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Oceanus, Tale of Two Tides

by Gregory Lewanski

Deep beneath the waves of the ocean's surface rests a mysterious and beautiful nation. Known to its people as Atlantis, this aquatic race has been long adapted to a life of underwater habitation. Homes and businesses...

Scrolls of Armathose: The Haunted Forest

by Liam B. Hershtale & Michael D. Ballard

Actions, they are what sculpt and define us as humans. The same holds true for our hero William and what defines him as such. As "The Haunted Forest" begins you find nothing different or even special about this...

False Memory

by Dean Koontz

BONUS: This edition contains an excerpt from Dean Koontz's The City.



No fan of Dean Koontz or of psychological suspense will want to miss this extraordinary novel of the human mind’s...


by P L Herlihy

In 2297, eighty-two years after Earth Abandonment to Mars, the Company is sending back a salvage team to retrieve the ISELP (International Space Exploration Launch Platform). The mission for the five Company...

Pirate Rebel Privateer Spy

by Robert Grisham

Pirate, Rebel, Privateer, Spy is a tale set in the year 2253 in a less-than-perfect universe. The roles people play can make a mess of things. Sometimes questionable, sometimes convoluted, and sometimes damnable,...

A Fragment of Fear: A Novel

by John Bingham


"This novel comprises some of the best work of an extremely gifted and perhaps under-regarded British crime novelist.... What gave John Bingham his magic was something...

Tex Element ( Children Version)

by Ray Diamond

The legend begins with a black polydactyl cat named Shadow, who believes he is human. He is led to a garden that has an entrance conceal by a Fire Spirit to Diyu ... The realm of the dead.He is returned to earth...

Attic Ladies: Gloamin's Gateway

by D.J. Yates

A peaceful alternative mystical land called Ledremain is attacked by creatures known as 'Gloamins'. Two young girls escape to earth and hide in a magical attic for their protection. A young girl called Freya,...

Barbarians of the Red Planet

by Rogue Planet Press

On a dying world where the ruins of ancient civilisations moulder, where Earthmen seek out sinister mysteries guarded jealously by nomad tribes, where both sword and blaster are wielded by inhabitants of stone-walled...

Want to Know a Secret

by Deb CarverOwens

Lisa has a new position as the administrative aide to the CEO of Barton Industries. Her boss, Cliff is a handsome man, but, Lisa senses that there is something hidden in his character that makes her wary. Rafe...

Sons of Solistar : The Broken Chain

by David Adkins

The world has always believed in magic, but now magic has been released back into this world. With the search for power, comes the pain of war and force to control it. There are always those who have power,...


by Baron Brady

Three sci-fi stories about individuals attempting to overcome forces they don't understand.

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds X

by Dean Wesley Smith

Ambassador Sarek meets his future wife. Captain Ransom atones for his sins. T'Pol pursues a composer, after she is captivated by the human's music. Strands of DNA are woven together from four Starfleet captains,...

Category 7

by Bill Evans & Marianna Jameson

A Category 4 hurricane, with winds of up to 155 miles per hour, tears roofs off buildings, smashes windows and doors, and can send floodwaters up to the second floor.  Evacuation is suggested for up to six...

The Space Opera Renaissance

by Kathryn Cramer & David G. Hartwell

"Space opera", once a derisive term for cheap pulp adventure, has come to mean something more in modern SF: compelling adventure stories told against a broad canvas, and written to the highest level of skill....

The Dark River: Book Two of the Fourth Realm Trilogy

Fourth Realm Trilogy #2

by John Twelve Hawks

A fearless heroine.... A tale of brother against brother.... A battle for hope and freedom.

Two brothers born into a race of Travelers—prophets able to journey to different realms of consciousness—have just...

The Angels Planet

by Katerina Kostaki

Spiritual entities from Alcyone,Pleiades have been assisting Mankind for centuries to develop consciousness and save Earth. Many re-incarnated Souls including the author of this tale from Pleiades Constelation...

The Saviors of Tollar: The Search for the Passage

by Justin LaBoy

From the imagination of Justin W. LaBoy comes an epic tale of great importance. Young Juliette of the small, mountainous town of Tollar, has been accidentally charged with the unprecedented task of saving her...

The Unveiled World

by Robert Ziefel

Return with Dean and his friends to their second year of Demongate High, the only supernatural school on Earth. There are new talismans to make, new powers to explore, and evils, thought defeated, that may yet...

Game Ender

by B. James Patterson

This isn't a playground! Space is a witch's heart. It's cold, unforgiving, and murderous. Get that through your head. Space is miles and miles of nothing, a vacuum, an empty place devoid of life that doesn't...