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by John Sladek

A challenging opportunity for a right-stuff person. Fred Jones is an impoverished writer who goes to America to seek his fortune. He finds instead a bewildering, soulless shopping mall of a world where everything...

The Muller-Fokker Effect

by John Sladek

This novel is about the first truly modern man. His name's Bob Shairp, and he gets completely turned into data and stored on computer tape. (How modern can you get?) Actually, there are quite a few other modern...

The Best of Philip E. High

by Philip E. High

The Best of Philip E. High Welcome to the Bizarre Imagination of Philip E. High. -A world without laws where the basest criminal activity flourishes unchecked in a dog-eat-dog society -When the crew of a submarine...

Blindfold from the Stars

by Philip E. High

The conquest of a galaxy is relatively easy providing the aggressor has the necessary technology and, more important, a safe method of overcoming possible opposition without bleeding to death in the process....

Speaking of Dinosaurs

by Philip E. High

Beyond Evolution A certain gifted engineer accepted the Theory of Evolution until he wandered by chance into a museum. In that museum was the skeleton of a dinosaur, and the skeleton got him thinking and enquiringwith...

Sold - For a Spaceship

by Philip E. High

They had slept in safety while destruction raged above them. When they awoke and emerged from their places of refuge, the world had changed - totally. For man soon discovered that he was no longer the dominant...

Butterfly Planet

by Philip E. High

Look down into the streets, the buildings, the parks. There is your battleground. Down there is the enemy - an enemy who wears no uniform. He walks behind you in the street, sits with you when you eat, and perhaps...

The Time Mercenaries

by Philip E. High

Aggression is out of date. After one war scare too many the human has suppressed it aggressive instincts by genetic manipulation. Make love, not war. Now mankind is faced with an enemy so superior, so ruthless,...

The Mad Metropolis

by Philip E. High

Given: Earth 400 years from now - a rotten society which mankind is doomed to die out. A solution to the problem - an ultra-intelligent computer to govern humanity. One man of seemingly average intelligence,...

No Truce With Terra

by Philip E. High

From: The Shaldron Race To: The Human Race Greetings: Your presence on this planet has been noted and the reason for your visit analyzed by our instrumentsWe have, therefore, taken the liberty of selecting one...

Through the Eye of a Needle

by Hal Clement

Time was running out for Bob Kinnaird. Without much warning, the Hunter - the green protoplasmic alien that lived inside him and cured all his ills - had suddenly become his destroyer. Day by day Bob grew weaker...

Close to Critical

by Hal Clement

Shrouded in eternal gloom by its own thick atmosphere, Tenebra was a hostile planet a place of crushing gravity, 370-degree temperatures, a constantly shifting crust and giant drifting raindrops. Uncompromising...

Medusa's Children

by Bob Shaw

What unfathomed secrets lay sleeping in this eerie world of water?

The Clan knew almost nothing about the giant sphere of water they inhabited, and even less about the sun and planets nearby in space. Living...


by Richard Cowper

Tom Jones is na?ve, impressionable and very, very willing. His chief talent is conversing with dolphins in the Aquatic Mammals Division of HMS Profundis, a gargantuan submarine destined to roam the ocean depths...


by Richard Cowper

Alvin is a clone. One of four, all raised separately, all with unnatural powers. Terrified by their potential, their creator attempts to wipe their recent memories, their knowledge of the talents. But the process...


by Richard Cowper

Earth, 2000 years after the holocaust which drove man deep underground; a ghostly, deserted planet peopled only by the diligent robots who, century after century, silently harvest grain which no man will eat....

A Tapestry of Time

by Richard Cowper

The first coming was the Man:

The second was Fire to burn Him;

The third was water to drown the Fire;

The fourth is the Bird of Dawning.

Twenty years have passed since the martyrdom of the Boy-piper at York,...

The Galactiad: Cap Kennedy Book 17

by E.C. Tubb

The things from beyond the Milky Way galaxy found the intelligent races of our universe amusingly slight. To them, possessors of vast cosmic power, the strivings of various humanoids to outdo each other were...

A World Aflame: Cap Kennedy Book 13

by E.C. Tubb

PILLAR OF FIRE Millions of Years before humanity and other intelligent races learned to roam the Milky Way, the Zheltyana had created an empire among the stars - rose, triumphed, and vanished. All that remained...

Spawn of Laban: Cap Kennedy Book 11

by E.C. Tubb

IN THE "DOC" SMITH TRADITION The planet was fine for big game hunters. And it was the tradition there that one must have a trophy before one could call oneself truly a man. If that were all, it would hardly...