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Endor's Adventures

by John R. Garland

Endor must travel to the neighboring country of Dame in order to learn what he can of the people and their head wizard, Erg. Together they must form an alliance to do battle with Crindeland and their head wizard,...

The Lost World

by Arthur Conan Doyle

The Lost World is Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's classic tale of fantasy. Two scientists, a big game hunter and a journalist set off to the wilds of South America and the Amazon in search of prehistoric beasts. There,...

Essence E-book

by Mack Pitts

By 2213 the earth was completely controlled by Biologically Enhanced Mechanically Improved Humans (BEMIH). All remaining pure humanoids, the NTH, had been forced to Transvergence or relocation off Earth's boundaries....

Anecdotes from an Unfamiliar Realm

by Rachel McGrew

A collection of four short stories, filled with adventures, suspense, and lessons we all must learn in our time. The Assassination: Lyra Sobusk, a young, precocious, intergalactic assassin learns the meaning...

Three Windows

by Jonathan Waite

Three medium-length stories (not long enough for novels, too long for shorts) covering MR Jamesian horror, dystopian fantasy and "soft" science fiction.

Defender of Genes

by Tony Green


Billions of years ago in a faraway galaxy, Planet Zula is reeling from the effects of global warming. It is burning amid the flames of a worldwide war over resources. When evil aliens attack an orbiting...

Silver Follows

by Emily Covington

On February 3rd, Ava lost everything. Her mother was killed by soldiers, her home was burnt to ash, and her best friend Miles was taken. She was left alone in a land of ruin. She set off through the wilderness...

The Metal Eater

by E.C. Tubb

It was the last planet left for men to conquer - a planet rich in priceless urillium ore, yet no man laid a finger on this wealth that was for the taking. For the planet Vendor could not be conquered. Space-men...

Menace from the Past

by E.C. Tubb

Originally published under Carl Maddox, one of E. C. Tubb's many pseudonyms.

Venusian Adventure

by E.C. Tubb

Venus was a goldmine, a planet rotten with mineral wealth and unexploited resources, and tales filtered back to Earth and Mars, were whispered in the Domes of Mercury and wondered at in the dives of the outer...

I Fight for Mars

by E.C. Tubb

Fighting for Mars means a battle with the Lobants, a formidable enemy, robot yet human, whose origins are shrouded in a terrifying Martian mystery. Ace rocketship pilot John Delmar, on a dangerous and unlicensed...

Fugitive of Time

by E.C. Tubb

Starships are grounded, interrupting vital inter-stellar commerce, all the highly-developed industries have stopped, man turns to the primitive sources of animal fat and wood for light and heat. With civilization...

Planetoid Disposals Ltd

by E.C. Tubb

Tubb, originally writing as Volsted Gridban, bridges the gap between physics and metaphysics, conceiving speeds superior to that of light, transport by dematerialisation and re-assembly of atoms in a remote...

Alien Impact

by E.C. Tubb

An adventure story set on a habitable Venus, populated by wild and fierce beasts, and humanoids with white skin, white hair, red eyes.


by E.C. Tubb

This colorful, action-packed space opera tells of rival factions, including Earthmen and an enigmatic and fanatical Venusian, who voyage through space in a race to find the derelict ship of an ancient civilization,...


by E.C. Tubb

Somewhere on Venus lies the wreck of Space Patrol XX15, which holds a secret vital to Earth's security. Only one man knows where the wreck lies: Rex Carson. But he has been unjustly banished to a terrible Jovian...

Deus X

by Norman Spinrad

Can human consciousness exist within the framework of an electronic "brain" and still maintain its humanity? In DEUS X, a dying priest's consciousness is uploaded into the most advanced computer of the day -...

The Book of Kane

by Karl Edward Wagner

Collects five occult tales about Kane, red-haired and left-handed mighty being: ? Reflections for the Winter of My Soul (1973) ? Misericorde (1983) ? The Other One (1977) ? Sing a Last Song of Valdese (1976)...

Death Angel's Shadow

by Karl Edward Wagner

A quest that takes Kane into forbidden wastelands, and tests his killer skills against the most brutal forces ever summoned against a single man. Kane faces death duels in strange swamps, assassins' attacks,...

The Way of the Rose

by Tricia Sullivan

With the land of Everien in chaos as a voracious timeserpent wreaks havoc, Istar and her companions - Taratel, Jaya, and Tarquin the Free - embark on a perilous quest to the lost city of Jai Pendu in order to...