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Schism 8

by David Mark Brown & Jim Buckner

Reality is broken.

In a world where senses perceive a fraction of reality, every conspiracy should be taken seriously and the impossible considered probable. From secret histories to alternate futures, to paranoid...

Peter Pan

by James M. Alexander

The plot line reveals that, as a baby, Peter Pan fell out of his carriage and was taken by fairies to Neverland, where he can fly and is the champion of the Lost Boys. Revisiting England, Peter becomes involved...

Shadows Rising

by Andy Malone

The thrilling sequel to the award-winning Sci-Fi Thriller, “The Seventh Day”.

Amidst the backdrop of a series of terrifying global disasters. Authorities frantically search for a mysterious Scotsman who claims...

U-Turn at Next Synapse

by Cory Wyszynski

The year is 2010. John Howard can barely stand upright as he stumbles through the streets, his crushing headache a brutal reminder that he’s the only person who knows the fate of humanity: he can see what...


by Dominique Luchart

To save her world, Tesh leaves everything behind and shapes a new future into the past.

In the technologically driven society of 2098, Tesh is groomed to fulfill her future role as the leader of the SRC conclave,...

Cyberpunk Fairy Tales

by George Saoulidis

Read more of the Cyberpunk Fairy Tales, a unique twist on the classic stories you grew up with. Sometimes dark and disturbing like the Grimm stories, other times new and relevant to the modern age.

Highways in Hiding

by George Smith

I knew I couldn't do it. I hated them all. I wanted the whole Highways in Hiding rolled up like an old discarded carpet, with every Mekstrom on Earth rolled up in it. But I couldn't pull the trigger. The survivors...

Maza of the Moon

by Otis Adelbert Kline

This astonishing science-fiction classic begins like a prophecy of today's space achievements--a missile is fired from Earth to hit the surface of the Moon. It is successful and the misslemen are heroes, until...the...

H. G. Wells: Best Novels (The Time Machine, The War of the Worlds, The Invisible Man, The Island of Doctor Moreau, etc)

by H. G. Wells

Herbert George Wells (21 September 1866 – 13 August 1946) — known as H. G. Wells — was a prolific English writer in many genres, including the novel, history, politics, and social commentary, and textbooks...

Shattering Time

by S. B. McAfee

What if there were a way to change something in one's past... that one thing everyone has in their life that they have dreamed of having the ability to change? If it were possible to go back in time and make...

Master of the Moondog

by Stanley Mullen

Idiotic pets rate idiotic masters. Tod Denver and Charley, the moondog, made ideal companions as they set a zigzag course for the Martian diggings - paradise for fools. Stanley Mullen delivers a sci-fi novella...


by Alan Nourse

Rejuvenation for the millions - or rejuvenation for the five hundred lucky ones, the select ones, that can be treated each year? Tough, independent Senator Dan Fowler fights a one-man battle against the clique...

Masters of Space

by E. E. Smith & E. Everett Evans

The Masters had ruled all space with an unconquerable iron fist. But the Masters were gone. And this new, young race who came now to take their place - could they hope to defeat the ancient Enemy of All? A fascinating...

Kull of Atlantis

by Robert E. Howard

Kull was born in pre-cataclysmic Atlantis c. 100,000 B C, but his tribe were destroyed by a flood while Kull was still a toddler, leaving the young Kull to live as a feral child for many years, before being...


by James Schmitz

MEET TRIGGER ARGEE....Half a block from the shopping center, a row of spacers on planet-leave came rollicking cheerily toward her.... Trigger shifted toward the edge of the sidewalk to let them pass. As the...

Llana of Gathol

by Edgar Rice Burroughs

Llano of Gathol is a collection of four novellas written in the Martian series of Edgar Rice Burroughs which was written for Amazing Stories in 1941. Llano, the daughter of Gahan of Gothol, is the perfect damsel...

Let 'Em Breathe Space

by Lester Del Rey

Eighteen men and two women in the closed world of a space ship for five months can only spell tension and trouble-but in this case, the atmosphere was literally poisoned. Lester Del Rey proves his sci-fi genius...

Little Fuzzy

by H. Beam Piper

Jack Holloway found himself squinting, the orange sun full in his eyes. He raised a hand to push his hat forward, then lowered it to the controls to alter the pulse rate of the contragravity-field generators...

Jungle Tales of Tarzan

by Edgar Rice Burroughs

Glorious tales of Tarzan's early growth to manhood in the forest. Tarzan, the heart of primeval Africa, escapes death on the horn of Buto the rhinoceros, saves the life of Tantor the elephant, sends the witchdoctor...

Lost on Venus

by Edgar Rice Burroughs

Second in the Venus series. Carson Napier begins this episode in the Room of the Seven Doors. He can leave any time he wants, but six of the seven doors lead to hideous deaths; only one is the door of life....