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Finding The Texas Wolf (Mills & Boon Supernatural)

by Karen Whiddon

The Shadow Agency is on the case…

Investigator – and werewolf – Maggie Kinslow is used to uncovering secrets, but reporter Jake Cassell’s hoping to prove shapeshifters exist. To protect her kind, she...

The Billionaire Werewolf's Princess (Mills & Boon Supernatural)

by Michele Hauf


…and fairy dust

Ryland James is a wealthy philanthropist. He’s also a werewolf, and the son of the Fairy king. Indigo DuCharme seems like a typical socialite, but as she moves deeper into Ry’s...

Wolf Gold

by Kathryn Celeste

Hope has been a captive for around a year. It's hard to keep track of time when you can't keep the sun. As far as she can tell there is no way to escape alive. With no other choice Hope risks everything to make...

The Alpha Lion's Lover

by Akita StarFire

 "You're just a mouse! How do you expect to protect your cheese let alone the king?"

Jason just wanted to protect the king. But being a small were-mouse isn’t easy. Not only did he get no respect from anyone...

The Big Alpha in Town

by Ève Langlais, Milly Taiden & Kate Baxter

Three hot stories about three sexy shifters from a trio of today's hottest paranormal romance authors, headlined by bestselling authors Eve Langlais and Milly Taiden!

Bearing His Name

Meeting his mate should have...


by Rita Herron

He had no heart...until he met Clarissa...

Born half demon, FBI agent Vincent Valtrez has fought the evil inside him all his life.

But now a serial killer has struck, using the victims' worst fears to end their...

The Alpha Wolf's Baby Kittens

by Akita StarFire

 Lupine loved cats.

Chasing them up trees, that was.

Craig, however, was not a typical, ordinary cat. His sire, Kahn WrathClaw, was the richest man in the city. And he had already decided the fate of his omega...

Bearly Saving His Omega

by Akita StarFire

Inheriting the bear clan from his father, Brandon must strive to bring peace to the valley. Having been chased out of their native land, the bear clan corralled every animal in their territory in an attempt...

The Alpha Jaguar's Feisty Mew Mews

by Akita StarFire


I want babies. Lots of them. But my boyfriend, Dale, doesn't. He wants to be free of all responsibilities.

I'm an omega who is curious about the world. I don't want to be constrained in the caste system...

The Alpha Tiger's Baby Bun Buns

by Akita StarFire


Roger, the omega were-rabbit, hated carrots.

His alpha and omega fathers, though, ran a carrot farm. And he was expected to learn the business.

But something happened at 777 LuckyFoot Lane. Something that...

The Alpha Tiger's Forbidden Babies

by Akita StarFire

 He was the forbidden fruit. Tall, handsome and extremely strong. A were-tiger who had been wounded by my father’s guards. He was on a peace mission and tending to his wounds, we grew closer.

Too close....

The Alpha Dragon's Baby Ducklings

by Dakota Wolf


I was a poor, destitute, helpless omega living with my omega father and brothers. We had no money, no home and life on the streets was tough. Real tough. But we survived. We survived because we had each...

The Alpha Dragon's Baby Kittens

by Akita StarFire


No, I refused to listen to my father! I wasn’t going to be that traditional Omega and accept the Alpha that my father pushed my way. But my father insisted I get married and bear children. He just wanted...

The Alpha King's Omega

by Sasha Moon

"I was doomed. I couldn't have children, yet I wanted to be his Omega..."


Ariol is an Omega who doesn't mind doing his destined duties. In fact he's always wanted a family mainly for the benefit of having kids....

One Breath

by Cheyenne McCray

This novella, One Breath, was previously published as Breath of Magic in the “No Rest for the Witches” anthology. It has never been available in a separate volume until now.

Enjoy this novella while you spend...

Built For Hanging On (Steve Vernon's Sea Tales, #5)

by Steve Vernon

It happened just yesterday or perhaps the day before. 

The bombs were dropped.

No one knew why. 

Maybe a political study was taken into careful consideration. Perhaps a research grant had been involved. A new...

The Knowing

by Sarah Elmore

The forests of Lyle Mountain have always served as a safe haven for six-year-old Sheridan and her doll Becca when fleeing from her stepfather's drunken rampages, until the night a new brutal predator enters...

Divided We Fall

by Joanna Grace

“His trainers said that blood is the driving force of a shifter soldier. They were right. Tyrone would kill a thousand men if it meant kissing Melissa every day.”

Blood and love: these are the things that...

Dark Surprises

by M. L. Tompsett

Meet Lucy and see how her life dangerously entwines with Alexia and Drake in the next instalment of Dark Surprises.

What happens when your sexy young husband is mistaken for someone else and kidnapped by violent,...

You Never Know

by M. L. Tompsett

Leaving her family behind, but never really escaping her future, Alex Smithlyn attempted to live her life away from Dark Ones, her destiny and live in the human realm as one of them. Until the day she was captured...