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Seven Gothic Tales

by Isak Dinesen & Karen Blixen

Seven Gothic Tales was instantly popular when it was first published in 1934, revolving around mysterious, bizarre or supernatural events that explore questions of philosophy and identity. Although writing...

Death Touched Box Set: Urban Fantasy Romance

by Mac Flynn

The complete Death Touched box set featuring all four ebooks!

The Death comes for everyone. For Nena, Death comes for her, but doesn't collect. She's instead picked up by a mysterious group led by a man named...

Death Embraced: Death Touched #4 (Urban Fantasy Romance)

by Mac Flynn

The end of the world approaches.  Nena can feel it in her bones.  It’s a deep ache that calls to her dead soul, pleading with her to avert the disaster that threatens to engulf everything in a horror the...

Maiden to the Dragon: Complete Box Set (Dragon Shifter Romance)

by Mac Flynn

The complete Maiden to the Dragon box set features all ten ebooks!

Life comes knocking on Miriam Cait’s door as she’s whisked away from her normal life and into a land of fantasy and wonder. The downside...

Midnight Customer: Vampire Soul, Book One (Vampire Romantic Comedy)

by Mac Flynn

Long cold nights working at a trucker’s diner makes sassy waitress Misty pine for something more. She gets her wish when rumors spread about strange creatures seen in the night, and one of the regular diners...

Vampire Soul Box Set (Vampire Romantic Comedy)

by Mac Flynn

The entire Vampire Soul series in one complete package!

Misty works nights at a diner, and one night blends into another like the thick tar they serve as coffee. One night things change when rumors of the undead...

Leg of Lycan: Vampire Soul, Book Five (Vampire Romantic Comedy)

by Mac Flynn

Gourds galore as Misty and company find themselves vine-deep in trouble. Halloween approaches and the sweet smells of autumn permeate the air. There’s the husked corn, the ripened fruit, and the squash fields...

Recipe For Disaster: Vampire Soul, Book Four

by Mac Flynn

A diner is the Grand Central Station of trucker gossip, and Misty learns that her friend Charlie hasn’t been doing well since their run-in with Roland’s flash cards. She visits him and finds Roland’s influence...

Dragon Soul: Blood Dragon, Book 5 (Vampire Dragon Shifter Romance)

by Mac Flynn

Sarah and her paranormal friends find themselves on the hunt for another piece of the ancient relic. Their search leads them to a shop of the supernatural where they’re met with a surprise: an old enemy has...

Speck of Spice: Vampire Soul, Book Three (Vampire Romantic Comedy)

by Mac Flynn

The long, adventuring nights keep getting longer as Misty and Roland search out rumors of shadows and laughter. Added to her woes is a head cold of supernatural proportions larger than a trucker’s appetite....

Just Desserts: Vampire Soul, Book Eight (Vampire Romantic Comedy)

by Mac Flynn

The final adventure. The last fiasco. And one hell of a mess.

Misty’s unusual life gets dangerous when Rose returns with a strange book and an even stranger companion. She intends to steal Roland’s soul,...

Spirits To Die For: Vampire Soul, Book Six (Vampire Romantic Comedy)

by Mac Flynn

The Devil’s Night. All Hallows Eve. Halloween. The time when monsters hold sway over the world.

For Misty, she just wishes they’d leave her out of their plans as she finds herself in the midst of another...

Soul Food: Vampire Soul, Book Seven (Vampire Romantic Comedy)

by Mac Flynn

The diner gets some unexpected customers when Ralph orders a shipment of fresh fish that turn out to be more lively than anyone expected. Misty turns to Roland for help, but the vampire has his own worsening...

Trouble For Two: Vampire Soul, Book Two (Vampire Romantic Comedy)

by Mac Flynn

Misty’s carefree life of dealing only with the living has come to a dead-end with the arrival of Roland the vampire. Now she finds herself in the midst of an invisible feeding frenzy for Roland’s soul box,...

Heart of the Cat

by S.E. Smith & S. E. Smith

Prince Walkyr d’Rojah’s mission is to find an ancient artifact known as the Heart of the Cat—a powerful gem that connects his people, its magic woven through the Sarafin like his predatory cat is woven...

Valentine's Haunting

by Foxglove Lee

When Steven and Omar book a romantic weekend getaway for Valentine’s Day, they’re in for a big surprise. Not only is their hotel room haunted, but it’s haunted by a ghost who shows up only one night per...

Bear Reign

by Kayla Gabriel

Evil hangs over New Orleans, and the white witch, Sophie, is determined to protect her city...and take vengeance for the hurt done to someone she loves. Nothing will stop her from seeking revenge, not fear,...

Bearing His Touch

by Ève Langlais

Previously published in the anthology In the Mood Fur Love, New York Times bestselling author Eve Langlais, the paranormal queen of steam and sass, pulls out all the stops in this sexy, funny novella, Bearing...

Stray Moon

Dream Keeper

by Amber R. Duell

The Sandman is seventeen-year-old Nora’s closest friend and best-kept secret. He has to be, if she doesn’t want a one-way ticket back to the psychiatrist. It took her too long to learn not to mention the...