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The Arii

by Erik Thaisen


Zachariah is a space traveller in a frozen state, riding on Halley's comet. When the comet crashes to Earth in Antarctica, he is rescued by an explorer and taken to Melbourne, Australia. In Melbourne...

The Merpeople Rebellion

by Morgan Ackerly

Written in poem form, Illustrated, Story of Merpeople who want to clean the ocean.

The Sons of Apollyon

by Author G. A. Colin

What if the story of creation as told by the Bible was written to mask the real truth - that God and Satan were powerful beings living long before the time of humanity? And what if these powerful beings were...

Iron II: Unknown Place, Unknown Universe

by Lazlo Ferran

Three rookie space cadets crash on an unknown planet! Stone, son of war hero Jake Nanden, crash-lands on an unknown planet in an unknown star system with jackal-headed aliens hard on his tail after falling through...

Trolls In My Attic

by Element 232

The sounds from the chimney stack were scratching, climbing, for what seemed like hours, were merely the passing of a few minutes. My heart was still pounding and growing into a deterring nuisance as the seconds...

Out of Time's Abyss

Caspak #3

by Edgar Rice Burroughs

Though now best remembered as the creator of the character Tarzan, Edgar Rice Burroughs was a prolific writer of science fiction and fantasy tales. This novel is the third entry in Burroughs' Caspak trilogy,...

The People that Time Forgot

Caspak #2

by Edgar Rice Burroughs

Though Edgar Rice Burroughs is best remembered for creating jungle hero Tarzan, he was also a prolific writer of science fiction and fantasy tales. The People that Time Forgot is a novel that details the adventures...

Waiting in the Shadows

by Trish Moran

Perfect for fans of Veronica Roth's Divergent trilogy and Lois Lowry's The Giver.

Amidst the excitement of the advances in stem cell research, little thought has been given to the human spare parts created at...

Feeling Around In the Dark

by Chris Hickey

A benevolent god-machine. A magician making deal with things worse than the Devil. A man torn in half by grief. The Weird now fits in the palm of your hand with this ebook edition.

Bitter Blood

by M.S. Farrell

Marya is filled with a great bitterness for the race that was responsible for her families destruction. With the help of her mother she proceeds to destroy every vampire that crosses her path until she destroys...

Arid Land: Found

by Kate Hanton

After the greatest war of the world, the land has been crippled and is slowly dying. Although, as any problem, this one has a cure. Suffering from serious amnesia, fifteen year old Gillia hates the hand life...

Orbbelgguren Series: Book IX Child of the Shard

by Stephen Christiansen

Dar Axenhammer the second, a male dwarf, volunteers to help with the mines of a small village. His journey leads him on an adventure beyond his comprehension. Elemmiire, a female dark elf, struggles to find...

The Lost Goats

by Jonathan Waite & Sam Armitage

The Lost Goats, the title story of this collection, is a new short novel in which Soren and Zander go hunting for missing Nyronds and find more trouble than they could have imagined. Also featured are The Caesarian...

A Collection of Short Stories: Volume 1

by Socraties Ray

Volume 1 of Short Stories includes two stories; Talon Academy Tales and Handmaiden Trials. Both stories are about girls, and the trials that they face trying to gain acceptance, as well as progress through the...


by Susan Palwick

The three basic human needs are food, water…and shelter. But in the late 21st century, compassion is a crime. You can get your memories wiped just for trying to help.


Papa Preston Walford's world doesn't...

The Way of Things Part Seven - The Way

by Paula George

Alvalard falls foul of the Evil Power's wrath. Unable to conquer the land, he sends two riders, to spread death a disease among the people. They are not alone, for the Darkness has been released from his place...

Hidden Destinations

by Jon R. W. Thomas

"Selecting the right travel agent can lead to good travel experiences especially if your agent has unusual abilities." Claire wanted to ease her way into the travel industry, but her supervisor made her training...

Arcane Advent Diaries: The Wolf's Doppelganger

by R Kain

Actions have consequences, no matter the intentions. While he said he wouldn't regret the actions he took to save countless others, Leidolf has come to know what it meant to damn himself by bearing the cursed...

The Throne of Crowns

by Simon Fox

A visionary and a warmonger fight for control of their nation's future. Whose agenda will triumph? ... THE THRONE OF CROWNS is Part 1 of THE FIRSTLORD CHRONICLES, a cutting-edge series of hard-core science-fiction...

A Rending of Falcons

Mechwarrior - Dark Age #26

by Victor Milan

More information to be announced soon on this forthcoming title from Penguin USA