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by Harry Harrison

Some planet in the galaxy must - by definition - be the toughest, meanest, nastiest of all. If Pyrrus wasn't it ... it was an awfully good approximation! Harry Harrison cements his science fiction legacy with...

Key Out of Time

by André Norton

Key Out of Time -- the fourth book in the Time Traders series, following The Time Traders, Galactic Derelict, and The Defiant Agents -- again features Ross Murdock as the hero. Accompanying a group of settlers...

Brood of the Dark Moon

by Charles Diffin

Once more Chet, Walt and Diane are united in a wild ride to the Dark Moon - but this time they go as prisoners of their deadly enemy Schwartzmann. A fantastic science fiction novel by the undeniable sci fi genius,...

Dr. Heidenhoff's Process

by Edward Bellamy

A novel about a doctor who develops a method of eradicating painful memories from people's brains so that they can feel good about life again... Truly a masterful epic by one of the greatest classical science...


by Clifford Simak

Who controls power controls the Solar System, and Interplanetary Power, through its power accumulators controls power. Spencer Chambers, the president of Interplanetary Power, used that control to rule the Solar...

Beyond the Vanishing Point

by Ray Cummings

But for Randolph it was also a world aglow with danger. Somewhere in its tiny vastness were the friends he had to rescue. Captives of a madman, they had been reduced to native Orena size; to return to Earth...

Black Amazon of Mars

by Leigh Brackett

Grimly Eric John Stark slogged toward that ancient Martian city -- with every step he cursed the talisman of Ban Cruach that flamed in his blood-stained belt. Behind him screamed the hordes of Ciaran, hungering...

Address: Centauri

by F. L. Wallace

Imagine, if you can, that Christopher Columbus never existed - that in his place was a fantastic crew of circus freaks. They would be our heroes of history as discoverers of the New World. We all would honor...

Greener Than You Think

by Ward Moore

Neither the vegetation nor people in this book are entirely fictitious. But, reader, no person pictured here is you. With one exception. You, Sir, Miss, or Madam - whatever your country or station - are Albert...

Breaking Point

by James Gunn

The ship was proof against any test, but the men inside her could be strained and warped, individually and horribly. Unfortunately, while the men knew that, they couldn't really believe it. The Aliens could...

Giants on the Earth

by Sterner Meek

The Earth lies under the yoke of Jovian oppression. Glavour, the Jovian, called Son of God and Viceroy of Earth, contends with Damis the Nepthalim, half-breed son of the previous Jovian Viceroy and a human mother....

Mars Is My Destination

by Frank Long

There was trouble brewing on Mars - bad trouble. Two giant industrial empires fought for control there, and their struggle imperiled the whole Mars colony. Civil war - atomic civil war second - could break out...

Eight Keys to Eden

by Mark Clifton

Not long after the colonists landed on the uninhabited planet every human made artifact - ship communicators, tools--disappeared! Even their clothes! Here is an enthralling science alien planet puzzle from the...

Alien Minds

by E. Everett Evans

The adventures of George Hanlan, a secret service agent who has the ability to read minds, on the planet Estrella! A masterpiece of science fiction, written by one of the greatest to have worked in the genre,...

A Trace of Memory

by Keith Laumer

Help wanted: Soldier of fortune seeks companion in arms to share unusual adventure. Foster, Box 19. Legion was desperate - but not that desperate. Even petty larceny seemed preferable to that kind of proposal....

Despoilers of the Golden Empire

by David Gordon

A handful of men, and an incredible adventure - a few super-men, led by a fanatic, seeking to conquer a new world! David Gordon truly weaves a masterful science fiction tale with his magnum opus, Despoilers...

Lords of the Stratosphere

by Arthur Burks

High into air are the great New York buildings lifted by a ray whose source no telescope can find...Arthur Burks weaves a masterful science fiction tale, establishing himself as a genius in the genre and a prophetic...

Frigid Fracas

by Mack Reynolds

In any status-hungry culture, the level a man is assigned depends on what people think he is - not on what he is. And that, of course, means that only the deliberately phony has real status! Mack Reynolds delivers...


by James Schmitz

MEET TRIGGER ARGEE....Half a block from the shopping center, a row of spacers on planet-leave came rollicking cheerily toward her.... Trigger shifted toward the edge of the sidewalk to let them pass. As the...

Big Baby

by Jack Sharkey

The baby was lonesome, helpless and afraid. It wasn't his fault he was seven hundred feet tall! Jack Sharkey delivers one of the best science fiction tales ever written, a masterpiece of storytelling that reveals...