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Doc Savage: White Eyes

by Kenneth Robeson

New York City is plagued by a series of inexplicable killings in which victims are felled, their eyes turning a blank white. The Blind Death has struck! Called into the case, Doc Savage follows a trail of mayhem...

Doc Savage: Python Isle

by Kenneth Robeson

Aviator Tom Franklin vanished in 1927, another casualty of the pioneering attempts to cross the world's great oceans by airplane. The grieving public never expected to see him alive again. So when the missing...

Doc Savage: The War Makers

by Kenneth Robeson

All over the Midwest, cars and trucks were crashing--stopped in their tracks by an inexplicable force! Had some unseen power targeted America's automotive industry--or was something more sinister at stake? Summoned...

Doc Savage: Phantom Lagoon

by Kenneth Robeson

When a brazen adventuress tries to hire Doc Savage for a secret mission--but won't tell him why--it lights the fuse for one of the most explosive exploits ever to involve the Man of Bronze. Who is Hornetta Hale?...


by Larry Hall

Representative from the one true god passes judgment on Earth. How do we rate in the court of good and evil where there is no gray area and only one punishment. Hell.

Find a Way Home

by Larry Hall

The sequel to Damnation. The end to the search for their home and what it cost them and the entire Universe we know.

Tha Black Eagles

by Larry Hall

Vampires protecting humanity? And from who or what? And where did they come from. Vampires more Human than Humanity.

Alternative: Omega

by Todd Daigneault

At the outbreak of the first Gulf War, two American scientists endowed with mysterious, hidden and completely unknown powers, begin a run for their lives from alien powers destined to destroy them. As they hold...

True Believers

by Todd Daigneault

A North American scientist comes to a growing realization that somehow he may be trapped in a hell-like reality, with three moons and the dead coming back to life.

The Gift

by Larry Hall

What if an average Joe was given godlike powers but not godlike wisdom. Would or could he do the right thing?


by D. J. Baldock

Alicia McTravers, a young and violent pyrokinetic, is carving a bloody path of revenge through the city. By chance, she meets Violet, her opposite, employed as a 'superhero' by the government. Attempting to...

Short Burst of Light

by Eric Lunde

Dr. Delambre has developed the technology to copy objects and people. But in the process he discovers he has also developed a way to copy time. Through the process, it is discovered that the daughter of an associate...

Sol. Terra - The Leap

by C. A. Harland

Following a devastating attack by the Agroaki Battle Fleet, planet Earth finally agrees to ally itself with the Intergalactic Union and becomes designation Sol.Terra. Pia, a Terran girl, desperate to get off-world,...

Pathfinders: Rise of the Serns

by Cynthia Michaels & Shanan Thode

Every choice... Has a price The Gods rule creation The Pathfinders protect the cycle of the chosen. To discover a painful truth and an utter betrayal, Karri, the Warrior Goddess, must choose between the men...

Puramore - The Lute of Pythagoras

by Steven Wood Collins

British Army Captain George Smythe spills his blood for The Cause before he has a conscious thought as to either its true nature or his role as its leader in the distant future. His mortal and immortal enemy...

Covered In Darkness

by BrookLynne Winters

In an ordinary world, Meagan Farrow is about to turn seventeen, about to graduate high school, and is getting settled into a new town with her family. Everything is...ordinary Then, there is the real world....


by J.D. Cumberland

Idolatry is a beautiful yet terrifying revelation of what exists beyond the veil of what we know as death as told by Eve, someone that was never meant to be a hero. She fits together all the events we have seen...

The Eater of Laments

by Aaron Engelbeck

Joseph has made some mistakes in leading the revolution. Some of these mistakes threaten to overwhelm him. He's made small mistakes but others have cost people their lives. Good people. People that trusted him....

The (Sin) Chronicles; Redemption

by Lucy Grayson

''I didn't want help. I just...wanted to disappear." It's over. The war has passed, the fighting has stopped, but it leaves behind a haunting silence. In this final visit to the world of the Wolfwood family,...

The (Sin) Chronicles; (Sin)ergy

by Lucy Grayson

"Why don't they put this part in the stories?" The City in the Clouds is stirring and whispers against the Eldars are growing louder. Ani's actions have set a flame which is growing rapidly. The Eldars are backed...