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The War in the Air

by H. G. Wells

Following the development of massive airships, naïve Londoner Bert Smallways becomes accidentally involved in a German plot to invade America by air and reduce New York to rubble. But although bombers devastate...

Escaping Exodus

by Nicky Drayden

Harper Voyager Trade Paperback Original

The Compton Crook award–winning author of The Prey of Gods and Temper returns with a dazzling stand-alone novel, set in deep space, in which the fate of humanity rests...

The Night Land

by William Hope Hodgson

It was the Joy of the Sunset that brought us to speech. I was gone a long way from my house, walking lonely-wise, and stopping often that I view the piling upward of the Battlements of Evening, and to feel the...

The Time Machine

by H. G. Wells

The Time Traveller (for so it will be convenient to speak of him) was expounding a recondite matter to us. His pale grey eyes shone and twinkled, and his usually pale face was flushed and animated. The fire...

Spitwrite Box Set

by George Saoulidis

A collection of #spitwrite stories.


  • The Imiteles Space Station
  • The Garbage Cube
  • The Recovery Building
  • Looking Down on People From Atop a Big-Ass Mecha
  • The Hologram Riot
  • Waifu Wedding
  • A Self-Driving...

Aurora Blazing

by Jessie Mihalik

To save her brother and protect her family’s future, a powerful princess must join forces with a dashing man from her past in this thrilling space adventure, the second novel in the Consortium Rebellion trilogy....

Caesar?s Column

by Ignatius Donnelly

"Caesar's Column" is a novel by Ignatius Donnelly, a writer famous for having written and published the work entitled "Atlantis: the antediluvian world".The book is, on the whole, quite complex and can be classified...


by Mary Shelley

Frankenstein (1823) is a work by the British writer Mary Shelley. The novel has a very curious origin, as it arises from a literary competition between writer friends. In the summer of 1816, in fact, Mary Shelley...

Chilling Effect

by Valerie Valdes

 A hilarious, offbeat debut space opera that skewers everything from pop culture to video games and features an irresistible foul-mouthed captain and her motley crew, strange life forms, exciting twists, and...

The Island of Doctor Moreau

by H. G. Wellls

The Island of Doctor Moreau is an 1896 novel by H. G. Wells. It is an account of Edward Prendick, an Englishman with a scientific education who survives a shipwreck in the southern Pacific Ocean. A passing...

The War of the Worlds

by H. G. Wells

The War of the Worlds chronicles the events of a Martian invasion as experienced by an unidentified male narrator and his brother. The story begins a few years before the invasion.

The Andre Norton Collection

by André Norton & Steppenwolf Press

Andre Norton was the first woman to be Gandalf Grand Master of Fantasy and the first woman to be SFWA Grand Master. There isn't really anything else that needs to be said...

The Andre Norton Collection brings...

The Chessmen of Mars

by Edgar Rice Burroughs

The Chessmen of Mars is an Edgar Rice Burroughs science fiction novel, the fifth of his famous Barsoom series, and focuses on Tara, daughter of John Carter and Dejah Thoris, princess of Helium, whose hand is...

The Wonderful Visit

by H. G. Wells

The Wonderful Visit tells how an angel spends a little more than a week in southern England. He is at first mistaken for a bird because of his dazzling polychromatic plumage, for he is neither the Angel of religious...

The Wheels of Chance

by H. G. Wells

Mr. Hoopdriver, is a frustrated draper's assistant in Putney, a badly paid, grinding position and one which Wells briefly held; and yet he owns a bicycle and is setting out on a bicycling tour of the Southern...

The Sea Lady

by H. G. Wells

A mermaid comes ashore on the southern coast of England feigning a desire to become part of genteel society under the alias Miss Doris Thalassia Waters. The mermaid's real design is to seduce Harry Chatteris,...

The Time Machine

by H G Wells

The story follows a Victorian scientist, who claims that he has invented a device that enables him to travel through time, and has visited the future, arriving in the year 802,701 in what had once...

The Monster Men

by Edgar Rice Burroughs

Professor Maxon performs secret experiments to make a "perfect race" of humans, finally succeeding with "Number Thirteen."

To Be Taught, If Fortunate

Cold Storage

by David Koepp

For readers of Andy Weir and Noah Hawley comes an astonishing debut by the screenwriter of Jurassic Park: a wild and terrifying adventure about three strangers who must work together to contain a highly contagious,...