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Time Enough at Last

by Lyn Venable

The atomic bomb meant, to most people, the end.To Henry Bemis it meant something far different—a thing to appreciate and enjoy.


by Lyn Venable

What thrill is there in going out among the stars if coming back means bitter loneliness?

On Handling the Data

by M. I. Mayfield

Sometimes a story is best told by omission!

This One Problem

by M. C. Pease

Piracy in the past has acquired the gaudy technicolor of high romance. In the present, piracy is as tawdry as tabloid headlines. But piracy in the far future, when presented as vividly as in this story, can...

Show Business

by Lyle G. Boyd

Here's the behind-the-scenes lowdown on Luna City life and a promoter of Martian dancing girls, vaudeville, and—other things. But remember: stop us if you've heard this one!

Omega, the Man

by Lowell Howard Morrow

Lowell Howard Morrow, probably best known for his science fiction story "Omega, the Man", was a noted American author.

Islands in the Air

by Lowell Howard Morrow

The slavery of weight, which chains us to this planet and to the ground, is far more serious than we appreciate, simply because we have always been "earthbound". But, sooner or later, it will be possible to...


by P. Marie

Lilith is a teenager looking for some excitement in her ordinary life. She soon finds that her family has a secret; a dark secret that threatens not only her, but all of mankind. It's summer vacation and Lilith...

Druids v2 (eBook)

by G.L. Vough

1st century Celtic-Britain. The story of Celtic peoples' struggles against distant, mighty Rome. DRUIDS is the story of Queen Boadicea of the Iceni & her two unnamed daughters ... a story spanning a century....

Druids v1 (eBook)

by G.L. Vough

1st century Celtic-Britain. The story of Celtic peoples' struggles against distant, mighty Rome. DRUIDS is the story of Queen Boadicea of the Iceni & her two unnamed daughters ... a story spanning a century....

Identity Monster

by J.M. Loreline

Lydia Tallow is beginning to wonder if taking that job collecting briefcases out of back alleys was a smart move. Her new boss, Nick Roman, is a bit "off", but he's been having a bad time lately. His mail was...

A Trip to Mars

by Fenton Ash

In the case of my former book—my first written for young readers—I inserted a preface stating at some length my reasons for taking up the writing of stories of the kind. In it I pointed out that I had endeavoured...

Ambiguous Flame

by Christian Clason

Jason's world is turned upside down by war and family conflict. His family no longer stands as the ruling family, but it still stands for something for its long and ancient lineage. Appointed the General, his...

Joe a Sorcerer's Odyssey  Book I the Odyssey Begins

by Barry Lee Jones

(Word count-86,089) Joe is having weird dreams. He consults someone about those dreams and finds that he has talent in the mystic arts. He studies in a witch's coven and does an apprenticeship under a master...

Cibola Burn

The Expanse #4

by James S.A. Corey


The gates have opened the way to thousands of habitable planets, and the land rush has begun. Settlers stream out from humanity's home planets in a vast, poorly controlled flood, landing...

The Long Mars

The Long Earth #3

by Terry Pratchett & Stephen Baxter

2040. The Long Earth is in chaos. . . .

The cataclysmic Yellowstone eruption is shutting down civilization. Whole populations flee to the relative safety of myriad stepwise Earths. Sally Linsay, Joshua Valiente,...

Vesuvius' Rise

by Christian Clason & Andrew Gray

*Explicit* Vesuvius is on the rise and his vision could not be clearer. Since the fall of the Prophet, the Empire fell, but he has made it his duty to eradicate all in his way of social order, domination and...

The Watcher

by Joshua Pantalleresco, Florence Chan & Kristen Denbow

On the top of a tower, guarded by dragons, the Watcher gazes out into the horizon. While the rest of his tribe work and toil, he questions what is beyond the walls. Determined to find out, he escapes his captors...

Learning the World

by Robert Ziefel

A mysterious visitor from the stars approaches Earth, wondering what mysteries this new world he has discovered has in store. He has found the world of Demongate High, where the supernatural is around every...

Due Process

by Robert Ziefel

As Dean Chesterfield is growing up, he believes he is just another ordinary kid an an ordinary world. Both of these assumptions are wrong. On his 14th birthday, Dean learns two things. One, that his parents...