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Altered Starscape

by Ian Douglas

Galaxies collide in a thrilling new series from bestselling author Ian Douglas, as the last humans in the universe face off against a new threat

2162. Thirty-eight years after first contact, Lord Commander Grayson...

Be It Ever Thus

by Robert Moore Williams

Men have fought and died for life and liberty since the beginning of time, and they will continue the fight until time finally comes to an end. Here is a thoroughly readable story about just such a situation—a...

Foundling on Venus

by John de Courcy

Venus was the most miserable planet in the system, peopled by miserable excuses for human beings. And somewhere among this conglomeration of boiling protoplasm there was a being unlike the others, a being who...

G-r-r-r . . . !

by Roger Arcot

Roger Arcot explores the fringes of a really never forgotten world, the introduction to which is an aged manuscript De Necromantiae, and the wish, not too repressed, to pledge your soul to the Devil! There are...

It's All Yours

by Sam Merwin, Jr.

It was a strange and bitter Earth over which the Chancellor ruled—a strange and deformed world. There were times when the Chancellor suspected that he really was a humanistic old fool, but this seemed to be...

No Hiding Place

by Richard R. Smith

Turnabout may not always be fair play in the gulfs between the stars. But so destructive and malicious are the Agronians of this story that we can readily forgive Richard Smith for filling their ship with an...

Now We Are Three

by Joe L. Hensley

It didn’t matter that he had quit. He was still one of the guilty. He had seen it in her eyes and in the eyes of others.

Operation Earthworm

by Joe Archibald

Septimus Spink didn’t need to read Jules Verne’s “Journey to the Center of the Earth.” He had more amazing ideas of his own.

Out of the Earth

by George Edrich

This is not a story about the Dero! This is a story about a lost people—a persuasive and haunting story about a people, in a not too distant future, who have been forgotten by history. And it is the story...

Second Sight

by Basil Wells

Then his hand caught an arm and he exerted his full strength. The entire arm tore away from its shoulder . . . .

The Flying Cuspidors

by V.R. Francis

This was love, and what could be done about it? It’s been happening to guys for a long time, now.

The Man from Time

by Frank Belknap Long

Deep in the Future he found the answer to Man’s age-old problem.

The Man the Martians Made

by Frank Belknap Long

No mortal had ever seen the Martians, but they had heard their whisperings—without knowing the terrible secret they kept hidden.

The Most Sentimental Man

by Evelyn E. Smith

Once these irritating farewells were over with, he could begin to live as he wished and as he’d dreamed.

The Record of Currupira

by Robert Abernathy

From ancient Martian records came the grim song of a creature whose very existence was long forgotten.

The Second Voice

by Mann Rubin

Spud, world-famous dummy, talks to Mars with surprising results.

The Very Black

by Dean Evans

Anders was pretty sure he was going to die. No one had yet flown the new-style jet job and lived to tell the tale. A story both chilling and heart-warming that shows us how bravely the human equation can operate...

Brown John's Body

by Winston Marks

Erd Neff wanted as little to do with his fellow men as possible. So he lived alone in his big cash-vault. Alone, except for John . . . .

Earth Alert!

by Kris Neville

What defense could she raise against mutant science—telepathy, invisibility, teleportation—especially since Earth was not aware of its danger!

The Mind Digger

by Winston Marks

There was a reason why his scripts were smash hits—they had realism. And why not? He was reliving every scene and emotion in them!