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In Service to the Senator

by Shakir Rashaan

Sometimes, politics make the strangest of bedfellows…and enemies.

Terrell Warren is a rising star within the ranks of the Democratic Party. Buoyed his former heroic exploits in Desert Storm, the two-term senator...


by Emma Wildes

An unlikely hero—until Fate steps in.

Cal Riker isn’t just a wanted man. His skill with a gun makes his name synonymous with notoriety. Deserved or not, a deadly reputation can sometimes come in handy for...

Brutal Sex With Daddy

by Lily Weidner


Daddy never knew the disgusting desires he harbored for me, at least not until he drank too much. Those nights were the worst. I couldn’t stand the brutal and depraved things my father made my petite...

Make Me Beg

by Rebecca Brooks

Bartender Mackenzie Ellinsworth has always gone it alone. So when she has a chance to open her own bar and restaurant, she's got a plan for how it should go. Not in that plan: a ripped and rugged playboy stepping...

Cloister Black - Prologue Part 2

by Kathrin Pissinger

A dark lesbian domination story

After retiring to her room, Ida and her maid go spying on her stepmother, as she is visited by a nun from the nearby convent. Instead of folding them in a pious prayer, the older...

Cloister Black - Prologue Part 1

by Kathrin Pissinger

A dark lesbian domination story

Following the duchess to the stables late one night, Ida and her maid Judyta witness in horror and fascination how the widowed woman satisfies her animalistic urges with the largest...

Secret Service

by Kathrin Pissinger

A threesome female domination story

When her president called for her, Roxana Jaquez knew something was coming her way. As head of the secret service, her loyalty would be severely put to the test as she is led...

My Little Horsey

by Kathrin Pissinger

A lesbian domination story

Finishing the celbrity's abuse, I bring her to a friend's horse farm, where she falls prey to animalistic urges.

Martina's becoming a public fuck slut while I share some barely legal twins

by Kathrin Pissinger

Taking my slave to an orgy, she quickly becomes a public fuck slut while my boyfriend and me share a pair of twins between the two of us.

The Birthday Present

by Kathrin Pissinger

A Lesbian Domination Role-Play Story

This is a choose-your-own-path adventure wherein you will find yourself a the foot of a mysterious woman's bed. From the moment she gets up to inspect you, you'll have plenty...

Ella - Wet Business

by Kathrin Pissinger

A Lesbian Mystery-Series

Chased from business trip to business trip, Ella is getting more and more impatient in the long line at the airport. She didn't even have time for a bathroom break, and so she's torn...

Mya & Estrella - Fisting Girlfriends

by Kathrin Pissinger

A Lesbian Mystery-Series

Mya and Estrella, stewardesses aboard Pan-Caribbean Flight 323, don't just share their job with one another. Still aroused from last night, Estrella can't wait to feel the hand of her...

Sibling Love

by Bo Dunne


Delia adores her handsome brother Greg, so when he receives his Army discharge, she’s elated. Having her soldier around the house again only causes the chemistry between them to burn out of control....

Mother’s Discipline

by Bo Dunne


Mattie will do anything to keep her job, even if it means having sex with her well-endowed boss. Protective and just home from college, her son Conner can’t stand the idea of another man satisfying...

Sibling Seduction

by Bo Dunne


Dazey will do anything to please her brothers—including taboo experimentation! With these four virile young men watching her strip naked along the riverbank, their hormones are soon raging. Now...

Shattered Krystal

by Claire Lalique, Melissa Cameron & James J Karlson

When Krystal McKenzie and her friend Donna were kidnapped and tortured by the Rattler Kings, Krystal was broken by the death of her friend.

She had no one to turn to or trust except her rescuer, Samuel. 


Gangbanged By Daddy's Cult

by Sara Kitty

“On all fours, slut!” He commanded.  “You are to be taken by every man in this room tonight!”

I got down as instructed and soon I had a cock thrust into my pussy!  I didn’t know whom it belonged to...

I Want You, Daddy!

by Sara Kitty

The morning light bathed my naked body as I glided my fingers over my wet slit.  Occasionally, I would dip a finger in and out for a moment and imagine a hot guy’s big cock was pounding my pussy.  I had...

Sharing the Brat

by Sienna Seed

The brat is fertile and ready for her Men of the House.  Can she handle it?

Can you?

Book 1 of the "Stay Inside" series by Sienna Seed!

Mom’s Blind Date

by Angel Scott


Stephanie lost track of her son, until one day, she finally found him on a dating site, without her son knowing about it! So, Stephanie rushed to meet the man who created the profile, her son's best...