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The Killbug Eulogies

by Will Madden

Disemboweled by the razor scythes of a six-foot mantis, lobotomized by hungry larvae, or roasted on an exoskeletal skewer: these are only a few of the disgusting ways to die in humanity’s hopeless war against...

Survival Aptitude Test: Rise

by Mike Sheriff

The epic odyssey picks up where Book 2 left off…

After countless perils and heart-wrenching losses, Daoren and Heqet can finally look to a brighter future. They’re expecting the birth of their first child....

Lightyears To Go Before I Sleep

by Larry Gent & Megan Macintosh

The Legendary Soldier

Major Allana Guiver lost everything in the war. She lost her friends, she lost her troops, she lost her family and she lost her fiancee. She lost all this and more to defend humanity in...

Section 31: Control

by David Mack

From the New York Times bestselling author David Mack comes an original, thrilling Section 31 novel set in the Star Trek: The Next Generation universe!

No law…no conscience…no mercy. Amoral, shrouded in secrecy,...

Remembrance of Earth's Past

by Cixin Liu, Ken Liu & Joel Martinsen

This discounted ebundle includes: The Three-Body Problem, The Dark Forest, Death’s End

"Wildly imaginative, really interesting." —President Barack Obama

The Three-Body trilogy by New York Times bestseller...

The Long Mirage

by David R. George III

Continuing the post-television Deep Space Nine saga comes this thrilling original novel from New York Times bestselling author David R. George III!

More than two years have passed since the destruction of the...

Extinction Edge

by Nicholas Sansbury Smith

A new threat that will bring humanity to the edge of extinction...

The dust from Dr. Kate Lovato's bioweapon has settled. Projections put death counts in the billions. Her weapon was supposed to be the endgame,...

Extinction End

by Nicholas Sansbury Smith

Book five in USA Today bestselling author Nicholas Sansbury Smith's propulsive post-apocalyptic series about a soldier's mission to save the world.

The end has arrived...

Almost seven weeks have passed since...

Headlong Flight

by Dayton Ward

An exhilarating thriller from bestselling author Dayton Ward set in the universe of Star Trek: The Next Generation, following Captain Jean-Luc Picard and his crew as they explore the previously uncharted and...

The Empire

by George Mavro

While escorting a supply convoy to an off base communications site north of Bagram Airbase Afghanistan, Master Sergeant George Mavrakis and his team are ambushed by the Taliban. Running for their lives with...

Beyond the Last Hill

by David K Bryant & Mary Harris

On the verge of world crisis, Major Dan Barrington of the US Army and Sally Fisher, a newspaper journalist, try to unravel secrets held by the British authorities — codes and confidential information denied...

The Corporation Wars: Insurgence

by Ken MacLeod

Ken MacLeod continues the Corporation Wars trilogy in this action-packed science fiction adventure told against a backdrop of interstellar drone warfare, virtual reality, and an A.I. revolution.

And the ultimate...

Take Back the Sky

by Greg Bear

The conclusion to an epic interstellar trilogy of war from master of science fiction, Greg Bear.

Marooned beneath the icy, waxy crust of Saturn's moon, Titan, Skyrine Michael Venn and his comrades face double...

The Wonderful Stuff

by A H Raja

In the 21st century, scientists discovered that a mere five mutations can transform a simple virus into a plague the likes of which we have not come across since the Dark Ages. A plague that could alter the...

Rogue Stars

by Andrea Sfiligoi & Johan Egerkrans

Rogue Stars is a character-based science fiction skirmish wargame, where players command crews of bounty hunters, space pirates, merchants, prospectors, smugglers, mercenary outfits, planetary police and other...

Heliosphere 2265, Volume 10: Between Heaven and Hell (Science Fiction)

by Andreas Suchanek, Nicole Böhm, Anja Dyck & Sebastian Tredinick

The rebels have claimed victory in Alzir System, but a hardcore of ISP die-hards is refusing to lay down their arms. Aided by Irina Petrova, Admiral Santana Pendergast makes a desperate attempt to free the prisoners...

Survival Aptitude Test: Fury

by Mike Sheriff

The epic odyssey picks up where Book 1 left off…

Daoren and Heqet must put the horrors of the grooll mill behind them to save their city-state. Together with two other stunned survivors, they battle their way...

Survival Aptitude Test: Hope's Graveyard

by Mike Sheriff

Hope's Graveyard rolls back the clock in The Extinction Odyssey...

Laoshi's first mission as a Jiren couldn't be more daunting: infiltrate Havoc on the eve of a major offensive and decimate the mongrel colony’s...

The Blockade

First Salik War #3

by Jean Johnson

The national bestselling author of The V’Dan returns to her gripping military sci-fi series set in the same world as Theirs Not to Reason Why.


The First Salik War is underway, and the Alliance is losing—their...

World War Take 2

by John D Thomas

General Pat Wilson has been chosen to command a desperate mission.

In this alternate timeline, the Soviet Union has nearly conquered the United States. A technology has been developed to send a modern American...