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African Gangbang Tour (Interracial Erotica)

by Jenna Powers

Audrey gets a ticket from her husband to meet him in Senegal, West Africa. After six long months of not seeing him, she's more than excited to visit and blow off some of his steam. Unfortunately what she sees...

Cowgirls and Aliens (Science Fiction Erotica)

by Jenna Powers

In the old wild, wild west, a bounty hunter by the name of Cassie enters a small town. She's hired to protect some cattle for a farmer who thinks bandits are in town but once nightfall hit, things start getting...

The Black Neighbor (Interracial Erotica)

by Jenna Powers

In a quiet suburb off the outskirts of Portland, resides a place known as the Mansion Estates. Filled with young and old couples alike, but there's something missing, a touch of color. The small suburb is dominated...

Big Black Vegas Gangbang (Interracial Erotica)

by Jenna Powers

Laura wanted one wild night for her bachelorette party and she sure had one, unfortunately for her she wakes up without a clue. Even more surprising is that when she wakes up, she's surrounded by six naked black...

The Black Neighbor 3: Super Bowl Gangbang (Interracial Erotica)

by Jenna Powers

Emily's husband heads out to watch the Super Bowl game at a friend's house, leaving her alone with a clogged toilet. She calls over her handy black neighbor who brings over his black friends. With their massive...

The Black Neighbor 2: Yoga Invasian (Interracial Erotica)

by Jenna Powers

Julie, a tiny Korean housewife learns that the new black neighbor in her predominantly white suburb is a yoga instructor. What she wanted was a nice lesson in stretching, what she got was a stretching she'd...

Feversong: A Fever Novel

by Karen Marie Moning

MacKayla Lane and Jericho Barrons return in the epic conclusion to the pulse-pounding Fever series, where a world thrown into chaos grows more treacherous at every turn.

As Mac, Barrons, Ryodan, and Jada struggle...

A Tale of Two Sisters (Dark Fantasy Erotic Romance)

by Jenna Powers

Aewyn and Leila have been through the worst of the worst, from the beginning of the Horde's invasion to the stopping of the Lich King. Even as the Horde splinters apart, Lord Lazarus keeps the strongest faction...

The Berserker's Rage (Orc MM/Human F Fantasy Erotica)

by Jenna Powers

When the Lich King is incapacitated, the Horde falters. Leila and Aewyn band together a group of survivors and head back to their home to the fallen kingdom of Erun. As Robyn and Grace depart for their own mission,...

Charming the Ancient Treants (Fantasy Erotica)

by Jenna Powers

Leila and her compatriots quietly hide from the Horde, trying to figure out what their next plan of action will be. When Leila goes out scouting and hunting, she encounters a Troll scout and immediately kills...

The Fall of the King (Orc, Ogre, Goblin, Troll MMM / Elf F Erotica)

by Jenna Powers

Leila and her compatriots are being protected by the Treants Robyn found while she headed South. Unbeknownst to them, Robyn's deal for protection requires them to be able to help the Treants procreate. Leila...

The Paranormal Files: Jacking Off the Jersey Devil (Monster Double Penetration Erotica)

by Jenna Powers

Agent Susan Davies, gets a new partner that has something on her supervisor. Their first adventure takes a look into the case of the Jersey Devil. The two are stranded in the forest when the Jersey Devil strikes...

Thirst: An Energy Vampire Novel

by Jacquelyn Frank

A hidden society of vampires—and the humans they love—are at the heart of this opening novel in a biting, all-original series from the New York Times bestselling author of the Nightwalkers saga.



Northanger Abbey

by Jane Austen

The heroine of Northanger Abbey is a Gothic novel-obsessed young woman who sees intrigue and mystery everywhere. Visiting Bath with her friend Mrs. Allen, an older but flighty, irresponsible woman, Catherine...

Ghost: An Apparition of Love : Part II

by Jewel

This romantic fantasy is about one woman’s quest to determine whether the love of her life is real or imagined, living or dead, or stuck somewhere in between Heaven and Earth. Having met somewhere in between...

The Horny Games Trilogy (Monster Gangbang Sex Erotica)

by Jenna Powers

Karen and Linda are sisters living in a world ravaged by war and destruction. The Labyrinth is a maze filled with horny monsters. Linda is selected as a contestant into the maze, but Karen offers herself instead....

The Incredibly Horny Bulk

by Jenna Powers

Deuce Bonner was a bright, smart biotechnology and radiation expert, until one fateful night. In an effort to make himself the perfect specimen of man, he injects himself with a superior soldier drug only to...

Fire Catching (Monster Gangbang and Tentacle Sex Erotica)

by Jenna Powers

Years ago, the world population reached its weak. In an effort to stem population, sex was disallowed and only certain areas were allowed to have sex. In its place was the Horny Games. A Labyrinth full of monsters...

The Horny Games (Monster Gangbang Erotica)

by Jenna Powers

Warning! This explicit story contains sex with monsters and includes oral sex, anal licking, and vaginal sex. Years ago, the world population reached its peak. In an effort to stem population, sex was disallowed...

Moaningjay (Reluctant, Dubcon, Monster Gangbang Sex Erotica)

by Jenna Powers

Karen quietly resides at the rebellion's headquarters as they plan for an attack against the Government. Her sister, Linda, devises and interesting plan to lure her out. Linda puts her own self up as the reward...