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Winter's Tales

by Isak Dinesen & Karen Blixen

11 short stories with entertaining and elaborate plots by the Danish writer. Almost all of Blixen's tales weave Gothic themes such as incest and murder with myth and bewitchment. Very frequently she portrays...

Last Tales

by Isak Dinesen

Last Tales is a collection of twelve of the last tales that Isak Dinesen wrote before her death in 1962. They include seven tales from Albondocani, a projected novel that was never completed; "The Caryatids,"...

Seven Gothic Tales

by Isak Dinesen & Karen Blixen

Seven Gothic Tales was instantly popular when it was first published in 1934, revolving around mysterious, bizarre or supernatural events that explore questions of philosophy and identity. Although writing...

Wuthering Heights

by Emily Brontë

Considered lurid and shocking by mid-19th-century standards, Wuthering Heights was initially thought to be such a publishing risk that its author, Emily Brontë, was asked to pay some of the publication costs....

Ladies of Gothic Horror

by Mitzi Szereto

Classic gothic horror stories from the literary mistresses of the past!

Many of gothic horror’s spookiest tales have come from the pens of women. Yet a substantial number of these women were overshadowed by...

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

by Washington Irving

"The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" is a short story by Washington Irving contained in his collection The Sketch Book of Geoffrey Crayon, Gent., written while he was living in Birmingham, England, and first published...

Wuthering Heights

by Emily Brontë

Considered lurid and shocking by mid-19th-century standards, Wuthering Heights was initially thought to be such a publishing risk that its author, Emily Brontë, was asked to pay some of the publication costs....


by Mary Shelley

Mary Shelley wrote this novel to distract herself from her grief after the deaths of her one-year-old daughter Clara in Venice and her three-year-old son William in Rome. Narrating from her deathbed, Mathilda,...

The Last Man

by Mary Shelley

A post-apocalyptic science fiction novel from the author of Frankenstein. The book tells of a future world that has been ravaged by a plague. In the novel we meet Lionel Verney, the orphan son of an impoverished...

Sex, weed and various disasters 4

by Federico Calafati

A book about people who wants to be successful in life by capitalizing their passions

Dark Bargains: Part Three

by Olivia Blake

It’s time for the secrets to come out

The specter of Lucas’s dead wife now haunts them both. Was Diane’s vision real, or had she only dreamed it? Lucas intends to find out, but as with the other incidents...

Gay love story:Violent sex in the woods ( gay older men omega mm bear romance bdsm)

by Leonardo Parsifal

A walk in the woods become a sexual encounter that goes too far!

Domination and fun in this short story that will make you horny!!

For everybody who loves gay love stories with older men omega mm !! Read it if...

Dark Alpha's Hunger

by Donna Grant

Dark Alpha's Hunger is the sixth paranormal romance novel in New York Times bestselling author Donna Grant's Reapers series featuring a brotherhood of elite assassins who wage war on the Fae at Death's behest--and...

Swamp Sister

by Robert Edmond Alter

The swamp had no name and no landmarks: just cypress, Spanish moss, and alligators -- and a wrecked plane with eighty thousand dollars inside it. The man who found the Money Plane could have any woman he wanted...

Dark Bargains: 2

by Olivia Blake

I killed her.

Lucas told me that he killed his wife, but he refuses to say any more than that about what happened. Is it true? Does it even matter? I’m starting to fall for him anyway, just like Stephanie has....

Nine While Nine

by Stasia Morineaux

Isabeau Finne’s perfect world utterly unravels when she meets Death's right-hand man one fateful night, spiraling her life into a world of chaos and the impossible...

Suddenly, she is no longer Isabeau and...

Wuthering Heights

by Emily Brontë

‘May you not rest, as long as I am living. You said I killed you—haunt me, then’

Heathcliff, a ‘dark-skinned’ orphan, and Catherine Earnshaw, the cruel daughter of his wealthy benefactor, were inseparable:...

The Lost Country

by William Gay

  • Previous novel Twilight proclaimed to be the book of the year by Stephen King upon its release.
  • Long-awaited novel, once considered lost, which has maintained intense interest among prospective readers over...

  • The Mysteries of Udolpho

    by Ann Radcliffe

    With The Mysteries of Udolpho, Ann Radcliffe raised the Gothic romance to a new level and inspired a long line of imitators. Portraying her heroine's inner life, creating a thick atmosphere of fear, and providing...

    Fade To Black (Krewe of Hunters, Book 24)

    by Heather Graham

    Where dreams go to die…

    Starring in a cult TV show was a blessing for Marnie Davante, especially now that her former fame could support her future dream of starting a children’s theater. So she’ll work...