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Secrets Between Them

by C.J. Carmichael

In preparation for his new book, author Nick Lancaster has spent years researching the life of murdered jazz singer Simone DeRosier. But one mystery still haunts Nick—who was Simone's "one true friend"?


Make-Believe Cowboy

by Terry McLaughlin

Can he be a Montana kind of man?

Fitz Kelleran is headed to Montana to film his latest blockbuster. Ellie Harrison, the ranch owner and a widowed mom, is trying to save her land by renting it out, Hollywood-style....

Lone Star Diary

by Darlene Graham

She longed for a baby

Following years of heartbreaking miscarriages, Frankie McBride has left an unhappy marriage and returned home to Texas, where an unexpected attraction to Texas Ranger Luke Driscoll turns...

Return of David McKay

by Ann Evans

When one door closes, another opens…

David McKay had put Broken Yoke behind him ten years ago when he’ d left to pursue his career—but that changed when he promised to help his frail grandmother fulfill her...

Man from Montana

by Brenda Mott

Tragedy strikes without warning. Just like love.

Nothing, not even the beauty of Montana’ s big-sky country, can make up for the one reckless mistake Derrick made twelve years ago. And so he buries himself...

Angels of the Big Sky

by Roz Denny Fox

Fly away home

Former Navy pilot Marlee Stein has only a few simple goals when she and her young daughter, Jo Beth, move home to Whitepine, Montana. Help her brother run Cloud Chasers, their family's charter air...

Small-Town Secrets

by Margaret Watson

Kendall’ s in for a shock. Two, actually.

Gabe Townsend has a lot of nerve to show up after seven years and book in to her B and B. It hadn’ t been easy for Kendall Van Allen to move on after her husband...

Man of Honor

by Linda Barrett

Heather Marshall is fearless

But to Officer Dave McCoy, the social worker’ s fearlessness spells trouble. And he can’ t understand why she’ s so afraid to trust her safety—and her heart—to a cop.


Family at Stake

by Molly O'Keefe

His daughter’ s secrets

Since becoming a single father, Mac Edwards has struggled to keep his small family together. But now his custody of his twelve-year-old daughter is threatened by the secrets she’ s...

Beach Baby

by Joan Kilby

What does it take to become a family?

Nina Kennerly has a full life, but she’ s always regretted giving her daughter up for adoption and losing Reid Robertson, her first love. Now her grown daughter has found...

Remember Texas

by Eve Gaddy

Coincidence…or fate?

Ava Vincent hightailed it out of Texas more than twenty years ago, vowing never to return. Too many bad memories. Too many people she’ d abandoned and let down. So she’ s shocked to...

Husband and Wife Reunion

by Linda Style

She’ s the last person Luke expected to see

Just why is Julianna staying at his father’ s ranch? Luke has come to Sante Fe to mend fences with his dad and lie low until the political fury over his current...

Time to Forgive

by Darlene Gardner

Every moment counts…

When Connor Smith has to unexpectedly care for his nine-year-old niece, he isn’ t prepared. In fact, he’ s overwhelmed. Blending their lives poses one problem after another until Jaye’...

Prodigal's Return

by Anna DeStefano

Does going home mean living with the past—or living down the past?

The death of teenager Bobby Compton shocked the community of Rivermist, Georgia. It also destroyed the lives of Neal Cain and Jennifer Gardner....

Temporary Arrangement

by Roxanne Rustand

Much more than she bargained for…

All Abby Cahill wanted was a quiet summer job in the beautiful Wisconsin woods. But the hospital where she’ s filling in turns out to be overcrowded, understaffed and decidedly...

Baby Between Them

by C.J. Carmichael

It happened one night…

Aidan Wythe and Rae Cordell had one incredible night together—just before Aidan transferred Rae, his star VP, to Pittsburgh. Now, more than eight months later, Aidan arrives on Summer...

Different Kind of Summer

by Caron Todd

Is there life after motherhood?

Widowed before her son, Chris, was born, Gwyn Sinclair has put all her energies into being a great mom. But after meeting David Bretton, she starts to wonder if it’ s time to...

Truth Be Told

by Barbara McMahon

Looking for forgiveness…

When Jo Hunter was sixteen, she told a lie that changed the course of her life and the lives of her two foster sisters. Now she’ s home to make things right. She needs to make peace...

Family Resemblance

by Margot Early

Sometimes a family resemblance is hard to see…

Especially if you’ re not looking for one. And Sabine Knoll isn’ t.

She’ s the widow of Victor Knoll and the mother of his three children. She loved him—deeply—and...

Her Secret Family

by Sherry Lewis

Behind every code of silence…

Detective Jolene Preston has the right to expect backup from her partner, but the sexist attitude from the rest of the force is something the narcotic squad’ s lone woman fights...