. So when I land a temporary gig with a worthwhile and exemplary startup,...