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Girl Gone Nova

by George Saoulidis

Handle the Most Difficult Girl in the Galaxy, or Everything Blows Up

When an alien princess arrives, a jaded celebrity handler has to keep her happy. But will he manage to get through her visit, when catering...

Hot Planet

by Hal Clement

Mercury had no atmosphere - everyone knew that. Why was it developing one now? An incredibly pulse-poounding science fiction story by one of the greatest science fiction storytellers of all time, Hal Clement!...

H. G. Wells: Best Novels (The Time Machine, The War of the Worlds, The Invisible Man, The Island of Doctor Moreau, etc)

by H. G. Wells

Herbert George Wells (21 September 1866 – 13 August 1946) — known as H. G. Wells — was a prolific English writer in many genres, including the novel, history, politics, and social commentary, and textbooks...

Mars is My Destination

by Frank Belknap Long

There was trouble brewing on Mars. Two giant industrial empires fought for control there, and their struggle imperiled the whole Mars colony. Civil war - atomic civil war - could break out any second, leaving...

Many Dimensions

by Charles Williams

I shouldn't think he did, the General Secretary answered. "If I hadn't always found you a very reliable fellow-and if it wasn't for Lord Arglay-I met him once on a Commission and he seemed a very level-headed...

Man of Many Minds

by E. Everett Evans

Somewhere, somehow, the first moves have been made - the pattern is beginning to emerge. Someone - or something - is on the way to supreme power over all the planets held by Man. And the Inter-stellar Corps...

Persepolis Rising

The Expanse #7

by James S. A. Corey

The seventh novel in James S. A. Corey's New York Times bestselling Expanse series--now a major television series.


In the thousand-sun network of humanity's expansion, new colony worlds are...

The Dosadi Experiment and The Eyes of Heisenberg

by Frank Herbert

From Frank Herbert, creator of the Dune series, comes two classic works of science fiction

The Dosadi Experiment

Generations of a tormented human-alien people, caged on a toxic planet, conditioned by constant...

Lone Star Planet

by H. Beam Piper

When the whole ornery state of Texas took off for a new planet more to their liking, New Texas was the result: a rough-and-tumble world where everyone packs a gun and it's legal to shoot politicians (if they...

Little Fuzzy

by H. Beam Piper

Jack Holloway found himself squinting, the orange sun full in his eyes. He raised a hand to push his hat forward, then lowered it to the controls to alter the pulse rate of the contragravity-field generators...

Lost on Venus

by Edgar Rice Burroughs

Second in the Venus series. Carson Napier begins this episode in the Room of the Seven Doors. He can leave any time he wants, but six of the seven doors lead to hideous deaths; only one is the door of life....

Islands of Space

by John Campbell

John Campbell's book was written as a sequel to The Black Star Passes, and believe me, it was a world-beater in those days. Arcot, Wade, Morey and their computer, Fuller, put together a ship which will travel...

John Carter and the Giant of Mars

by Edgar Rice Burroughs

"John Carter and the Giant of Mars," is a juvenile story penned by Burrough's son John "Jack" Coleman Burroughs, and claimed to have been revised by Burroughs. It was written for a Whitman Big Little Book, illustrated...


by H. Beam Piper

There are strange gaps in our records of the past. We find traces of man-like things - but, suddenly, man appears, far too much developed to be the "next step" in a well-linked chain of evolutionary evidence....

Gold in the Sky

by Alan Nourse

They fought with whatever was handy, not bothering to figure the odds - An excellent classic science fiction novel by the great Alan Nourse, guaranteed to keep you enthralled page after page, futuristic idea...

Four Day Planet

by H. Beam Piper

Four-Day Planet . . . where the killing heat of a thousand-hour "day" drives men underground, and the glorious hundred-hour sunset is followed by a thousand-hour night so cold that only an Extreme Environment...

Galactic Patrol

by E. E. Smith

The Galactic Patrol's Lensmen are the most feared peacekeepers in the Galaxy. The "Lens," a telepathic jewel matched to the ego of its wearer, is the ultimate weapon in the war against the merciless pirate Boskone...

Galactic Derelict

by André Norton

When a group of archeologists uncover the remains of an interstellar spaceship, they plan a trip to the past for additional information on their find. But their starship goes haywire and the explorers are trapped...

Inside Earth

by Poul Anderson

Obviously, no conqueror wants his subjects to revolt against his rule. Obviously? This one would go to any lengths to start a rebellion! Poul Anderson weaves a fascinating, page-turning, mind-bending science...

Gulliver of Mars

by Edwin Arnold

Lieutenant Gulliver Jones, U. S. N., arrived on Mars in a most unexpected fashion and promptly found himself head-over-heels in adventure. For Mars was a planet of ruined cities, ancient peoples, copper-skinned...