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Accidental Baby

by Kim Lawrence

The unexpected father!

When Jo had problems, she always turned to Declan Rafferty. He was gorgeous, sexy and highly eligible—but to Jo he was simply her best friend. So, crying on his shoulder after a failed...

Price of a Bride

by Michelle Reid

Forced to marry!

When Mia Frazier agreed to her father's demand to marry Greek millionaire Alexander Doumas, she knew both men stood to gain from the deal—Alex would win back his family's island, and Mia's father...

Wedded Bliss: They're Wed Again!\The Man She'll Marry

by Penny Jordan

A lot can happen on the way to the altar…

Penny Jordan


When Belle Crawford found herself seated next to her ex-husband Luc at a wedding, she expected fireworks—a display sparked by passion!...

Seduction Game

by Sara Craven

Forbidden desires…

Adam Barnard could have stepped straight out of Tara's fantasies. A devastatingly sexy hunk, the mysterious stranger was the first man in years to set Tara's heart racing.

But since the last...

Giordanni's Proposal

by Jacqueline Baird

A marriage proposal—Italian-style!

Beth was left breathless when gorgeous Italian tycoon Dex Giordanni proposed marriage—within days of meeting her! But then she overheard a conversation that chilled her: Dex...

Playboy's Baby

by Mary Lyons

The millionaire daddy…

Tycoon Matthew Warner had broken Samantha's heart once—she was determined never to let him get close to her again. But what he was proposing wasn't exactly marriage, but more of a casual...

Marriage on the Edge

by Sandra Marton

The convenient wife…

Gage Baron has made it on his own. He's wealthy, and his marriage seems successful, too—until Natalie leaves him.

Then Gage receives an invitation to his father's Texas estate; Jonas obviously...

Millionaire's Mistress

by Miranda Lee

Made to be his mistress!

Justine Montgomery desperately needed a loan, otherwise she and her mom would be out on the street. So she steeled herself to ask handsome millionaire banker Marcus Osborne for help.


Perfect Lover

by Penny Jordan

The breathtaking saga of The Perfect Family continues…

She had found passion in Gareth Simmonds's arms. For one brief moment, in sun-drenched Italy, Louise Crighton had been able to forget her hurt at seeing...

Wedding Fever

by Lee Wilkinson

He was about to marry another woman…

Raine had fallen in love with Nick Marlowe, not knowing that the tall, brooding American was anything but available. It seemed their brief affair had been just his last-minute...

One Husband Required!

by Sharon Kendrick

Rule number 3: For the perfect wedding…pick the right man!

Ursula O'Neil had found the right man long ago—her boss. But she'd kept her feelings to herself because she'd assumed Ross Sheridan was married, with...

Unexpected Father

by Kathryn Ross

Pregnant and alone—but not for long!

Samantha is facing a new life in a new town, widowed and pregnant. A man just isn't on her list of priorities until she meets Josh Hamilton.

As far as Samantha can tell, Josh...

Very Private Revenge

by Helen Brooks

An intimate vendetta!

Tamar had made it her business to find out all Jed Cannon's secrets. The notorious playboy had destroyed her cousin's happiness—and her reputation. Now Tamar was determined Jed must be...

Safe Hostage

by Cassie Miles


From hostages to prisoners of passion—

Held at gunpoint in a mysterious crime, three women are soon bound by desire to the men sworn to protect them at all costs….

Carrie Lamb thought nothing could...

My Lover's Secret

by Jean Barrett


Gillian Randolph and Cleveland McBride had one steamy and reckless summer together—and then suddenly Gillian left without explanation, leaving Cleve with only memories. Now she was back,...

His To Protect

by Patricia Werner


From hostages to prisoners of passion—

Held at gunpoint in a mysterious crime, three women are soon bound by desire to the men sworn to protect them at all costs….

For sexy SWAT team member Matt...

After Dark: Counterfeit Wife\Familiar Stranger

by Rebecca York

Two couples on the run hiding from daylight…

Counterfeit Wife by Rebecca York

43 Light St.

Where suspense and romance meet

When a madman tries to kill her, there's only one man Marianne Leonard can turn to—Tony...

Bride's Secret

by Adrianne Lee

He disturbed her dreams, her waking moments, with his looks, his touch…

Nikki Navarro came to Chris Conrad's isolated cliff-top mansion in search of the truth about her parents. Instead, she found Chris, the...

Her Eyewitness

by Rita Herron

Her alibi…

Blinded in the line of duty, police officer Collin Cash received a transplant to regain his eyesight—and woke to a vision of murder. He alone knew that the beautiful woman accused of the crime was...

Wanted: Cowboy

by Kelsey Roberts


Where the special of the day is danger for dinner…and romance for dessert!


Barbara Prather ranted on and on about her cowboy protector—but she couldn't seem to...