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The Ripper Affair

Bannon & Clare #3

by Lilith Saintcrow

The enthralling conclusion to the Bannon and Clare trilogy from New York Times bestselling author, Lilith Saintcrow.

Sorcery. Treason. Madness. And, of course, murder most foul...

A shattering accident places...

The Void Trilogy 3-Book Bundle: The Dreaming Void, The Temporal Void, The Evolutionary Void

by Peter F. Hamilton

Peter F. Hamilton’s extraordinary far-future epics recall the golden age of science fiction, as practiced by Isaac Asimov and Robert Heinlein. Nowhere is that legacy more in evidence than in The Void Trilogy....

In The Cross Hairs : The Interstellar War Ignites : The Ypsilanti-Dakkarosi War, Volume 1 of 3

by Gregory A. Pierson


The time is the twenty-third century. Richard Cox is the commander of the Johnson Point Space Surveillance Installation on Danovia Prime. For five years there has been relative calm in this region...

Earth, Too

by Alan Barney

The crew members of Centaur II return to Earth in the late twentieth-first century after completing over 30 years on an exploratory mission to the first extra-solar planet having life. Since their departure,...

The MaddAddam Trilogy Bundle: The Year of the Flood; Oryx & Crake; MaddAddam

by Margaret Atwood

Bestselling writer Margaret Atwoods universally acclaimed trilogy of post-apocalyptic novels are now available in a single eBook. 

“Towering and intrepid....Atwood does Orwell one better.” —The New Yorker...

The Ace of Skulls: A Tale of the Ketty Jay

by Chris Wooding

The intrepid crew of the Ketty Jay have been shot down, set up, double-crossed and ripped off. They’ve stolen priceless treasures, destroyed a 10,000-year-old Azryx city and sort-of-accidentally blown up the...

Soda Pop Soldier

by Nick Cole

Call of Duty meets Diablo in this fast-paced, action-packed novel from the author of The Wasteland Saga.

Gamer PerfectQuestion fights for ColaCorp in WarWorld, an online combat sport arena where mega-corporations...

The Gift

by Larry Hall

What if an average Joe was given godlike powers but not godlike wisdom. Would or could he do the right thing?

Pathfinders: Rise of the Serns

by Cynthia Michaels & Shanan Thode

Every choice... Has a price The Gods rule creation The Pathfinders protect the cycle of the chosen. To discover a painful truth and an utter betrayal, Karri, the Warrior Goddess, must choose between the men...

Magic of Rindibar: Reawakening

by Ryan Hildebrand

It is the Fourth Age in the world of Rindibar. Magic is something more akin to myth and legend than fact. But as the events of the three novellas of The Magic of Rindibar: Reawakening unfold, we come to see...

Puramore - The Lute of Pythagoras

by Steven Wood Collins

British Army Captain George Smythe spills his blood for The Cause before he has a conscious thought as to either its true nature or his role as its leader in the distant future. His mortal and immortal enemy...

Welcome to Planet Eden

by Michael Yager

This story is about a group of astronauts who prepare for a mission never attempted before. An earth like world is discovered orbiting a red dwarf star. There mission is to not only explore the planet once they...

Covered In Darkness

by BrookLynne Winters

In an ordinary world, Meagan Farrow is about to turn seventeen, about to graduate high school, and is getting settled into a new town with her family. Everything is...ordinary Then, there is the real world....


by J.D. Cumberland

Idolatry is a beautiful yet terrifying revelation of what exists beyond the veil of what we know as death as told by Eve, someone that was never meant to be a hero. She fits together all the events we have seen...

Pocono Armchair Review, First Issue, 2014

by The Pocono Armchair Review

The first issue of an opinion and short-story journal created for the purpose of raising funds to help a young man with severe, debilitating autism, and others like him. This issue has a science-fiction theme,...

Another Journey: Book 2 of the Eight Worlds

by S.M. Parker

In New City Harbor, trouble has already found Annikki, Melin, Klin, and Nailu. Fate has a plan for them, the past can no longer remain hidden, and there is far more to the Prophecy of Zano than they knew.

Joe a Sorcerer's Odyssey  Book 2 the Coming Darkness

by Barry Lee Jones

(65602 words) Joe gains more experience and his powers begin to grow as do his challenges. He is now confronted with more demons, more powerful than any he has ever faced before. He also learns that there are...

The Divided Generations - The Twin Tales Pages

by Jayne Murphey

To suddenly find your life turned upside down by love or dire circumstance. To experience the unexpected and grow, be you Creation, soldiers, socialites, or simple folk, the process is the same. Destruction...

The Eater of Laments

by Aaron Engelbeck

Joseph has made some mistakes in leading the revolution. Some of these mistakes threaten to overwhelm him. He's made small mistakes but others have cost people their lives. Good people. People that trusted him....

Dark Lightning

Thunder and Lightning #4

by John Varley

Known for "superior science fiction" (The Philadelphia Inquirer), author John Varley returns to his Thunder and Lightning series with a novel of how one man's volatile genius could alter a starship's epic plunge...