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RoboCop: Dead or Alive Vol. 1

by Joshua Williamson & Carlos Magno

What's to Love: If you're like us, the classic 1987 film holds a special place in your fan heart. This collection is the hard-bitten world of RoboCop we all grew up on! If you've ever wondered what happens to...

Adventures of Space Cadets 101: ISIS

by Darryl D. Wright & Karen Paul Stone

An action/comedy with astronauts taking off on one journey which turned into many adventures throughout the galaxies

This is the first book in a series about a wealthy family of the future. The Houstons adventure...


by Taku Mayumura, Daniel Jackson & Naoyuki Katoh

Administrator, or Shiseikan in Japanese, took the Japanese SF community by storm when first published in 1974. Unlike traditional space opera, it pushed technology into the background to present a compelling...

Revolt of the Humans

by Jonathan Burke

When his brother failed to return from a dangerous mission into the town dominated by Motils, Mathew knew that he must go after him.

it was not only a question of rescuing Don, but of finding out just how far...

Hotel Cosmos

by Jonathan Burke

Harrison got to the hotel less than ten minutes after the manager had visio'd him. Two men followed him in, one of them sauntering casually across to the desk and giving no sign of recognition.

Twenty yards away...

Dark Andromeda

by John Glasby & A.J. Merak

Earth was threatened with attach from the huge space-fleets of the Hundred Suns of Andromeda - an attack that the Terran Fleet could not hope to defeat.

Only one chance remained to prevent Earth's destruction,...

Satellite B.C.

by John Glasby & Rand Le Page

The crew of the interstellar exploration ship Ultima Thule is menaced by a brain-eating alien.

This Second Earth

by John Glasby & R.L. Bowers

The world that Man has known for close on twenty thousand years had been overthrown in a holocaust of atomic fire and annihilation. The immense and complex system of civilisation had been utterly destroyed almost...

The Micro Men

by John Russell Fearn & Vargo Statten

An intense human quietness was upon the laboratory. Annexed though it was to the rambling reaches of the Research Council Building, wherein experimental analyses from atomic power to weed-killer were taking...

Z Formations

by John Russell Fearn & Bryan Shaw

Using the secret motive power of a lost a lost flying saucer, physicist Micael Arnott, three companions and an escaped convict are flung into the void at eight times the speed of light to eventually land, after...

The Hell Fruit

by John Russell Fearn & Laurence F. Rose

A space opera in which an interplanetary criminal reminiscent of Charteris' character, The Saint, foils a plot to flood Earth with an addictive Venusian fruit.

Dark Boundaries

by John Russell Fearn & Paul Lorraine

When Commander Herries of the Space Line began to sell the water of Mars as a 'potion' for lengthening life he had no idea that he was going to create the world's greatest thirst and produce havoc among the...

The Purple Wizard

by John Russell Fearn & Volsted Gridban

To satisfy the belief of Professor Addison that Entropy can be controlled, to produce a backward and forward movement through the condition known as Time, Kitty Addison and her fiance, Arthur Davis, consent...

Exit Life

by John Russell Fearn & Volsted Gridban

"Hello Earth! Hello London!"

But no reply was forthcoming to the message sent out by the spaceship in which the four pioneers had been exploring all the planets en route to Pluto, and which was now on its way...

Moons For Sale

by John Russell Fearn & Volsted Gridban

To believe in a scientific theory strongly enough to be willing to use one's own son as the 'guinea pig' is faith indeed!


by Judith Moffett

Pennterra is a beautiful and fertile planet and humanity's last hope for survival. But Pennterra is already inhabited. After warning other colony ships to stay away, the small advance colony of Quakers has adapted...

The Last Martian

by John Russell Fearn & Vargo Statten

Originally published in 1952, John Russell Fearn writes another classic pulp SF novel as Vargo Statten.


by C.A. Higgins

With deeply moving human drama, nail-biting suspense—and bold speculation informed by a degree in physics—C. A. Higgins spins a riveting science fiction debut guaranteed to catapult readers beyond their...

The Heart Goes Last: A Novel

by Margaret Atwood

Margaret Atwood puts the human heart to the ultimate test in an utterly brilliant new novel that is as visionary as The Handmaid's Tale and as richly imagined as The Blind Assassin.

     Stan and Charmaine...

Sight Unseen

by James Swallow

An original spin-off novel set in the popular Star Trek: The Next Generation universe from New York Times bestselling author James Swallow!

In the wake of political upheaval across the United Federation of Planets,...