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Where a Spaceship Goes to Die

by George Saoulidis

When a scavenger captain offers her an unusual job in the middle of nowhere, Delphine accepts and tags along. But will she manage to get the treasure they're looking for, when she has to operate a seadrone all...


by M Susanne Wiggins

What a curious world this is.

Domum, a place where herds of unisus graze on mountaintop meadows, where gardons nest in volcanic caves, where whisper birds mimic your thoughts, where ovis-size bufo live and die...

A Modern Utopia

by H. G. Wells

While walking in the Swiss Alps, two English travellers fall into a space-warp, and suddenly find themselves in another world. In many ways the same as our own - even down to the characters that inhabit it -...

The Door in the Wall and Other Stories

by H. G. Wells

THE DOOR IN THE WALL is the story of a promising public figure used up by his job and obsessed by a vision of an enchanted garden he had known as a child. It is a tale all of us know, the attempt to recover...

Brigands of the Moon

by Ray Cummings

When The Planetara, a space cargo ship under the command of Gregg Haljan, docked at the moon to be loaded with a special load of moon ore bound for Grantline Corporation, everyone knew it was a risky business....

Pharaoh's Broker

by Ellsworth Douglas

A brilliant scientist and his former student (and financial benefactor) build a rocket and travel to Mars, where they find a civilization identical to that of Biblical-era Egypt. Cited by writer and pop culture...

The Impossibles

by Randall Garrett & Laurence Janifer

The sidewalk was as soft as a good bed. Malone lay curled on it, thinking about nothing at all. He was drifting off into a wonderful dream, and he didn't want to interrupt it. There was this girl, a beautiful...

The Port of Peril

by Otis Adelbert Kline

When Vernia, empress of Reabon, mightiest land of all Venus, was kidnapped by the strange marauders of the sea, it presented the Earthman, Robert Grandon, with his greatest challenge. On a world replete with...

The Moon Pool

by A. Merritt

For two months I had been on the d'Entrecasteaux Islands gathering data for the concluding chapters of my book upon the flora of the volcanic islands of the South Pacific. The day before I had reached Port Moresby...

The Prince of Peril

by Otis Adelbert Kline

Through the discoveries of the scientist, Dr. Morgan, a young Martian's astral body is projected into the body of one Harry Thorne on Earth, and from Earth to Venus, or "Zarovia," where the man of Mars becomes...

The Girl in the Golden Atom

by Ray Cummings

A classic work of science fiction, this novel was one of the first to explore the world of the atom. The Girl in the Golden Atom is the story of a young chemist who finds a hidden atomic world within his mother's...

The Prince of Mars Returns

by Philip Francis Nowlan

Buck Rogers Creator's Greatest Novel! Move over Edgar Rice Burroughs. Give it up John Carter! In this classic pulp novel from the 1930s Amazing Stories, by Philip Francs Nowlan, you'll meet Daniel Hanley, the...

The Jewels of Aptor

by Samuel R. Delany

What was the strange impetus that drove a group of four widely different humans to embark on a fear-filled journey across a forbidden sea to a legendary land? This was Earth still, but the Earth of a future...

The Warrior Within

by Angus McIntyre

Angus McIntyre makes his debut with The Warrior Within, a mind-bending science fiction adventure about a man with many people living in his head

Karsman has a dozen different people living in his head, each the...

The Measurements of Decay

by K. K. Edin

In the far future, Earth’s nearby star systems have been colonized. Outfitted with a device that allows them to escape into hallucinations at will, people spend most of their time withdrawn into their own...

Amazing Grace

by S. E. Sasaki

Newcomers arrive to the Nelson Mandela Medical Space Station all the time. Most are expected - new staff, military casualties, soldier patients, doctors in training. Some are unanticipated but welcome - enter...


by Rh Webster

Life in the space lanes isn't the easiest, but for Trigg Donner, commander of the space freighter Rosebud, it's more than a steady paycheck—it's home. But when a routine landing on San Pedro unearths a mystery...

Starfire: Memory's Blade

Starfire #3

by Spencer Ellsworth

Spencer Ellsworth's Starfire space opera trilogy, a gritty, adult science-fiction adventure, concludes with Starfire: Memory's Blade

At the heart of the Dark Zone, a duel for the universe rages.

In an ancient...

Space Prison

by Tom Godwin

The sound came swiftly nearer, rising in pitch and swelling in volume. Then it broke through the clouds, tall and black and beautifully deadly - the Gern battle cruiser, come to seek them out and destroy them....

Plague Ship

by André Norton

The tramp-freighter spaceship Solar Queen had exclusive trading rights to Sargol and its fabulous gems. But the crew's bravery and resourcefulness strained to the breaking point as they met Sargol's three challenges:...