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Girl Gone Nova

by George Saoulidis

Handle the Most Difficult Girl in the Galaxy, or Everything Blows Up

When an alien princess arrives, a jaded celebrity handler has to keep her happy. But will he manage to get through her visit, when catering...

Address: Centauri

by F. L. Wallace

Imagine, if you can, that Christopher Columbus never existed - that in his place was a fantastic crew of circus freaks. They would be our heroes of history as discoverers of the New World. We all would honor...

Captives of the Flame

by Samuel R. Delany

"I wanted to wield together a prose luminous as twenty sets of headlights flung down a night road; I wanted my words tinged with the green of mercury vapor street lamps seen through a shaling of oak leaves in...

Rebels of the Red Planet

by Charles Fontenay

MARS FOR THE MARTIANS! Dark Kensington had been dead for twenty-five years. It was a fact; everyone knew it. Then suddenly he reappeared, youthful, brilliant, ready to take over the Phoenix, the rebel group...

Planet of Dread

by Murray Leinster

Moran cut apart the yard-long monstrosity with a slash of flame. The thing presumably died, but it continued to writhe senselessly. He turned to see other horrors crawling toward him. Then he knew he was being...

Preferred Risk

by Lester Del Rey & Frederik Pohl

The liner from Port Lyautey was comfortable and slick, but I was leaning forward in my seat as we came in over Naples. I had been on edge all the way across the Atlantic. Now as the steward came through the...

Police Your Planet

by Eric Van Lhin

There were ten passengers in the little pressurized cabin of the electric bus that shuttled between the rocket field and Marsport. Ten men, the driver - and Bruce Gordon. He sat apart from the others, as he...

No Great Magic

by Fritz Leiber

The troupers of the Big Time lack no art to sway a crowd - or to change all history! Fritz Leiber reveals his unfathomable science fiction genius with another in a library of masterpieces, No Great Magic! A...

Badge of Infamy

by Lester Del Rey

The computer seemed to work as it should. The speed was within acceptable limits. He gave up trying to see the ground and was forced to trust the machinery designed for amateur pilots. The flare bloomed, and...

Captives of the Flame

by Samuel Delany

The green of beetles' wings ... the red of polished carbuncle ... a web of silver fire. Lightning tore his eyes apart, struck deep inside his body; and he felt his bones split. Before it became pain, it was...


by Harry Harrison

Some planet in the galaxy must - by definition - be the toughest, meanest, nastiest of all. If Pyrrus wasn't it ... it was an awfully good approximation! Harry Harrison cements his science fiction legacy with...


by Clifford Simak

Who controls power controls the Solar System, and Interplanetary Power, through its power accumulators controls power. Spencer Chambers, the president of Interplanetary Power, used that control to rule the Solar...

Address: Centauri

by F. L. Wallace

Imagine, if you can, that Christopher Columbus never existed - that in his place was a fantastic crew of circus freaks. They would be our heroes of history as discoverers of the New World. We all would honor...

Greener Than You Think

by Ward Moore

Neither the vegetation nor people in this book are entirely fictitious. But, reader, no person pictured here is you. With one exception. You, Sir, Miss, or Madam - whatever your country or station - are Albert...

Giants on the Earth

by Sterner Meek

The Earth lies under the yoke of Jovian oppression. Glavour, the Jovian, called Son of God and Viceroy of Earth, contends with Damis the Nepthalim, half-breed son of the previous Jovian Viceroy and a human mother....

Eight Keys to Eden

by Mark Clifton

Not long after the colonists landed on the uninhabited planet every human made artifact - ship communicators, tools--disappeared! Even their clothes! Here is an enthralling science alien planet puzzle from the...

Alien Minds

by E. Everett Evans

The adventures of George Hanlan, a secret service agent who has the ability to read minds, on the planet Estrella! A masterpiece of science fiction, written by one of the greatest to have worked in the genre,...

Despoilers of the Golden Empire

by David Gordon

A handful of men, and an incredible adventure - a few super-men, led by a fanatic, seeking to conquer a new world! David Gordon truly weaves a masterful science fiction tale with his magnum opus, Despoilers...

Lords of the Stratosphere

by Arthur Burks

High into air are the great New York buildings lifted by a ray whose source no telescope can find...Arthur Burks weaves a masterful science fiction tale, establishing himself as a genius in the genre and a prophetic...

Frigid Fracas

by Mack Reynolds

In any status-hungry culture, the level a man is assigned depends on what people think he is - not on what he is. And that, of course, means that only the deliberately phony has real status! Mack Reynolds delivers...