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Hunk of the Month

by JoAnn Ross


Lucky O'Neill—6 feet 2 inches of drop-dead gorgeous cowboy. This Wyoming old-fashioned rancher can lasso a girl's heart faster than roping a runaway steer.

The last thing in the world cowboy...

Manhunting in Miami


From the desk of

Victoria Sommerset-Hays

✔check lab results

✔b'day cards for Aunt Tillie


Unfortunately, Miami doesn't have the blue-blood, Mayflower type of people Victoria Sommerset-Hays's...

Smoke and Mirrors

by Lisa E. Arlt

She couldn't fool everyone…

Who would have thought that beneath her severe business suits and proper demeanor lawyer Caris Johnson wore sexy lingerie and indulged in romantic fantasies. Certainly not her clients...

Struck By Spring Fever!

by Kate Hoffmann

Alaska. A place where men could be men…and women were scarce!

Sydney Winthrop wasn't one to back down from a challenge. Even if it meant spending a week in the Alaskan wilderness. Cold nights, bears, mosquitos—she...

Manhunting in Montana

by Vicki Lewis Thompson

The chase

Photographer Cleo Griffin was frustrated. She'd become famous for her calendar shots of sexy, sweaty, muscle-bound hunks—but she was taking more cold showers than she was photos! She needed a man!...

Tempting Tara

by Gina Wilkins


Bestselling author Gina Wilkins has created an unforgettable trilogy aobut three Southern women—and the secrets they're hiding…

Straitlaced Tara McBride had always done things by the book,...

One Wicked Night

by Jo Leigh


Life for researcher Emma Roberts was, well, dull as dishwater. So when she won a trip to sultry, romantic New Orleans she decided to live it up with…


Michael Craig made Emma feel...

Manhunting in Manhattan



After two years of studying the mating habits of a primitive tribe, Carly Carpenter needed a man…badly. So when she came home to New York for her sister Jenna's wedding, she was determined...

Getaway Groom

by Molly Liholm


Happy Endings Guaranteed!

Need a wedding planned in only two weeks? Groom has cold feet? Bridal consultant Emma Delaney could solve any kind of wedding crisis, because she passionately believed in...

Manhunting in Memphis

by Heather MacAllister


Hayley Parrish thought her dateless existence couldn't get any worse—until her mother decided Hayley needed a husband. But when Mom started matchmaking, Hayley had no choice but to invent a fiancé—in...

Seducing Savannah

by Gina Wilkins


Bestselling author Gina Wilkins has created an unforgettable trilogy about three Southern women—and the secrets they're hiding….

In the small town of Honoria, Georgia, nobody could cause a...

She's The One

by Elda Minger

Love at first sight!

PI Sam Cooper knew gorgeous Amanda Hailey was the woman for him. But first he had to save her from a fate worse than death—marriage to Hollywood mover and shaker Marvin Burgess. Marvin didn't...

Heart of Christmas

by Tara Taylor Quinn

This Christmas, she's got her very own St. Nick!

With her business sold and her family out of reach, Abby Hayden's at loose ends.

But if Abby doesn't have enough to occupy her time, Dr. Nick McIntrye has too much....

Let It Snow

by Sherry Lewis

Christmas in Colorado

The men in Marti Johanssen's life seem determined to ruin her Christmas. Her teenage son wants to move in with his dad; her father wants her to reconcile with her ex so the Colorado family...

It Happened in Texas

by Darlene Graham

Trouble in Texas…

Every morning since her husband's death, Marie Manning wakes up and reassures herself that everything's fine. Just fine. Her home is secure, her kids are brilliant, her pets precious and her...

Before Thanksgiving Comes

by Marisa Carroll


Jake Walthers is a hardworking man.

When he's not farming, his hands are full just taking care of his three young children. He doesn't have time for anything else…certainly not love.

Until he meets...

Deborah's Son

by Rebecca Winters


She's pregnant—and she has to tell him

Deborah Solomon is deeply in love with Ted Taylor, and he gave her every reason to believe he loved her, too.

But he broke off their engagement for reasons...

Home to Stay

by Ann Evans

Home. Sometimes it's where you find your heart.

Ten years ago, Abby MacAllister left Fort Myers, Florida, for reasons she couldn't tell anyone. She left her home, her parents and Riley Kincaid—the man she was...

Ride a Painted Pony

by Carolyn McSparren

Someone close to Nick Kendall had betrayed his trust, and Nick can't go to the police. What he needs is an experienced private investigator.

Taylor Hunt is "experienced," all right. For two years she's answered...


by Ellen James

A honeymoon of their own.

Toni Shaw can't believe she's actually agreed to research honeymoon resorts for her sister. If that's not bad enough, Kyle Brennan has agreed to do the same thing for the bridegroom....