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Investigating Angelica

by Kelly Addams

Private Investigator Kirk Duggan is tired of his job following insurance fraudsters and cheating husbands. It's time for him to get out, and when he is hired to prove that beautiful wife Angelica is having an...

Stepdaddy's Horny Virgins #2

by Pornelope

These three horny teen virgins want to be taken hard, fast and unprotected! You'll bust a nut as they seduce--and are seduced by--their seriously built stepfathers and stepbrothers. Whether you like it outdoors...

On the Brink of Passion

by Tamsen Parker

Welcome to the Snow and Ice Games where competition is not the only thing that is heating up! The fifth book in bestselling Tamsen Parker's romance series concludes with a pairs figure skating couple sharing...

Smoke & Mirrors

by Julie Rowe

Someone scratched a death threat in the paint of CDC nurse Kini Kerek’s rental car. She’s in Utah researching Hantavirus, but damaging rumors about the CDC have left residents suspicious and uncooperative....

The Man I Want to Be

by Christina Elle

DEA agent Bryan Tyke hates weddings. He hates them even more when he's forced to travel to a hot as hell beach resort to watch his best friends say I do, while acting happy about it. He isn't happy. If those...

Ruined: A scorching hot romance book with a bad-boy. Perfect for fans of Fifty Shades Freed (Mills & Boon Dare) (The Knights of Ruin, Book 1)

by Jackie Ashenden

‘We have to act like a real couple…’

The solution? Mind-blowingly real pleasure!

Dane ‘Smoke’ Kingsolver and Cat Livingston need to fake a relationship to get her abusive ex off her back. Convincing...

Make Me Want: A sexy romance book about friends with benefits. Perfect for fans of Fifty Shades Freed (Mills & Boon Dare)

by Katee Robert

"I want everything."

She’s taking control. And it’s driving him wild!

Lucy Baudin’s ex dented her self-esteem and it’s time to regain control. In her job as a lawyer she’s bold, confident. But in...

My Royal Temptation: A sexy royal romance book! Perfect for fans of Fifty Shades Freed (Mills & Boon Dare) (Arrogant Heirs, Book 1)

by Riley Pine

Some princes play nice.

This one plays very, very naughty…

Being the Crown Prince means extravagant luxury for Nikolai. Fast cars and faster women. Matchmaker Kate Winter's job is to chain him down to one...

Sweet Thing: A steamy book where a one night stand could lead to much more. Perfect for fans of Fifty Shades Freed (Mills & Boon Dare)

by Nicola Marsh

One night was supposed to ease her craving…

But after one taste, she’s hooked!

Abby loves her new life working at Sydney’s finest patisserie. Working alongside brooding new man-in-charge Tanner is an...


by C.J. Pastore

Growing up is hard. No one knows that better than Alicia Cesare.

As a child, Alicia struggled to free herself from the cloying shadow of her mother's depression and the overprotectiveness of a meddlesome family....


by Kelly Addams

Sabine is a rarity, she has reached the age of 22 & she is still single, but she doesn't care what the local villagers think of her, because she has a secret and powerful lover. But maybe not quite as secret...

Stranded With My Sister

by Justin Luxure


Flight M-445 disappeared over the Pacific and unbeknownst to the rest of the world, there were two survivors; siblings Ethan and Emma. Washing ashore “Hell’s Island” they are forced to work...

Wet Dream Mom

by Kathy Andrews


'Wet Dream Mom' is the story of a boy and his mother who live at home by themselves. As you read this novel, you will see how the normal sex drives of each are twisted into a relationship that would...

My Hard Bodied Aunt: Cabin Fever

by Justin Luxure


Nicholas is on a winter family vacation at their cabin in the cold mountains. When he comes down with a head cold his hard bodied Aunt Veronica volunteers to stay behind while the rest of the family...

Olivia's Treasure

by Aubrey F. Daniels


Olivia and her daddy have been distant for the past five years. One lonely night, Traube, Olivia's father, decides to reconnect with her. Olivia opens up to him and that night, she shows him the...

My Asian Aunt

by Justin Luxure


Kyle is an Erotica writer who lives with his Aunt and Uncle. Recently his stories have taken a new direction featuring older Asian women. Kyle is ashamed to admit the inspiration for his new story...

Christmas Joy: My Festive Mother

by Justin Luxure


Mike is coming home for the holidays and is greeted by his Mother, Joy and new husband Trevor. His Mom has gone through changes in her life and is now a total fox! The three years away from home...

My Future Mother-In-Law: After Party

by Justin Luxure


Brad – with his fiancée Riley – is attending their buck and doe to celebrate their upcoming nuptials with their family and friends. When Riley gets a bit tipsy, he and his future Mother-In-Law...

Innocent Horseplay: Used By My Brother and Father

by Justin Luxure


Jenny finds herself experiencing forbidden thoughts about her Brother Joshua. When she conjures up a plan to seduce him it leads to a passionate night the two will never forget. However when her...

Fire on the Ice

by Tamsen Parker

Welcome to the Snow and Ice Games where competition is not the only thing that is heating up! The fourth book in bestselling Tamsen Parker's romance series continues with two female skaters from opposite sides...