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Feel the Burn

by G.A. Aiken

War makes strange bedfellows.


I, Gaius Domitus, one-eyed rebel dragon king of the Provinces, know that better than most, since I have to fight off half my ungrateful family on a regular basis to keep law...

Child of Two Worlds

by Greg Cox

An all-new Star Trek novel from New York Times bestselling author Greg Cox, taking place in the blockbuster Original Series era!

The year is 2255, not long after the events of the Original Series episode “The...

Durarara!!, Vol. 2 (novel)

by Ryohgo Narita & Suzuhito Yasuda

Ikebukuro has a slashing problem.

Ikebukuro, Tokyo. A place where the clumsy and inept at love gather. A high school girl worried about her status. A third-rate magazine reporter covering the Ikebukuro beat....

Sapphire Hunting

by J Sengupta

When James goes to college, he is full of optimism. He is going to make a name for himself. He has always been able to solve those tricky little problems. But then he finds bullying social club students, pretentious...

Lantern City #7

by Matthew Daley & Mairghread Scott

Rattled by the revelation that Killian is more dangerous than he'd realized, Sander ventures back into the Underground in search of his missing wife.

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (Illustrated Edition): With linked Table of Contents

by Jules Verne

The story begins when a mysterious sea monster, theorized by some to be a giant narwhal, is sighted by ships of several nations; an ocean liner is also damaged by the creature. The United States government assembles...

The Ark: Children of a Dead Earth Book One

by Patrick S Tomlinson & Larry Rostant

Humankind has escaped a dying Earth and set out to find a new home among the stars aboard an immense generation ship affectionately name the Ark. Bryan Benson is the Ark’s greatest living sports hero, enjoying...

The Master: Gameshouse Novella 3

by Claire North

The Gameshouse is an unusual institution.

Many know it as the place where fortunes can be made and lost though games of chess, backgammon - every game under the sun.

But a select few, who are picked to compete...

The Thief: Gameshouse Novella 2

by Claire North

The Gameshouse is an unusual institution.

Many know it as the place where fortunes can be made and lost though games of chess, backgammon - every game under the sun.

But a select few, who are picked to compete...

Battlefront: Twilight Company (Star Wars)

by Alexander Freed

A companion novel inspired by the hotly anticipated videogame Star Wars: Battlefront, this action-packed adventure follows a squad of soldiers caught in the trenches of the ultimate galactic war between good...

This Gulf of Time and Stars: Reunification #1

by Julie E. Czerneda

First in a new science fiction trilogy, set in the same universe as the Clan Chronicles, by the Prix Aurora Award-winning Julie E. Czerneda.

Inherit the Stars

by Tony Peak

An epic debut set on the edges of space, where one botched job could mean death—or so much worse…

Wanderlust runs in Kivita Vondir’s blood. She dreamed of salvaging like her father when she was young, and...

Shadow of Empire

by Jay Allan

The first installment in the Far Star series, a swashbuckling space saga that introduces the daring pirate Blackhawk and the loyal crew of the Wolf’s Claw, from the author of the bestselling Crimson Worlds...

The King of Control: Book 5 of the Van Diemen Chronicles

by M C Rooney

The year is 2103 and a new but shaky alliance rules the Cykam Regime across the mainland of Australia.

The Red Guards Captain Rex Golding, after the defeat of the Cykam Army by the Tasmanian Rangers and his...

The Other Face of God

by Flavio Marcello Troiso & Ambra Mattioli

It's the second book of “Amber's World”, but it can be read as a stand alone novel. “When was the last time we have walked with the Gods?” Humankind is doomed to extinction by a plague that has swept...

The Missing Piece of the Puzzle

by Flavio Marcello Troiso & Ambra Mattioli

Part 1 The Arcade I am Dr. Amber Matthews of the MB Laboratory in Woods Hole, Ma. Here beside me is my son Flavus M. Thornsen. We are the main characters of the story, but you will also meet the rest of the...

Reactor Agenda: Book Two, The Jump Reactor Series

by Michael Allen Sales

"Ray Sky, a superpowered mutant in the 23rd century, travels through time and space to try to subvert an alien contest over the destiny of humanity.

"Sales’ (Jump Reactor, Book One, 2015) absurdist sci-fi,...

Portal Lost

by B.G Preston

Amy Scott was simply on her way to work one morning. She didn't arrive at work or anywhere close. She and others find themselves in a strange place after stepping through portals on their way to work, school...

The Vital Abyss: An Expanse Novella

by James S.A. Corey

From New York Times bestselling author James S.A. Corey...

Somewhere in the vast expanse of space, a group of prisoners lives in permanent captivity.

The only company they have is each other and the Belters who...

A Call From The Dark

by Christopher A Frank, Garrett-Stoopack Brandon & Smith Dani

As the clock strikes thirteen on human civilization Evan A’con finds himself curiously displaced in time confronting what remains of humanity.  Cid the soldier finds herself on an impossible mission, possessing...