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Starfire: A Red Peace

Starfire #1

by Spencer Ellsworth

A Red Peace, first in Spencer Ellsworth's Starfire trilogy, is an action-packed space opera in a universe where the oppressed half-Jorian crosses have risen up to supplant humanity and dominate the galaxy.


The Golden Apples of the Sun

by Ray Bradbury

Ray Bradbury is a modern cultural treasure. His disarming simplicity of style underlies a towering body of work unmatched in metaphorical power by any other American storyteller. And here, presented in a new...

The God Peak

The God Wave Trilogy #2

by Patrick Hemstreet

"I can’t wait to read what happens next."—James Rollins, New York Times bestselling author

The thrilling speculative techno-science epic begun in Patrick Hemstreet's The God Wave continues in this explosive...

Fatal Orbit

by Tom Grace

"Grace's prose recalls Ian Fleming at his most lean, and although the focus is on the ticking time bomb in orbit, he throws in a wealth of technical details and gadgetry to satisfy techno-thriller aficionados....

The Gap in the Curtain

by John Buchan

When Sir Edward Leithen leaves London to spend Whitsuntide as a guest at Flambard, he has no idea of the extraordinary sequence of events about to unfold. Among the collection of fellow guests, some of whom...

When the Sleeper Wakes

by Herbert George Wells

This book was written in 1899, and is one of the last science-fiction books Wells wrote before his turn towards social realism in his writing. In this dystopian novel, Graham falls into a coma-like sleep, a...

The World Set Free

by Herbert George Wells

The novel tells the prophetic story of man’s harnessing of the newly-discovered power of the atom, how this power nearly destroys civilization in a catastrophic war and foreshadows nuclear warfare years before...

The War of the Worlds

by Herbert George Wells

One of the most famous science-fiction stories ever written, „The War of the Worlds” helped launch the entire genre by exploiting the concept of interplanetary travel. Thirty-five million miles into space,...

The War in the Air

by Herbert George Wells

Bert Smallways is the unlikely protagonist, a kind of Edwardian Mod, not interested in a steady career, always looking for a good time, riding his proto-scooter down to Brighton at the weekends. When Bert is...

The Undying Fire

by Herbert George Wells

Dedicated to all schoolmasters and schoolmistresses and every teacher in the world, this re-interpretation of the Book of Job is one of the author’s finest discussion novels. Written in 1918, this is the story...

The Time Machine

by Herbert George Wells

Decades ahead of his time, H.G. Wells leaps beyond the bounds of conventional imagination to tell the story of the Time Traveler. A seminal and hugely imaginative work of early science fiction, H.G. Wells’s...

The Sleeper Awakes

by Herbert George Wells

This is a short novel about a nineteen century Englishman who falls in a deep sleep only to awake over two hundred years later. The World has changed beyond recognition, and „The Sleeper” finds himself in...

The Shape of Things to Come

by Herbert George Wells

„The Shape of Things to Come” is one of the great classics of science fiction. Originally written in 1929, this masterly work of science fiction has already confirmed H G Wells’ status as a remarkable...

The King Who Was a King

by Herbert George Wells

Herbert George Wells is a huge name in the world of literature. He is known as the king of Science Fiction stories. He was an accomplished teacher, a best-selling novelist, a historian and a journalist, however,...

The Island of Doctor Moreau

by Herbert George Wells

On a deceivingly beautiful island in the South Seas exists the sinister kingdom of Doctor Moreau. Edward Prendick is shipwrecked in the Pacific. Rescued by Doctor Moreau’s assistant he is taken to the doctor’s...

The Invisible Man

by Herbert George Wells

Depicting one man’s transformation and descent into brutality, H.G. Wells’s „The Invisible Man” is a riveting exploration of science’s power to corrupt. In this tale of psychological terror, a young...

The Holy Terror

by Herbert George Wells

A fictional biography of Rudolf „Rud” Whitlow, who builds a political party that slowly becomes a world dominant dictatorship. Wells wrote the work just before World War II as Hitler was consolidating his...

The Food of the Gods and How It Came to Earth

by Herbert George Wells

What happens when science tampers with nature? Mr. Bensington and Mr. Redwood create a new food material, Herakleophorbia, later called Boomfood, they hope will have beneficial uses to mankind. They come up...

The First Men in the Moon

by Herbert George Wells

Another H.G. Wells classic sci fi. The novel tells the story of a journey to the moon by the impecunious businessman Mr. Bedford and the brilliant but eccentric scientist Dr. Cavor. Bedford bankrupt businessman...

The Dream

by Herbert George Wells

„The Dream” by H.G Wells follows the character, Sarnac, who lives a whole other life as Harry Mortimer Smith. Sarnac is at the height of his career as a scientist by discovering new research. Sarnac goes...