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Twisted End

by Tara Thomas

From romantic suspense author Tara Thomas comes the explosive first novella, Shattered Fear, in the brand-new romantic suspense Sons of Broad series.

Welcome to the sultry streets of Charleston, where simmering...

Billionaire Obsession

by J.l. Ryan

One night in the sack, and she thinks I should marry her...

Curvy nursing assistant Shelby Watson is ecstatic when she gets a job taking care of an elderly woman, who happens to be the grandmother of bad boy...

Darkness Falls

by Patricia Anne Harris & Bonnie Stein Bradley

The ominous continuation of the On Higher Ground series.

The powerful seduction of sex, drugs and easy money collide with love, honor and loyalty. Setting into play a series of events that will usher in death...

Age of Innocence

by Patricia Anne Harris & Bonnie Stein Bradley

Its 1969 and the sexual revolution is in full swing while a war rages in Vietnam. America is transitioning into a liberation movement while ROTC buildings go up in flames and white crosses burn in Mississippi....

Jacob's Ladder

by Patricia Anne Harris & Bonnie Stein Bradley

New Orleans, 1980. Three years have passed since the death of her husband and her kidnapping by the Cartel.

Madeline Mahany Lawson is a feature writer for La Louisianne, a high-end glossy that covers politics,...

Capture Me: The Complete Trilogy

by Anna Zaires

All 3 books in the USA Today bestselling trilogy, available for a limited time in one convenient, discounted bundle.

“Yulia,” he whispers, staring down at me, and I know he feels it too, this pull, this...

Bind Me

by Anna Zaires

Book 2 in the dark romance Capture Me series

He’s determined to break her.

For Lucas Kent, his new prisoner is a maddening contradiction: compliant yet defiant, fragile yet strong. He needs to uncover her...

Twist Me: The Complete Trilogy

by Anna Zaires

All 3 books in the New York Times bestselling trilogy, available for the first time in one convenient, discounted bundle. Over 1000 pages of addictive, thrilling dark romance at 30% off the individual books’...

Capture Me

by Anna Zaires

A sizzling new series from the New York Times bestselling author of Twist Me

She fears him from the first moment she sees him.

Yulia Tzakova is no stranger to dangerous men. She grew up with them. She survived...

Hold Me

by Anna Zaires

Book 3 in the New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Dark Romance Trilogy

Captor and captive. Lovers. Soulmates.

We’re all that and more.

We thought we were past the worst of it. We thought we finally had...

Owned By The Billionaire

by J.l. Ryan

 Big thighs are the best ear muffs...

Frantic after getting fired, BBW Marisa Jamison is relieved when she's offered the perfect job at a prestigious law firm. There, she meets charismatic billionaire, Jeffrey...

Killer Secrets (Mills & Boon Heroes)

by Marilyn Pappano

She has a murderous past. Will it destroy her future, too?

Mila Ramirez has built a new life in the wake of her serial killer parents. But when she finds an employee dead, sexy police chief Sam Douglas is able...

Conard County Revenge (Mills & Boon Heroes) (Conard County: The Next Generation, Book 37)

by Rachel Lee

Explosive secrets threaten everything she holds dear…

Agent Darcy Eccles is lured to Wyoming by a bomb threat, but never expected to stumble across an anti-government plot, and handsome teacher Alex Jansen!...

Colton K-9 Bodyguard (Mills & Boon Heroes) (The Coltons of Red Ridge, Book 3)

by Lara Lacombe

He broke her heart, now he’s back to save her.

K-9 officer Micah Shaw never thought tracking a serial killer would lead him to the woman he once loved – and near death! Bea Colton needs Micah now more...

Second Chance Soldier (Mills & Boon Heroes) (K-9 Ranch Rescue, Book 1)

by Linda O. Johnston

Sizzling days of danger…

Devastated after her father’s murder, Amber Belott wants to keep his legacy alive by saving his K-9 ranch. Her first move? Hiring Evan Colluro, a former military K-9 trainer, who...

Lawman From Her Past (Mills & Boon Heroes) (Blue River Ranch, Book 3)

by Delores Fossen

Together again…

But far from safe

When Lauren Beckett is nearly killed and discovers her son was switched at birth, she knows there’s only one man to turn to for protection her ex, Deputy Cameron Doran....

Surrogate Escape (Mills & Boon Heroes) (Apache Protectors: Wolf Den, Book 1)

by Jenna Kernan

Saving her is his number one priority!

Branded a traitor, Rikki Taylor is in the sights of sniper Quinn McBride’s rifle. Yet the navy SEAL knows this woman intimately, and there’s no way she’d betray...

Kansas City Cop (Mills & Boon Heroes) (The Precinct, Book 10)

by Julie Miller

She cheated death once… But can she a second time?

After Gina Galvan is shot in the line of duty, all she wants to do is return to the front line and stop a shooter. Physical therapist Mike Cutler is attracted...

Stranded With The Suspect (Mills & Boon Heroes) (The Ranger Brigade: Family Secrets, Book 6)

by Cindi Myers

They’re both in way over their heads…

Pregnant heiress Andi Matheson is being targeted by two killers. She also possesses evidence that Officer Simon Woolridge needs to make an arrest. Through a ferocious...

Bulletproof Seal (Mills & Boon Heroes) (Red, White and Built, Book 6)

by Carol Ericson

Saving her is his number one priority!

Branded a traitor, Rikki Taylor is in the sights of sniper Quinn McBride’s rifle. Yet the navy SEAL knows this woman intimately, and there’s no way she’d betray...