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by Jim Harmon

There were two varieties of aliens-blue and bluer-but not as blue as the Earthmen!

Beach Scene

by Marshall King

It was a fine day at the beach for Purnie's game-but his new friends played very rough!

Bad Memory

by Patrick Fahy

Channing wanted a planet. Had they sold him a pup?

Angel's Egg

by Edgar Pangborn

When adopting a pet, choose the species that is most intelligent, obedient, loyal, fun to play with, yet a shrewd, fearless protector. For the best in pets-choose a human being!

... and it Comes out Here

by Lester Del Rey

There is one fact no sane man can quarrel with ... everything has a beginning and an end. But some men aren't sane; thus it isn't always so!

A Pail of Air

by Fritz Leiber

The dark star passed, bringing with it eternal night and turning history into incredible myth in a single generation! In this story of desperation and courage a family believing themselves to be the last humans...

Fantastic Stories Present the Galaxy Science Fiction Super Pack #1: With linked Table of Contents

by Fritz Leiber

Edited by H. L. Gold; 'Galaxy Science Fiction' hit the scene in 1950 and quickly became the leading science fiction magazine of its time. Galaxy gave a home to writers that didn't fit into Astounding and F&SF,...


by James Stamers

Antimony IX divers can't be seen, of course ... but don't have anything in mind when one of them is around you!


by Keith Laumer

The general was bucking for his other star-and this miserable contraption bucked right back!

Delayed Action

by Charles Vincent De Vet

This planet gave him the perfect chance to commit the perfect crime-only he couldn't remember just what it was he had committed.

Kreativity for Kats

by Fritz Leiber

They are the aliens among us-and their ways and wonders are stranger than extraterrestrials!

The Bizarre Half-Life of John Fortune

by James Gideon

John Fortune is a street kid made good. Thanks to a genius for maths and physics, he carves out a successful career in interstellar engineering. But there's something not quite right about John. Something not...

Love and War : The Javik Series

by M. L. Hollinger

Love and War by M.L. Hollinger

Javik goes off the war.  While he’s away the old witch, Grazhda, tells Allana she will be Queen of Gorgos and tells her Tao Shan has the key to her true identity.  She consults...

The Adventures of Regen the Bremen

by M. L. Hollinger

The Adventures of Regen the Bremen by M.L. Hollinger

REGEN is an earthy, pragmatic, drug smuggler who cares little for anything but money, beautiful women, and his own highly unusual pet.  The animal is a skeen,...

The Coven of the Spring

by Jeff Lovell

THE COVEN OF THE SPRING by Jeff Lovell. Grace DeRosa, a gifted research chemist finds a hidden spring in the woods near Salem, Massachusetts. She discovers that the consumed water imparts unique and fearful...


by Jeff Lovell

Acid by Jeff Lovell

Rick Howell, living in the shadow of two women who have the power to change reality, must risk his life to stop the genocidal exploits of a desperate lunatic who wants to acquire their powers....

Josh and the Cargan

by M. L. Hollinger

Josh and the Cargan by M.L. Hollinger

This book tells the story of a teenage boy whose life is complicated by a strange inheritance from his great grandfather.  Josh Smith wants to be a rock star.  He has...

The Weather

by Caighlan Smith

In the middle of a barren wasteland, a small town goes through the motions as if nothing's changed. Lolly has school, a part time job, a senile grandmother that needs looking after. But everything has changed,...

Durarara!!, Vol. 3 (novel)

by Ryohgo Narita & Suzuhito Yasuda

"Could you kill someone? Working as an information broker in Shinjuku, just toying with all those people... But could you, Izaya Orihara, kill someone? Directly, by your own hand? Not stabbing someone with your...

Mars Attacks: The Armageddon Directive

by Dayton Ward

When he stumbles upon a Martian's plot to ignite World War III, FBI agent Nate Tanner must defy orders to get to the truth. Determined to stop a ruthless undercover invader from taking Earth to the brink of...