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The Time Machine

by H. G. Wells

The Time Machine is a science fiction novella by H. G. Wells, published in 1895 and written as a frame narrative. The work is generally credited with the popularization of the concept of time travel by using...

The Island of Doctor Moreau

by H.G Wells

Edward Prendick is shipwrecked and left on an island that is home of Doctor Moreau. Prendrick discovers that Moreau has been experimenting on human animal hybrids, the Beast People. Will Prendrick leave this...

Empress of Forever

by Max Gladstone

“A classic space opera...a universe we’ve never seen before.” Delilah S. Dawson, New York Times bestselling author

From Hugo Award finalist Max Gladstone comes a smart, swashbuckling, wildly imaginative...

Long is the Way

by Carrie Vaughn & Sage Walker

For over 25 years, the Wild Cards universe has been entertaining readers with stories of superpowered people in an alternate history. "Long is the Way" by Carrie Vaughn and Sage Walker sheds light on what people...

There's Every Reason to Fear

by Russell Nohelty

The gods are being hunted. 

They are dying. 

The Godless are winning. 

I've hunted them across the galaxy, but every time I take down one Godless cell, three more take their place. They are relentless, determined,...

The Lobdell Chronicles

by Russell Nohelty

The Universe is a dangerous place…even for the gods.

Rebecca Lobdell survived her planet being sent to an alternate dimension in Katrina Hates the Gods and a brutal invasion by an alien race bent on destroying...

The End Tastes Like Pancakes

by Russell Nohelty

The Godschurch is gone. 

Its members have scattered throughout the galaxy. 

There is no hope left. 

The Godless have kept us on the run since destroying our base two years ago. We've hopped from planet to planet,...

Every Planet Has a Godschurch

by Russell Nohelty

The Horde invaded. 

Demons fought with us.

Now, they live among us. 

Now, they rule us.

I work for one of them as a hired assassin. I hate the work, but it's a better life than most. 

The only thing that keeps...

Katrina Hates Everything

by Russell Nohelty

Katrina was just a normal person with a normal life. Then, the Apocalypse descended upon her, and for two years she fought with and lived among monsters. They were neither pleasant nor polite neighbors, so she...

Katrina Hates the Universe

by Russell Nohelty

I am now a god...

...but a technological threat looms that could destroy the universe and my people in the process. 

The death of Zeus unleashed the Horde onto the universe. Their weapons can kill even the gods…...

Katrina Hates the Gods

by Russell Nohelty

My world is ruined. 

Our god is in shackles. 

Only I can save Earth…

...even if it means destroying the universe in the process. 

It’s been 10,000 years since I killed Lucifer and became the new Devil. I...

A Chain Across the Dawn

The Universe After #2

by Drew Williams

Drew Williams continues the Universe After series with A Chain Across the Dawn, an epic space opera chase across the galaxy with witty banter, fantastical planets, and a seemingly unbeatable foe.

"The only thing...

Pursuits Unknown

by Ellen Clary

Amy and her kelpie-shepherd mix, Lars, work with a search team that specializes in finding lost people. Despite his average-mutt appearance, Lars is no ordinary dog. He and Amy have a telepathic connection....

Lands of the Earthquake

by Henry Kuttner

William Boyce, in whose veins flows the blood of crusaders, goes on the quest of a lost memory and a mysterious woman in an odd clime where cities move and time stands motionless! Another classic novel from...

The Well of the Worlds

by Henry Kuttner

Clifford Sawyer, investigating ghosts in a mine, finds ancient beings from another world - and gets swept up in a titanic struggle between for control of a parallel dimension!

Deathworld 2

by Harry Harrison

Jason has been kidnapped and is being returned to the planet Cassylia to stand trial for his crimes. But en route the space ship he is on crash lands on a planet inhabited by men who have lost much of their...

The Impossibles

by Randall Garrett

Cars drive themselves away with nobody at the wheel, valuables begin vanishing from locked rooms. Malone, the Government's expert on "impossibilities," is afraid it is a new kind of criminal, who can disappear...

Big, Round Snowballs

by George Saoulidis

Deimos was planning to spend a quiet Christmas this year. You know, just a regular night in, cleaning his guns and getting wasted. He definitely did not plan on getting dropped with a parachute behind enemy...

The Cupcake Ingredient

by George Saoulidis

Bakey Time

Will Cupcake find the ingredient for her secret recipe?

A Cyberpink short story.

This World is Taboo

by Murray Leinster

Land on Dara? One might as well commit suicide! Untouchable, like the Darans - that's what they'd call Calhoun if he broke the quarantine. And they'd wipe him out on sight. But Dara needed him and that was the...