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The Sheik

by E. M. Hull

The beautiful young British traveler Diana Mayo is on a trek through the Algerian desert when she is kidnapped by Sheik Ahmed Ben-Hassan, who forces her into submission. What follows is a tale of mystery, power...

Floribunda and the Best Men

by Lark Westerly

Plus-sized florist Floribunda "Flori" Alexandris has no idea why Pen Swan should invite her to be a bridesmaid at her wedding, but she agrees anyway. At the church, she encounters the two best men; the biggest...

Good Things

by April Kelley

Good things never happen in a continuous stream for Jalen Etters. He has a job he loves, a roof over his head, and all the food he could eat. He even flirts with a sexy little barista named Markie. When he finds...

In Search of Pride

by Taryn Jameson & Gabriella Bradley

Brenn returns from a war far from his home to find that his village is destroyed and his pride missing. With the help of his guardian dragon, Ciara, he sets out to find his missing family and pride.

After Ciara...

Under Spello Sky

by Rj & Sl Schoenefeld

A difficult divorce and attack by her husband has left Jennifer Gubbini with a serious facial disfigurement that keeps her hidden away in the small Victorian seaside town of Port Fairy.

On the day she decides...

Japanese Folklore The Legend of Eternal Life

by Xenohikawa Sabrina

Long, long ago there lived a man called Sentaro. His surname meant "Millionaire," but although he was not so rich as all that, he was still very far removed from being poor. He had inherited a small fortune...

Japanese Folklore The Story of Love & Reincarnation

by Xenohikawa Sabrina

Many years ago in Yedo, in the district of Fukagawa, there lived a rich timber merchant. He and his wife dwelt together in perfect accord, but though their business prospered and their wealth increased as the...

Japanese Folklore Lady of The South Wind

by Xenohikawa Sabrina

In ancient days two samurai dwelt in Sendai of the North. They were friends and brothers in arms.

Hasunuma one was named, and the other Saito. Now it happened that a daughter was born to the house of Hasunuma,...

Touch the Sky

by Dianna Hunter

Has Dana finally found the love she's been searching for only to lose everything to the Destri, the mythical nemesis of her people? Not if she has anything to say about it!

Battling their way past the hordes...

Reincarnation Blues: A Novel

by Michael Poore

A wildly imaginative novel about a man who is reincarnated over ten thousand lifetimes to be with his one true love: Death herself.

“Tales of gods and men akin to Neil Gaiman’s Sandman as penned by a kindred...

Dragon Gold

by Kathryn Celeste

Last year David met his mate. It should have been the happiest day of his life. Instead, it turned out to be the worst.

Emma is hunted and alone with only the voice in her head for company. Drawn back to Haven...

Loving Who

by Cynthianna

Screwball comedy meets the world of Doctor Who fandom. Cici Connors' life will never be the same and it all changes when she takes a mysterious man into her life—and her bed. John Smith makes the perfect Doctor...

Hidden: Dimensions

by Jo Tannah

Up and coming fashion designer John Sanderson can’t pass on the dream commission of designing the attire of the entire wedding party of a wealthy client. The catch is that he must stay at their isolated country...

Like The Stars That Burn

by Samantha M.A.

"Whoa, steady!"  Westlyn Brooke Hartwick pulled the reigns.  Summer evening sunlight fell on her barren shoulders that were draped in silken chestnut hair.  Her heart danced and her stomach churned.  "Almost...

Rainbow Lung-Cure

by A.C. Ellas

A happy unicorn is a gassy unicorn. When a corporation attempts to increase production of their most important problem, hilarity ensues.


From: Tanzaniel Purplemane, CEO, Magical Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

To: All...

Fallen Rose

by Monica Owens

Rose Red is the eldest of the devil and Lilith’s daughters. Seether is one of the devil’s soldiers. They were never supposed to meet. But once they did, Rose and Seether will do anything to stay together....

The Inventors Wife

by Heather Massey

Elena Harrington's widowed father rules her life with an iron fist. Even worse, he intends to force her into a loveless marriage in order to expand his business empire. An innocent bird trapped in a gilded cage,...

Little Queen

by A.C. Melody

The bliss Reyna and Corbyn found in their unique Úlfr engagement is quickly forgotten as their ongoing conflict grows just as passionately as their hearts and desires. Reyna needs her independence and reassurance...

Hearthstone Alpha

by A.C. Melody

Phoebe Porter had run away from her family…from her fiancé…from her life.

Upon arriving in the dusty mining town of Ravenswood, Queensland, Australia, Phoebe was certain she was finally safe from all who...

Fallen Giant

by Monica Owens

Detective Trish Redding is investigating heinous murders out in Death Valley. Unfortunately her investigation is going nowhere fast and the bodies are piling up fast. The pressure is mounting and her supervisors...