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Time Ryder Powerstone Book One

by Don Galloway

Recovering a mystical sphere from the ruins of a long buried Scottish Castle, Archaeology student Nova Mitchell and his uncle, noted Historian and Archaeology Professor Henry Carlson are whisked away when its...

Five Weeks in a Balloon

by Jules Verne

What would it be like to explore a largely unknown swath of the world -- from the air? That's exactly what the intrepid explorers in Jules Verne's Five Weeks in a Balloon set out to do in this novel, an early...

The Skull

by Philip K. Dick

Travel backward and forward in time -- literally -- in this thought-provoking tale from science fiction master Philip K. Dick. A prisoner is given the opportunity to regain his freedom if he accepts a dangerous...

Mr. Spaceship

by Philip K. Dick

Imagine an advanced spacecraft powered by the human brain. That's the remarkable technology at the heart of this fascinating short story by science fiction mastermind Philip K. Dick. A professor nearing the...

Second Variety

by Philip K. Dick

Influential American science fiction writer Philip K. Dick was fascinated by the idea of nuclear warfare and the dire aftermath of such an event. This scenario preoccupied Dick throughout much of his career...

The Variable Man

by Philip K. Dick

Time travel, interplanetary war, technology races between enemy nations -- this early novella from science fiction mastermind Philip K. Dick has something for every fan of the genre. In the story, an increasingly...

The Defenders

by Philip K. Dick

Prolific science fiction writer Philip K. Dick penned hundreds of short stories, novels, and other pieces over the course of his career. "The Defenders" is a short but spellbinding tale that imagines a dystopian...

The Crystal Crypt

by Philip K. Dick

Immerse yourself in this gripping tale of interplanetary war from the mind of science fiction master Philip K. Dick. Set in the far-off future, this tale plays with several of the themes that show up time and...


by Jason Doyle

Ten-thousand years ago, demon-like creatures attempted to invade the Earth and were narrowly defeated. Now one of these ancient evils has possessed the body of high school student Jake Stewart in an attempt...

Return of the Outcast

by Christian Clason & Andrew Gray

Returning from his own age of darkness, Vesuvius finds himself glimpsing a world that existed beneath him, beneath his nose, and his understanding. The lessons he wanted with Verana come true, in a new form,...

The Room of Villains: Emergence of the Seven

by D.K. Authords

Fifty years ago, Evivrous and five of his six sons were imprisoned in another world-one much more dangerous than the human world. The villainous son who remains in this human world has the task of sending Jackie...

Brain Time Now ebook

by Christopher Nadeau

A noise punk fairytale about creativity as a self defense weapon against brain invading advertisement technological advances.

The Dragon Family and Other Random Stories

by Kaiya Wells

Seven short stories by a 13 year old author about dragons, gryphons and a giant fire breathing frog. Explore fantastical places and imagine fantastical new creatures in this exciting book. Stories and illustrations...

Grak and Other Short Stories

by Zephan Wells

Grak And Other Short Stories is a collection of short stories by 16 year old Author, Zephan Wells. This book is a compilation of work accomplished while participating in the 2013 and 2014 NaNoWriMo Young Writer's...

The Emerald Assemblage

by Rivan Wells

A collection of 18 short stories and story fragments by an 18 year old homeschooled author. Enter his imagination and read about dryads, starships, paladins, and a giant robot. Walk in the rain with a stranger....

The Pawn

by Kate Sherwood

Against the Odds: Book One

Adam Challoner was born a member of the wealthy elite, but he can't forget that his power and comfort come from the suffering of the vast underclass-people oppressed by the very regime...


by KM Stringer

A ship of refugees from the distant planet of Alokina arrives over Los Angeles. While visiting the city below, their charismatic "Most High" leader encounters a young, female, "Earthborn" doctor with whom he...

Shades of Reality

by Aaron Scott

He paused a moment, then the sword came flashing though the air in a streak of red flames. I dropped to the ground and leaned against the wall near the door. I did not want to see what I knew had happened. I...

The Adventures of the Princesses of Mars

by P. J. Bates

A magical adventure involving accidental travellers stranded on a barren planet. The Princesses battle through many dangerous encounters with strange creatures to fulfil ancient prophesies and revive the dying...

The Other Son

by Allan Avidano

"In this compelling debut sci-fi pastiche of existential crises, millennia-old religious prophecies and modern-day fanaticism, the supernatural aspirations of a Muslim scientist collide with the modest, earthly...