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Mistletoe, Mischief, and the Marquis

by Amelia Grey

The Marquis of Wythebury, is expecting an ordinary Christmastide at Hurst-until he is set upon by a beautiful miss who takes him to task for not allowing his young nephews to play outside. In his mind, a five...

129. The Viscount's Revenge

by Barbara Cartland

The handsome Viscount Trent finally makes up his mind to accede to the pleadings of his family and get married.

    He is twenty-seven and for a long time they have been begging him to take a wife and produce...

137. One Minute to Love

by Barbara Cartland

    The beautiful Yolisa Warren lives quietly in the country with her father, her mother having died five years ago.

    Unexpectedly her uncle, Lord Langford, who is a brilliant Diplomat and who is sent...

133. No Bride, No Wedding

by Barbara Cartland

Calina Hart’s mother, the lovely Lady Carol Wood, was being forced by her ambitious father, the Earl of Hurstwood, to marry the Duke of Denholme, who is dull, boring and a poor rider – but is a Duke!


134. A Strange Way to Find Love

by Barbara Cartland

The beautiful Vanessa Shotworth was being made extremely unhappy at the way she was being treated by her stepmother while her beloved father was away in India with his Regiment.

    When she was late for...

The Prince Who Wanted Love

by Barbara Cartland

Prince Serge of Tamrush, who himself had been sent a bride by Queen Victoria to save his Principality from invasion by the Russians, was now being asked by Prince Igor of Dubrik for the hand of his beautiful...

The Age of Innocence

by Edith Wharton

“In reality they all lived in a kind of hieroglyphic world, where the real thing was never said or done or even thought, but only represented by a set of arbitrary signs.” Winner of the 1921 Pulitzer Price...

When You Wish

by Alexandra Ivy

Dear Reader,


Long before I wrote my sexy paranormal romances, I wrote traditional Regency romances as Debbie Raleigh. Now I’m thrilled that three of my favorites are available once more. As fresh and filled...

A Winter Wedding: Strangers at the Altar / The Warrior's Winter Bride (Mills & Boon M&B)

by Marguerite Kaye & Denise Lynn

Strangers at the Altar by Marguerite Kay

For penniless widow Ainsley McBrayne, marriage is the only solution. Vulnerable yet fiercely independent, shackling herself to another man seems horrifying! Until handsome...

Regency Rumour: Never Trust a Rake / Reforming the Viscount (Mills & Boon M&B)


Never Trust a Rake

Rumour has it that the Earl of Deben, the most notorious rake in London and in need of an heir, has set aside his penchant for married mistresses and turned his skilled hand to seducing...

The Winterley Scandal (Mills & Boon Historical) (A Year of Scandal, Book 5)


Under the gaze of the ton!

As the daughter of wild Pamela Winterley, Eve has always lived in the shadow of scandal. Society watches her every move, waiting for Eve to prove she is just as wayward as her mother…...

Only A Dream

by Barbara Cartland

Although her father is the acclaimed Music Hall performer, Keegan Kenway, his young daughter, Isla, who is ethereally beautiful, is never allowed even to go near the Music Halls, which were not deemed suitable...

The Call Of The Highlands

by Barbara Cartland

Handsome, noble Lord Alistair McDonon’s gay life, as a denizen of London’s Beau Monde far, far away from his Scottish roots, comes to a sudden and abrupt end. 

    When the tragic news arrives that his...

Alone and Afraid

by Barbara Cartland

Ever popular with the grasping and greedy beauties of the Social world, the handsome Marquis of Elkesley is becoming disillusioned with their constant requests for expensive gifts and so he travels to Paris...

Pride and The Poor Princess

by Barbara Cartland

Handsome, infinitely wealthy war hero, the Duke of Buckminster or ‘Buck’ to his many friends, is bored with civilian life after the excitement of the Great War. 

His fabulous yacht, The Siren, is packed...

The Devilish Deception

by Barbara Cartland

Called home from his Regiment in Calcutta after having inherited the title of the Third Duke of Invercaron on the death of his uncle, Talbot McCaron is dismayed to find not only that his highland estate is all...

Love Casts out Fear

by Barbara Cartland

The demure but beautiful Alecia Stambrook sorely misses her late mother, Lady Sophie. And now that her uncle, the Earl of Langhaven, has also died, there will be no more of the generous stipend that Alecia’s...

Love At The Helm

by Barbara Cartland

Fresh from heroic exploits in the Battle of Trafalgar, Captain Conrad ‘Tiger’ Horn has returned to Portsmouth take command of a magnificent new ship, The Invincible, which he is to sail to Antigua to defend...

Only Love

by Barbara Cartland

The father of the demure but beautiful Iola Herne, an imperious Army General not given to romance or sentiment, is overjoyed to receive a request for her hand in marriage from the ageing Lord Stoneham, the Lord...

Paradise Found

by Barbara Cartland

After the death of her beloved mother, the beautiful young Salrina Milborne and her father, Lord Milborne, have found themselves in straitened circumstances.

    And now that her father has hurt his leg in...