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by William R Herr

"Utopia doesn't come easy... and it takes a monster to enforce it."

Juan is a disabled vet, a recovering addict, and a professional extractor in Arizona's drug tourism trade. He is also a man with too many challenges....

The Secret Martians

by Jack Sharkey

Jery Devlin had a most unusual psychic power: He could detect the logical flaws in any scheme or misleading statement--on sight. Even those that eluded the best brains in the solar system. So when the Chief...

The Sea Lady

by H.G. Wells

Much attention has been paid to the "scientific romance" novels of H. G. Wells, a founder of modern science fiction and one of the genre's greatest writers. In comparison, little attention has been given by...

The Mind Master

by Arthur Burks

Three months after the events in Africa Lee Bentley and Ellen Estabrook are back in New York--and so is Professor Barter, who is not dead, but is very much alive and equipped with heat and disintegrator rays,...


by Jules Verne

Abandoned is the second in the Mysterious Island triad coming after The 'Mysterious Island and preceding The Secrete of the Island. Jules Gabriel Verne was a French novelist, poet, and playwright best known...

The Enormous Room

by H.L. Gold & Robert Krepps

The roller coaster's string of cars, looking shopworn in their flaky blue and orange paint, crept toward the top of the incline, the ratcheted lift chain clanking with weary patience. In the front seat, a young...

The Green Odyssey

by Philip José Farmer

"The Green Odyssey" was Philip Jos Farmer's first book-length publication, originally released in 1957. It has been called "rollicking science-fiction adventure," "uproarious," "swashbuckling," and "sheer fun,"...

The Fifth-Dimension Tube

by Murray Leinster

By way of Professor Denham's Tube, Tommy and Evelyn invade the inimical Fifth-Dimensional world of golden cities and tree-fern jungles and Ragged Men. A masterful science fiction tale, told by one of the greatest...

The Gods of Pegana

by Lord Dunsany

The Gods of Pegana, by Lord Dunsany, is an imaginative book of fantasy and one of the most important collections compiled of short stories from the early part of the 20th century. Dunsany, as the second writer...

The Ghost Kings

by H. Rider Haggard

The author wrote, "The Zulus have a strange story of a white girl who in Dingaan's day was supposed to 'hold the spirit' of some legendary goddess of theirs who is also white. This girl, they say, was very beautiful...

The Time Traders

by André Norton

If it is possible to conquer space, then perhaps it is also possible to conquer time. At least that was the theory American scientists were exploring in an effort to explain the new sources of knowledge the...

Among the Wild Cybers

by Christopher L. Bennett

When the line between life and technology blurs, humanity must adjust their understanding of the universe. From bestselling author Christopher L. Bennett comes Among the Wild Cybers, eight tales portraying...

City of Mists

by Sawyer Grey

Jack Branham knew Mars better than any Earth man alive, but when he exposed the corruption of the chartered companies there, his enemies kidnapped him and shipped him to Hong Kong, where the watchful eyes of...

Kingdom of the Silver Sea

by Sawyer Grey

After years in exile on Earth, Jack Branham finally returned to Mars. Now agents of the Tharsis Company have abandoned him to die in the ruins of the ancient Martian city Odusar, while anarchists have kidnapped...

The Caves of Ceres

by Sawyer Grey

The first two expeditions to the abandoned Martian base on Ceres vanished without a trace. Captain Allen Warren, Royal Navy, is determined that the third will succeed. When he reaches Ceres the ships of the...

Arabella The Traitor of Mars

Adventures of Arabella Ashby #3

by David D. Levine

From David D. Levine comes Arabella the Traitor of Mars, the newest book in the Adventures of Arabella Ashby series.

Hail the conquering heroes!

The tyrant, Napoleon, has been defeated with Arabella and the...

Captain Future #11: Treasure on Thunder Moon

by Edmond Hamilton

It’s hell to be told 37 is too old to fly the void when you know where a great treasure lies.

The Captain Future saga follows the super-science pulp hero Curt Newton, along with his companions, The Futuremen:...

Captain Future #10: Outlaws of the Moon

by Edmond Hamilton

Curt Newton leads his valiant band of Futuremen in the thrilling campaign to preserve a priceless Lunar heritage!

The Captain Future saga follows the super-science pulp hero Curt Newton, along with his companions,...

Captain Future #9: Quest Beyond the Stars

by Edmond Hamilton

Ride With Curt Newton, the world’s greatest space-farer, and the Futuremen as they leave the known star trails to penetrate the source of cosmic rays, the very core of the universe!

The Captain Future saga...

Captain Future #8: The Lost World of Time

by Edmond Hamilton

The Futuremen race into the past to answer a cry for help that has traveled across a hundred million years! Follow Captain Future as the greatest enigma of all time transports him into the forgotten ages.