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Old Man's War Boxed Set 1

by John Scalzi

From the New York Times bestselling author: John Scalzi's Old Man's War: now available in one volume! 


Old Man’s War

The Ghost Brigades

The Last Colony

At the publisher's request, this title is...

Masters of Illusion: The Wormhole Guardians

by Jeff Ferraro

It is the year 2024. An exclusive, independent group of supernatural beings has guided humanity to ten years of unprecedented peace and prosperity. This loosely-knit organization, known as The Wormhole Guardians,...

Ionotatron (Book II of the Chronopticus Chronicles)

by Michael Galloway

When a construction accident takes out the mayor of Mars' largest domed city, Pierce Steadman is elevated into the role. Tasked with overseeing the reconstruction of Magnopolis after the Great War, he sets out...

Nightmare Begins with an Eye

by Brady Styles


Tait and Sticks, former musicians who are now private eyes, agree to assist Inspector Nathan's beautiful niece. She wants to return a potentially deadly artifact to its mythical place of origin in...

Genuine Myth

by Silence Leaflin

It has been nearly two years since Rayden's Circle. Now Tannor Fitzgerald is embarking on a quest of a different sort. No longer searching for the world's magic, Tannor wishes to expose myths for what they are....


by Steve Harrison

In 1795 a convict ship leaves England for New South Wales in Australia. Nearing its destination, it encounters a savage storm but, miraculously, their battered ship stays afloat and limps into Sydney Harbour....

The Price of Freedom

by Keith Foster

Eighteen-year-old Jalia Quinn was a brilliant young girl who, despite her parent's wishes, was ready to go out and explore the galaxy. When she enrolled in the Draconis Defense Force she thought it would be...

Origins: Dawn of Man

by David Sunseri

A great war has just ravaged the Pleiades galaxy, leaving two of its residents without a choice but to reside in a new solar system. The Annunaki, an aggressive species determined to become a galactic power,...

Fractal Standard Time (Book I of the Chronopticus Chronicles)

by Michael Galloway

Can Eden be built on another planet? Several pioneers, explorers, and inventors aim to find out by establishing a permanent colony on Mars. One mathematician and scientist, Steven Entner, stakes his career on...

Urban Magic: Magical Embrace

by James Gardner

Within a magical community, an uprising is imminent. Vampires are infiltrating the government and Del Kyle has just been asked to birth his powers as a witch and lead the eradication of the human race. As vampires,...

Planetfall: Childhood's End

by Graeme Maughan

Earth is dying. An experimental space ship leaves Earth for the outer edges of the solar system, searching for a safe route to another star system. But back on Earth the daughter of one of the crew members finds...

A Quest of Heroes (Book #1 in the Sorcerer's Ring)

by Morgan Rice

"THE SORCERER'S RING has all the ingredients for an instant success: plots, counterplots, mystery, valiant knights, and blossoming relationships replete with broken hearts, deception and betrayal. It will keep...


by Dale Vincent D'Alessio

A man plagued by dream premonitions of a woman sets out to understand what they mean and why they continue to haunt his sleep. A university student (Becca) takes on the challenge and joins the quest hoping to...

Savage Capture

by Jessie Snow

Some things aren't meant to be remembered... Jay has a secret. A secret he locked away within his own mind, after a tragic accident years ago. Electrical being Skyler intends to help him unlock it. But painful...

A Young Man's Exception

by Jon R. W. Thomas

Experimenters are often not surprised by the results, but Andy's effort, which began as a computer program, resulted in profound changes for him, his family, and residents of other worlds.


by Mark Bowman

The organic computer of the Nexus has disturbed a timeless presence in Verity Space, and unleashed a force bent on the systematic removal of human influence from space-time. While hiding on Mars, Nomia embarks...

Season 7

by D.F. Nightshade

Richard has been a security system salesman for about a year now. He's good at what he does and loves his job, but doesn't feel valued at the workplace. He's passed up for promotions he feels he should get and...

Tales of Aswin

by Carmenica Diaz

Sorcery is alive in Aswin where monarchs have absolute power and politics is driven by the sword and conquest. In this alternate Earth, Riclamin the Younger, Novice Knight in the legion of Lord Walril undergoes...

Tomorrow, the Stars

by 10 titles (ARMINIUS, et cetera) Walling

Perplexed by an unearthly stranger's inexplicable appearances, Cosmologist Roger Shore is dismayed when the alien entity questions his knowledge of faster-than-light spacecraft development. Baffled when only...

Masters of Illusion: The Game

by Jeff Ferraro

What do you do after discovering that your life is no longer your own? Do you strike back against those who are mocking your very existence, or is it best to simply play along with whatever sinister plans your...