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The Sheikh's Contract Bride

by Teresa Southwick

Sheikh Malik Hourani, Crown Prince of Bha'Khar, is a rich and powerful man dedicated to ruling his kingdom—but experience has made him wary of love.

Beth Farrah has been betrothed to the sheikh since birth,...

A Serial Affair

by Natalie Dunbar

Agent Marina Santos ruined her relationship with Officer Reed Crawford when they first had dated. She never expected another chance. Until a vicious serial killer began terrorizing Chicago, and the two had to...

The Ruthless Marriage Proposal

by Miranda Lee

Australian billionaire Sebastian Armstrong thinks he knows his housekeeper well. Emily's prim, proper and dedicated to her job. Outside she's a plain Jane, but inside she's a passionate woman desperate to break...

Risking It All

by Stephanie Tyler

What is it about extreme surfer John 'Cash' Cashman? Ambitious documentarian Rina Calhoun has filmed risk-taking sports enthusiasts before, but she's never made a private tape of one of these bad boys…. And...

Rich Man's Revenge

by Tessa Radley

Hell-bent on revenge, Italian businessman Rico D'Alessio would stop at nothing to destroy the Sinclair family. Taking eldest daughter Danielle Sinclair as his bride was a start. Making her pregnant with his...

The Reluctant Heiress

by Christine Flynn

It was quite the shock when popular family man Senator Kendrick recently announced he had an illegitimate daughter—and yours truly has tracked down this mystery woman, hoping for an exclusive! But small-town...

Princess Australia

by Nicola Marsh

Natasha Telford is an everyday, hardworking Australian girl.

Dante Andretti is gorgeous, charming…and a prince!

They couldn't be more different. But Dante needs Natasha's help. For a little while he wants to...

The P.I.

by Cara Summers

Private investigator-slash-crime writer Kit Angelis is closing up shop when trouble walks in. Blond, as usual—the sexy sleuth's favorite flavor.

But this damsel really is in distress: covered in blood, she's...

One Night Standards

by Cathy Yardley

Sophie Jones can't believe her eyes when a blond Adonis by the name of Mark McCann steps forward to offer her a ride when her flight's canceled. Mark's deep Southern drawl spikes her pulse and she's willing...

No Rules


But Cooper Maxwell and Joanna MacPherson are dangerously close to breaking all the rules when it comes to romance on the job. From the moment they are paired up as partners, Cooper's sexy charm and Joanna's...

A Mother For The Tycoon's Child

by Patricia Thayer

Everyone in the town of Destiny thinks dedicated Mayor Morgan Keenan has no time for relationships. It takes newcomer tycoon and caring single father Justin Hilliard to see past her defenses.

With the help of...

Mob Mistress

by Sheri Whitefeather

Kidnapped. Drugged. When he wakes in a glitzy mansion, Justin Elk is stunned and angry to learn he's the secret heir to the notorious Halloway mob empire. Then a mysterious woman—a maid—stirs his desires…and...

The Millionaire's Indecent Proposal

by Emilie Rose

Would she accept one million euros to be his mistress for a month? How could practical American Stacy Reeves say no to Franco Constantine's proposal? The wealthy, arrogant CEO of Midas Chocolates was overwhelmingly...

Married By Morning

by Shirley Jump

Gorgeous playboy Carter Matthews's favorite things are women and money. But the business he's inherited is broke, and his beautiful new employee seems immune to his charm….

Daphne Williams knows Carter's too...

A Little Bit Guilty

by Jenna Mills

Lawyer Gabeenot lives for the day he brings down his father's murderer. And after years of chasing phantoms, he's finally closing in. Until his longtime adversary Evangeline Rousseau interferes. The district...

The Kristallis Baby

by Natalie Rivers

Billionaire Nikos Kristallis is shocked to discover his orphaned nephew is being raised by personal trainer Carrie Thomas. When Carrie refuses to give him the baby Nik whisks her away to Corfu, where he'll seduce...

Kept By The Spanish Billionaire

by Cathy Williams

Multimillionaire businessman and playboy Rafael Vives is bedazzled by Amy's beauty—and instantly decides she must be his new mistress!

Showered with jewels and gifts, Amy knows she should feel lucky. But she...

The Italian's Wedding Ultimatum

by Kim Lawrence

Alessandro Di Livio is fiercely protective of his family, and he's determined to keep gold-digging Sam Maguire away from his sister's husband…even if it means seducing her himself!

Sam is no femme fatale—in...

An Improper Affair

by Anna DePalo

Millionaire of the Month: Ryan Sperling

Source of Fortune: Silicon Valley

Goal: The ultimate revenge

Business mogal Ryan Sperling prided himself on being different from his old man, a self-centered philanderer...

His Tempest

by Candice Poarch

She would never know her real dad. And that fact made Noelle Greenwood desperate to connect with his family, even if it meant assuming a false identity to gain their trust. And if she had to hook up with sexy...