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A Winter's Romance

by Katie Jennings, Patricia Paris & Emmie Mears

When winter and romance collide, they create an unpredictable force. Whether a raging storm outside or within our hearts, a touch of romance can be found in the most unlikely of places. Join us in this eclectic...

Big Black Cravings 3 (Interracial 3 Book Erotic Bundle)

by Jane Snow

Three tantalizingly hot tales of white women with big black men have been combined into this one amazing bundle. Three different women, three different erotic tales, one beautiful bundle. Maria, Stephanie and...

Big Black Cravings 2 (Interracial 3 Book Erotic Romance Bundle)

by Jane Snow

Three different hot, sweaty tales, but they all have the same big black cravings in common. Once they see their ebony men glisten as if they were made out of chiseled marble, there's no way to stop the cravings....

Big Black Cravings (Interracial 4 Book Erotic Bundle)

by Jane Snow

Four different women, four different lives, but they all have the same big black cravings once they see what their ebony statuesque men are capable of. Allison, Sophie, Michele, and Courtney all share their...

Cotillion Ball Saga: The Complete Series

by Becky Lower

You'll fall in love with the spirited Fitzgerald family as they find romance in turbulent Civil War-era America. Raised to defy societal convention and follow their passions, these siblings' rebellious hearts...

Four Christmas Treats: The Christmas Bride / Christmas Eve Marriage / Her Husband's Christmas Bargain / Christmas Bonus, Strings Attached (Mills & Boon e-Book Collections)

by Penny Jordan, Jessica Hart, Margaret Mayo & Susan Crosby

Treat yourself to four unputdownable romances this Christmas…

The Christmas Bride

Penny Jordan needs no introduction as arguably the most recognisable name writing for Mills & Boon. We have celebrated her...

The Mistresses Collection (Mills & Boon e-Book Collections)

by Lynne Graham, Robyn Grady, Natalie Anderson & Caitlin Crews et al.

The Mistresses Collection:

The Billionaire’s Trophy by Lynne Graham

Strictly Temporary by Robyn Grady

Whose Bed is it Anyway? by Natalie Anderson

No More Sweet Surrender by Caitlin Crews

A Deal with Di Capua...

Mistresses: Enemies To Lovers: No More Sweet Surrender / A Deal with Di Capua / Her Return to King's Bed (Mills & Boon M&B)

by Caitlin Crews, Cathy Williams & Maureen Child

No More Sweet Surrender by Caitlin Crews

Ivan Korovin is determined to cement his evolution from dirt-poor, dreamless kid to billionaire philanthropist. First he has a serious PR problem to take care of; outspoken...

A Daddy For Christmas: Yuletide Baby Surprise / Maybe This Christmas...? / The Sheriff's Doorstep Baby (Mills & Boon M&B)

by Catherine Mann, Alison Roberts & Teresa Carpenter

Three little gifts for Christmas

Yuletide Baby Surprise

When Princess Mari invades Dr Rowan Boothe’s hotel room, he has no desire to become involved in his old adversary’s latest predicament. Until they...

New Year Kisses: His Cinderella Mistress / Undeniable Demands / The Reunion Lie (Mills & Boon M&B) (The Calendar Brides, Book 1)

by Carole Mortimer, Andrea Laurence & Lucy King

Three very eligible bachelors

His Cinderella Mistress

Millionaire lawyer Max Golding wants to play Prince Charming to January Calendar’s Cinderella, but she suspects he wants her family’s land! January...

Regency Desire: Mistress to the Marquis / Dicing with the Dangerous Lord (Mills & Boon M&B)

by Margaret McPhee

Mistress to the Marquis

They whisper her name in the ballroom’s shadows - the marquis’s mistress! It will take all of Alice Sweetly’s renowned acting skills to play this part: smile until it no longer...

Special Deliveries: Wanted: A Mother For His Baby: The Nanny Trap / The Baby Deal / Her Real Family Christmas (Mills & Boon M&B)

by Cat Schield, Kat Cantrell & Kate Hardy

The Nanny Trap by Cat Schield

Billionaire Blake Ford has one summer to get what he wants. He trusted country-bred beauty Bella McAndrews as his surrogate. Now she’s agreed to be his infant son’s temporary...

Safe In The Rancher's Arms: Stranded with the Rancher / Sheltered by the Millionaire / Pregnant by the Texan (Mills & Boon By Request)

by Janice Maynard, Catherine Mann & Sara Orwig

Safe in the Rancher’s Arms

Stranded with the Rancher by Janice Maynard

Feuding neighbours, Drew and Beth, are forced to take shelter when a tornado hits. Trapped, the ice between them melts as the temperature...

Las Vegas Nights: At Odds with the Heiress / A Merger by Marriage / A Taste of Temptation (Mills & Boon By Request) (Las Vegas Nights, Book 1)

by Cat Schield

Las Vegas Nights

At Odds with the Heiress

Scarlett Fontaine often uses her beauty to get what she wants, but it doesn’t work on Logan Wolfe. Now he needs her help and it’s her chance to prove herself....

Second Chance Proposal: A Man Without Mercy / Bring It On / Rancher to the Rescue (Mills & Boon By Request)

by Miranda Lee, Kira Sinclair & Jennifer Faye

Second Chance Proposal

A Man without Mercy by Miranda Lee

Wealthy property developer Jack Stone offers recently heartbroken Vivienne Swan an offer she can’t refuse. Vivienne has finally moved on from her...

His By Any Means: The Black Sheep's Inheritance / From Single Mum to Secret Heiress / Expecting the CEO's Child (Mills & Boon By Request) (Dynasties: The Lassiters, Book 2)

by Maureen Child, Kristi Gold & Yvonne Lindsay

He will stop at nothing to claim what is his!

The Black Sheep’s Inheritance by Maureen Child

Billionaire Sage Lassiter is enraged when his father left his fortune to his nurse. Sage will go to any means to...

The Wulfkin Legacy: 3 Paranormal Romances

by T.F. Walsh

T.F. Walsh's wufkin packs offer a dangerous tribe of sexy, powerful shifter alphas who know how to get what they want in a world gone mad. Indulge your inner wolf with these three stories of loyalty, lust, and...

Nude Swimming: Short Romantic Fictions

by D.J. Swykert

Nude swimming is a collection of stories about love and romance in the lives of an eclectic group of individuals. From physicist Jack Joseph, caught in the space between his love for the beautiful Marilee and...

F. Scott Fitzgerald: The Complete Novels (Book House)

by F. Scott Fitzgerald

This book contains the complete novels of F. Scott Fitzgerald in the chronological order of their original publication. - This Side of Paradise - The Beautiful and Damned - The Great Gatsby - Tender is the Night...

D. H. Lawrence: The Complete Novels (Book House)

by D. H. Lawrence

This book contains the complete novels of D. H. Lawrence in the chronological order of their original publication. - The White Peacock - The Trespasser - Sons and Lovers - The Rainbow - Women in Love - The Lost...