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The Lady Who Had Wings

by Darius John Granger

Did you ever find an angel lying dead in the snow? Few people have, so that's what made Logans experience unique. Then other "angels" equipped with blasters, arrived on the scene. That made it interesting. Until...

Circle of Flight

by Richard Stockham

Thorus, the vengeful, had determined his way. Aria, the healer, had determined her way. Which determined this classic meeting of the twain.

Lord of Space

by Victor Rousseau

A Dark Caesar had arisen on Eros-and all Earth trembled at his distant menace.

The Soul Master

by Will Smith

Desperately O'Hara plunged into Prof. Kell's mysterious mansion. For his friend Skip was the victim of the eccentric scientist's de-astralizing experiment, and faced a fate more hideous than death.

Growing Season

by FL Wallace

Why would anyone want to kill a tender of mechanized vegetation - with, of all things, a watch and a little red bird?

The Vidiot

by Ib Melchor

There a good many startling surprises in TV camera work. But if the universe reels - will an eager lad get a second chance?

The Tentacles From Below

by Anthony Gilmore

Down to tremendous ocean depths goes Commander Keith Wells in his blind duel with marauding "machine-fish"

The Pirate Planet

by Charles W Diffin

A strange light blinks on Vensus, and over Earth hovers a mysterious visitant-dread harbinger of interplanetary war.

Magnetic Miss Meteor

by Don Wilcox

This beautiful/heartless woman held a planet in slavery. How could a revolt prevail against her magic?

A Question of Courage

by JF Bone

The Captain was known as Gutless Gus, they said he lacked courage. Then the real test came when they ran into the enemy...

When Caverns Yawn

by Capt SP Meek

Only Dr. Bird's super-scientific sleuthing stands in the way of Ivan Saranoff's latest attempt at wholesale destruction

Beyond the Door

by Philip K Dick

Larry Thomas bought a cuckoo clock for his wife-without knowing the price he would have to pay.

The Assistant Self

by FL Wallace

It was a world of Utopian dreams and industrial strife - buffeted by the winds of human unreason. But Hal Talbot was a man apart.

No Medal for Captain Manning

by William P McGivern

When the Last two men on earth face each other across a battlefield, will they be willing to admit that was is for fools?

The Diamond Thunderbolt

by Harold Thompson Rich & Arthur Zagat

Locked in a rocket and fired into space!-such was the fate which awaited young Stoddard at the end of the diamond trail!

The Black Star Passes

by John Campbell

The arrival of an unseen dark sun whose attendant marauders aimed at the very end of civilization in this Solar System....

Prisioners of the Electron

by Robert H Leitfred

Fate throws two young Earthians into desperate conflict with the primeval monsters of an electron's savage jungles


by Henry Slesar

Monk had three questions he lived by: Where can I find it? How much will it cost? When can you deliver? But now they said that what he needed wasn't for sale. "Want to bet?" He snorted.

Planet of Dread

by RF Starzl

A stupid blunder-and Mark Forepaugh faces a life of castaway loneliness in the savage welter of the planet Inra's monster-ridden jungles.

Minor Detail

by Jack Sharkey

General Webb had a simply magnificent idea for getting ground forces into the enemy's territory despite rockets and missiles and things like that. It was a grand scheme, except for one... minor detail...