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Big Black Boss (Interracial MF Erotica)

by Jane Snow

Jenny is an executive assistant in a small, predominantly white town. When her boss, Lincoln, is let go, she's worried that she'll follow right after, or will be get shuffled around unti she's jobless. It's...

BBC Bistro (Interracial Gangbang Erotica)

by Jenna Powers

Amy and Sam are owners of the BBC Bistro. Their customers are dwindling and their staff is fired faster than they're hired! Amy doesn't seem to care as long as the kitchen continues to run the way she wants...

Big Black Blind Date (First Person POV Interracial Cuckold Erotica)

by Jenna Powers

Susan and Mike are a happily married couple but want to reinvigorate their relationship. For Mike's birthday, Susan promises to fulfill any fantasy he has. Mike has secretly been watching several amateur interracial...

Always Bet on Black (Interracial Hot Wife Husband Humiliation Emasculation Erotica)

by Trevon Carter

Jack and Jill are a happily married couple with dreams of hitting it big in Atlantic City. Jack however, harbors a deep secret, they're actually very much in debt. He has a gambling problem and its taking quite...

African Lust (Interracial, Anal, Cheating Wife Erotica)

by Trevon Carter

Anne is a nice Southern belle, who's recently relocated to the lush, technological valleys of California with her husband. After finding new friends and neighbors, she joins a group of other housewives who love...

Four Nights at Sea

by Demi Alex

Four days on the water . . .

Four nights in his arms . . .


Charlene “Charlie” Stanton doubts her maiden voyage on a lusty singles cruise will direct her sails toward love. But an unexpected lothario just...


by Lily Weidner

DESCRIPTION Robert knows his mother craves a taboo satisfaction only he can give her. When he see her outside in the hammock, relaxed and alluring, he acts. Letting his forbidden desires get the best of him,...

Daddy Gives Me a Presidential Pounding

by Veronica Sloan

DESCRIPTION Irena's daddy is an arrogant, womanizing billionaire...and the next President of the United States! Daniel Blunt, real estate mogul and television star, has just been elected Commander-in-Chief,...

My Mind-Controlled MILF

by Veronica Sloan

DESCRIPTION Ryan has a magic talisman that makes him irresistible to women. Just one touch and their blood runs hot and their bodies crave a man. But even though Ryan could have any woman in the world, he only...

Wrong for Me

by Jackie Ashenden

After eight years in prison, Levi Rush is finally out and back on the gritty streets of Detroit to claim the future he was owed. A future that includes the one woman he’s wanted for years—his former best...

Bags Stairs and Whistles: Forbidden


Young, energetic ans desperate for a life change, Isabella Huffington leaves her small town as a recent psychology grad, only to be emotionally dismantled by Chicago's fast life. After enrolling in Pekin University...

The Ailla's Emissary

by Sari Shepard

Kristi Chandler comes of age, leaving her adoptive family in search of her birthmother. Ignoring Brett Harper, who recognized her by the beauty of her inherited offset gaze, Kristi finds her identity accidentally...

The Indifference of Hearts

by Kat Barrett

Rachel dreamed of the perfect wedding, with the perfect man, but now is fighting an internal battle of emotions. Days before her fantasy wedding, she discovers her entire life is a lie.  

A year has passed...


by Joss Wood

Security has never been as sexy as when the Men of Mercy are on the job, in the second in this steamy series from the author of Inescapable.


Axl Rhodes has always been a person who fixes problems and saves...

His Loving Little Sister

by Ray Todd

DESCRIPTION Robin and Brent are the closest of siblings–struggling to find a kindred spirit. Plagued by their powerful emotions and overwhelming urges, these two siblings are about to journey into the forbidden....

Mother's Permission

by Victoria Blackstone

DESCRIPTION Corinne's hormones are raging, and her focus is squarely on daddy, who's only too happy to oblige her... if she can get her mother's permission. The task at first seems daunting, but with daddy's...


by Lily Weidner

DESCRIPTION Finding his voluptuous mother on her knees, Joe can’t help the forbidden incestuous temptation fueling his thoughts. Lianne’s panties are wet, betraying any sense of refusal she might offer....

Blackmail! My Boyfriend’s Hunky Father

by Veronica Sloan

DESCRIPTION Leah's boyfriend is such a bore. He's not a bad guy, he'd just rather play video games than take her to bed. So what's a horny girl to do? Seduce her boyfriend's hunky father, of course! Tim is a...


by Lily Weidner

DESCRIPTION Stacy couldn’t help but tease her handsome older brother. When Joe catches her in the shower, he seems captivated, tempted by an immoral desire. Unlocking the incestuous passions between them,...

Brother’s Lust

by Douglas Mayweather

DESCRIPTION What happens when brotherly love turns into brotherly lust? Why would a brother’s affection for his brother become carnal desire? When one brother’s admiration for his brother grows into a longing...