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The 36th Golden Age of Science Fiction MEGAPACK®: George O. Smith

by George O. Smith

George Oliver Smith (1911–1981) (not to be confused with George H. Smith) was an American science fiction author. Smith was an active contributor to Astounding Science Fiction during the Golden Age of Science...

Virtual Law 1

by Brandon Hill

The year is 2163.

After the fracturing, there was war.  After the war came the all-powerful League, subsuming all interdimensional trade, commerce, and travel under its aegis with the I-Link Network, now a ubiquitous...

The 37th Golden Age of Science Fiction MEGAPACK®: John W. Campbell, Jr. (vol. 1)

by John W. Campbell Jr.

John Wood Campbell, Jr. (1910–1971) was an American science fiction writer and editor. As editor of Astounding Science Fiction (later renamed Analog Science Fiction and Fact) from late 1937 until his death,...

Schism 8

by David Mark Brown & Jim Buckner

Reality is broken.

In a world where senses perceive a fraction of reality, every conspiracy should be taken seriously and the impossible considered probable. From secret histories to alternate futures, to paranoid...

The 38th Golden Age of Science Fiction MEGAPACK®: Chester S. Geier

by Chester S. Geier

Chester S. Geier (1921-1990) was a U.S. author and editor whose first work, "A Length of Rope" (included here) appeared in Unknown in April 1941. Ray Palmer recruited him to write for the Ziff-Davis group, where...

Nandia's Children: The Final Saga of the Nandia Trilogy

by Ned Wolf

In this, the final tale of The Nandia Trilogy, the Galactic Grand Council confirms that Nandia has gone missing. Bernard struggles within himself to gather enough information to even begin a search. He does...

Nandia's Children

by Ned Wolf

In this, the final tale of The Nandia Trilogy, the Galactic Grand Council confirms that Nandia has gone missing. Bernard struggles within himself to gather enough information to even begin a search. He does...

Peter Pan

by James M. Alexander

The plot line reveals that, as a baby, Peter Pan fell out of his carriage and was taken by fairies to Neverland, where he can fly and is the champion of the Lost Boys. Revisiting England, Peter becomes involved...

Shadows Rising

by Andy Malone

The thrilling sequel to the award-winning Sci-Fi Thriller, “The Seventh Day”.

Amidst the backdrop of a series of terrifying global disasters. Authorities frantically search for a mysterious Scotsman who claims...

U-Turn at Next Synapse

by Cory Wyszynski

The year is 2010. John Howard can barely stand upright as he stumbles through the streets, his crushing headache a brutal reminder that he’s the only person who knows the fate of humanity: he can see what...

Pretty Vicious

by K.S. Merbeth

Pretty Vicious is a short story set in the post-apocalyptic Wastelanders universe, about a young woman on the run in a lawless, post-nuclear America.

In a lawless, post-nuclear wasteland, Dolly lives in relative...

The Stars My Destination

by Alfred Bester

In this pulse-quickening novel, Alfred Bester imagines a future in which people "jaunte" a thousand miles with a single thought, where the rich barricade themselves in labyrinths and protect themselves with...


by Isabelle Fischer

Beware human, for what you are holding in your hands is the answer. The answer to an ancient question, asked by races from all across the universe. What would happen if two aliens, government agents armed with...

The Signal

by Alexander Lorenzon

Sand, dust and heat. That’s the life that rural computer whiz kid Jasper lives.

That is, until the arrival of an alien spacecraft that threatens to destroy life as we know it!

Will Jasper be able to crack the...

Oratorio in Ursa Major

by David Dalton

A global catastrophe has returned earth to the Iron Age and killed six billion people. Even the billionaires were tricked and eliminated. An Oxford intelligentsia have taken over the planet. Can such smart people...

30 Day Wonder

by Richard Wilson

A different sort of alien invasion story. When the Monolithians decide to use a reporter to head up their public relations campaign, they know the average man has to be reached with their message. What could...

The Fanciers & Realizers  MEGAPACK®: The Complete Steampunk Series

by Phyllis Ann Karr

The Fanciers & Realizers MEGAPACK® assembles Phyllis Ann Karr's complete series for the first time -- 37 stories and novels, totalling more than 1700 pages of great Steampunk/alternate history reading! Included...


by Dominique Luchart

To save her world, Tesh leaves everything behind and shapes a new future into the past.

In the technologically driven society of 2098, Tesh is groomed to fulfill her future role as the leader of the SRC conclave,...

The Impossible Quest Of Hailing A Taxi On Christmas Eve

by George Saoulidis

Scrooge Is Looking For A Taxi

Dickens meets I, Robot in this sci-fi retelling of a classic story.

In this modern retelling of Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol," Scrooge is looking for a taxi to get home...

Cyberpunk Fairy Tales

by George Saoulidis

Read more of the Cyberpunk Fairy Tales, a unique twist on the classic stories you grew up with. Sometimes dark and disturbing like the Grimm stories, other times new and relevant to the modern age.